Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I AM Polona Aurea Dawn

Dear Beloveds!

Ever since I posted about my New Life name coming to me spontaneously, many individuals have been telling me about the names that they have been receiving for themselves. This feels like such an exciting time, with much more yet to be revealed. Mars moved into Virgo yesterday, which is my Sun sign. I feel that for me, this represents my resurrected Self that has returned, in full bloom and personal power. Yeah, I AM back, baby! There were a few weeks of introspection, and now we can walk in even greater service to All That Is, which is what Virgo is all about ... purity, humility and Grace of our Divine Self! For the last two days, I was hiking in Nature and pondered on these new changes and enhancements in my collective and personal services. Some of the old needs to go, and much of the new is also here. I have only began to paint, and people are already interested to have their own New Life portraits painted by me. I feel very humbled and honored, so thank You for that, Beloved Ones. But I need to meditate on the perfect energy exchange first, and some other changes as well. This is where I AM Now.

My consciousness has shifted in an enormous way recently. Where I was just one month ago, no longer feels right. For example, I wanted to do Ascension groups and I received guidance that it was to come later, and I still don't feel particularly guided to that. My guidance only flows through absolute clarity, or it isn't Divine timing yet. Right now, I AM shifting into a completely New direction, with the expansion of my art, the desire to create my own oracle deck one day, and offering improved and enhanced personals services through more freedom of Being. I only wish to Be free to create in my own unique way. No forced doing or expectations from myself or others. There is no forcing in the New, only the Heart knows what feels right in the moment, the lower mind does not. Whatever flows, is the right thing for us at this time. We are to stay very fluid and observant, as things are shifting so quickly now. Sometimes we receive guidance in advance, but there are other things that need to occur first, so wee need to follow through with the steps that we are being shown in each Now moment. Keeping the faith in the Divine Plan of Perfection and complete Freedom of Being!

I was also feeling the need for even more integration and cohesion of my work lately, and my guidance kept saying to write about it. I AM a visionary, and many times I receive guidance in advance, and I AM not to allow the mind to interfere with the "how and when." Today I finally went for a short hike to my waterfall after my daily run. I took my notebook with me, I picked a tree trunk to sit on and I began to write. So much clarity came through. As I write, I intend and I ground the energy of the hyper Spirit running through me. This writing showed me how everything happens in these steps which I have laid out for myself perfectly and all I have to do is follow them through one by one, with no rushing or hurrying anywhere. The Heart never rushes, the Heart only knows. I AM surrendering that all the intentions are happening in non-linear manner and in perfect Divine order.

There will be some changes to my web pages and my personal services, which I will finally make more permanent. The only reason why I was not guided to do this before, is because I was still shifting. I only take action when there is complete clarity of inner knowing. And guess what ... this translucent clarity also means that the Divine timing has finally come. It will take some time ... but there is no time anyway, and it's never about the goal. All is happening in layers and steps of this journey that we have planned for ourselves ... and we are Now walking it with great Self confidence of inner knowing!

I desire only more and more freedom in my life. Yesterday I was deeply exploring my personal freedom and how to expand it even more. I went hiking to my favorite local hill, where I finally recorded a video after such a long break. When I climbed on the top, there were 2 gorgeous apples waiting for me on the floor. They were the most perfect and delicious apples I have ever seen, and they looked like they were placed there on purpose, because all the other apple trees there were different. I took it as a Spirit message. Then I was playing with my Elven crown, and I was getting used to walking around in my New Life Presence, without any shame or guilt. 

I was picking apples and pears on the floor, embracing the abundance of the Divine. I had so many amazing signs and synchronicity along my way, so I simply needed to journal about it. I "broke into" my favorite wooden lodge, and I invited myself in to do some drawing. By now, I already feel like at home there. I did a portrait of my Beloved, and then a ladybug flew on me. Later she sat on me again, so she blessed me with her message and presence twice. She was so fast that I was unable to photograph her, so the message was very intimate. She speaks of wishes fulfilled, which is a message that I lately keep receiving everywhere. 

There was also one single red rose left there on the garden, and she spoke to me about passionate Love. When I was done with my drawing, I went down to the water, and meditated there a bit. Coming home was such a delight, and I played with a new project, creating something that I found along the way. 

Creativity is on the top of my list now. This is what I was working on yesterday. I found these metallic thingies outside, and I took them home with me with the idea of how I would paint them. I made them sparkle and shine, and now they are serving as jewelry holders. We can sparkle up just about anything and make it look amazing through our own unique creative expression. I AM New ... and so are You! 

Playfulness is also a form of creativity. On my hike yesterday, I was feeling very good and playful out on my Nature hike. I was creating my own piece of Heaven on Earth, until I felt some of the shyness about wearing my Elven crown/circlet. I felt a bit of that: "Oh gosh, what if someone sees me," coming to the surface. It was a feeling like, that if it were Halloween, it would be okay to be publicly displaying it, otherwise I would rather not. I noticed this and went deeper within, asking myself about it right away. I mean, it's one thing to wear it at home or in my secret Nature places, and a whole other thing to wear it somewhere where anyone can see You ... and here in the middle of the Mountain village, that surely would be pretty interesting to see. People are very simple here, and that is what triggered me even more. But then again, I reminded myself that me being guided not to have it on doesn't have to be based on hiding. One thing is to keep something private and magical/mystical, and a whole other thing is to do it because we are ashamed. I AM a very private person in my daily life, I AM not like here online, where I can freely share with everyone. I AM never guided to reveal too much of myself, although this can be quite challenging when one shines so brightly, because there is always the so-called "spotlight." That is why I need to say this. We have to let go of the fear of being seen and out in the spotlight. So many beautiful Souls are still in hiding, and they are not allowing themselves to shine so fully!

So what can we do, if this happens? I was playing out all the different scenarios in my head, and nothing was really all that scary. Nothing ever comes into being anyway. This method always helps me to expand beyond my comfort zone. Of course, some of the Magic is truly just for us, as we are creating our own personal Heaven on Earth, and not everything is meant to be seen by everyone. But the fear of revealing ourselves just as we are, also needs to dissolve. I was guided to dress up nicely for a hike for the first time in my life, so obviously this was a message from my Spirit Self. Something was deeply shifting within me and needed to change. I was already feeling better when I was wearing my crown at my return to the valley. There was no one and all was perfectly well. I took it off later, but not because of fear of being seen or noticed, but because my head began to hurt, and I knew that it was enough. It was time to take it off. 

The first message in this is to follow the voice of the Heart, because it always allows us to expand even more, while the lower mind does not really know how to do this. The other message in this is, that sometimes we are meant to be noticed for a reason, and sometimes we are meant to be in secret (not the same as in hiding). I walked pass some men who were building a house, but they did not even notice my presence, because they were so busy with their physical stuff. And yes, this means, that not everyone will be ready to notice us as well, as like attracts like, so we are always in resonance with whatever is!

Invisibility by choice is the next step! (winks)

Until then ... always walk your shine!

Oh, and here is one of my sacred spaces/altars. It includes a personal vortex Soul mandala, a sacred golden spiral, my New Life Self (Aurea) painting that I created myself, a Golden Sun, a few lovely crystals and a still life that I also created myself; from various stones, shells and a golden candle. This is to cherish and honor my Golden Master/Christed Self! I have always been a very creative person, and now this is coming out of me even more. I only began to paint, and people are already interested to have their own New Life Soul portraits painted by me. I feel very humbled and honored, so thank You for that, Beloved Ones. Coming in Divine timing!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here is my first new video after two weeks: