Saturday, October 5, 2013

My sacred outdoor spaces

Dear Beloveds!

Spirit was guiding me to a new waterfall yesterday. We have so many around here, and it's pure Magic! This one truly mesmerized me, and I feel how the water energy is important for our Ascension journey at this time. So many individuals report about spending time around a body of water. It is not just that it serves for a purpose of our own healing/wholing journey ... water is also all about Life, as it transfers the energy of Creation through the planet, and as Ascension Pioneers we continue being guided to bring our Presence to strong focal points of Ascension. So much is happening in the ethers, that we cannot always see, but we sense it ... we feel it ... and we know it!

If You wish to understand more about your own Nature, know that it can be reflected everywhere, in all of Life in Nature/Creation. We have to learn/remember to observe the flow of life again, and integrate its wisdom in our own lives. What waterfalls represent to me, is the highest energy of all, because this is where the current of the water is the strongest and most powerful. They represent our Spirit, which is always strong and it always flows ... it is never ending and eternal. Then, just as the water descends from the waterfall in the river stream, so does our Spirit. But even though it descends, it doesn't necessarily become weak, because all water constantly flows and the more that it does, the stronger the current becomes ... and so do we! Can You see how everything is revealed to us in the most simple things/occurrences in Nature? 

The energies are pretty intense Now, and here it is felt through intense winds of change blowing once again. This can be reflected in our senses as well, and I surely was quite sensitive for the past two days. After I went for a hike to a local hill, and I instantly felt better again. I felt so good in my woods. The shift was almost instant. While sitting on trees, I can instantly shift in perspective and expand even more. I remember who I AM as an Elven Being. Nature is my kingdom, and I feel like a Princess on her throne!

And here is a Love message I received a few days ago. I finally got a chance to make a picture of it. There was a nice surprise waiting for me in Nature, during my run. I stopped on my Mountain beach for a while, to have a look at my 7-pointed Elven Star grid/mandala and meditate there for a while, and I noticed that someone has replaced the small stone which I placed in the middle ... with a big one, in the shape of a Heart. First it was placed in a way that it looked like a huge letter "L," but later I turned it upside down, and I saw that it's actually a huge Heart. What an amazing message to receive on this day. Love begins with a letter "L," and the symbol for Love is the Heart. Magic surprises are waiting for us everywhere!

Did You know the symbol of the Heart actually consists of two Fibonacci's spirals, coming towards each other? A lot of individuals don't know that this represents the yin and the yang coming together into One, so no wonder that the Heart is the symbol for Love!

Also, meet one of my new friends and animal companions. Since I don't have pets of my own, I love meeting new ones on my Nature hikes. There is a hill above my village, and I like to hike there often, and they have these beautiful and tamed goats there. This little white one is kind of my favorite, and she sort of became my pet. She always has the same message for me, as I pet her: "Remember your innocence and purity." Animal companions can brings us so much fun! 

And to spice it up a notch ... Let's play a game. Many have already played along and it was a very fun experience. What do You see in this waterfall? I saw a feminine Elven Being coming towards me, handing me something. My friend saw a figure of a man (on the right) and a woman (on the left). What do You see? Know that whatever You do is perfect and it's a reflection of You. What You see is your current message.

How fun is that!

Within Divine Love, Polona