Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Journey into the Light

Dear Beloveds!

This weekend I had so much Divine remembrance flowing through me. There were many triggers and tears of Soul remembrance and bliss, and I AM guided to go very deep within this week. I AM more away than usual, but this is something I simply need to do in order to receive more of the New, and to guide myself into the next phase of my Life. It feels like Polona is dying, and my new Soul identity is being birthed more and more.

Yesterday I finally received my first Elven crown and as I was putting it on in the evening time, I was standing in front of the mirror. I spontaneously began to do mirror-Soul gazing, where You can see yourself shapeshift into other multidimensional expressions of You. Then all of a sudden, a name came to me. It just popped into my awareness field so clearly, as I was fully focused and Present. I was asking for this name for a while now, but it did not come to me yet. Such guidance always comes when we least expect it, not when we want it to. It does not come from the mind, it comes from the higher Self knowing and when it's perfect Divine timing ... when we are truly ready.

It was obvious to me, that this is my New Life name, and I was gifted with this knowing on the same day that I received my Elven crown. What a powerful synchronicity, which represents my personal crowning experience ... my new rite of passage and my new sacred initiation. I AM still bathing in the vibration of the name, just saying it out loud. I AM not yet guided to reveal it at this time, but I will say that it was shared with me by my friend, that it means golden, wind and dawn. These are all my personal attributes and connections. Gold is the color of the Christed consciousness and I keep being guided by the Golden Light from the Realms of Illuminated Truth. I AM connected with the wind element, as it always speaks to me, especially in my sacred Mountains. And my last name means "Twilight," which naturally represents the birthing of the dawn. I AM the bringer of the dawn! This is my journey into the Light!

I AM so excited, as I AM still processing and integrating my very personal and intimate Divine remembrance. Spirit guidance says: It is no longer time to hide, for our true Light and who we are is being revealed to us Now. The time is Now!

Today my journey of Divine remembrance continued. I went to my sacred Mountain river stream after my run, and I was suddenly guided to pick up a huge wooden branch along the way. I came to my sacred spot with the 7-pointed Elven Star and then I went further on, to find a clearing space for my new creation. I could feel how something within me was bubbling to the surface. I placed the 7-pillar stones around my area, and I drew a circle with the branch. Then I sourced a symbol within that circle, and I was told that it's the symbol that goes along with my New Life name. It is the name that I received during my crowning yesterday and it's my higher dimensional Essence name. When we truly shift dimensionally on all levels of Being, this rite of passage is given to us.

The symbol represents the energy of the name, and it's very simple in its Essence. Like me ... like Truth! I started placing stones there, emphasizing the symbol, and it came to be 77 stones altogether. So my new sacred name symbol stands there Now, anchoring my higher dimensional Presence. Also, it started to suddenly rain on me during the process, which was such a nice symbolism for baptism and purity. When I closed my eyes, I was guided to say my New Life name 3 times, and everything before my eyes was twinkling in gold! Wow, it was such a powerful and emotionally charged experience of walking into the New on all levels. When I got home, I was guided to draw the symbol on paper with a golden pen, and Now here it is!

Every day it just gets better and better ... higher and higher ... and there is always more!

What else to make it even more physical? Yesterday I was meditating by my Mountain river stream during my run, and I had this premonition of getting rid of all my black clothes. They are all older, nice and elegant, but I just deeply felt how I would never wear them again, because I have no more need for it and I wasn't guided to wear them for a long time now. They were just taking up my closet space. I AM not attracted to this frequency anymore, for I have fully stepped into the Light. There is nothing wrong with black, which is actually the absence of all colors, because on a certain level of awareness, it can also act as a protective color ... if we needed it, but I simply don't need this kind of protection anymore. My only shield and the only true shield there is, is Divine Love Essence that I AM. So I followed through my guidance, picked up a huge plastic bag and I put all my black clothes in it, no matter how pretty they looked. I will donate them to someone who needs them the most at this time. And with that action, I AM welcoming in even more simplicity in my physical life!

It is not about the physical appearance anyway, as all is vibration and this vibration simply doesn't serve me anymore. I know who I AM in Truth, and I embrace all the colors Now ... especially white, which is the sum of all colors! Welcome, complete purity!

The higher dimensional living/existence is about being aligned with our higher dimensional awareness on all levels of Being. It is about living through the Soul attributes of true love, joy, passion, creativity, pleasure, compassion (higher understanding) and constant/infinite expansion. It is a state of Being where every moment is unique and our Soul is fully merged with our body as One, and we are always manifesting for our highest good and Soul potential/expansion. It is a state of Being where we are fully observant, vigilant, neutral and constantly aware of what is happening within us and how this is then reflected externally. It is a state of Being where we know how to consciously choose what or who we will give our energy/attention to because we are fully discerning, living in honest Self integrity. It is a state of Being, where is Bliss is our constant companion, and Purity of the Higher Heart is the Key of Soul ... always in Unison with our Higher Divine Mind. We know who we are and we absolutely love and adore living our Soul (Spark) uniqueness of Source expression and we understand that it's the only things that truly lead to the Unity of All That Is in Oneness consciousness!

Dancing the New Life in constant Elevation!!!

I AM wishing so much of such inner depth to everyone!

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. Meet my new crystal companion ... a beautiful and powerful piece of the apophyllite crystal vibration. It is all about interdimensional awareness and Angelic connection, so it will help me with my readings and sessions this week! What a lovely company to have!