Friday, November 1, 2013

My plunge into the great void

Dear Beloveds!

Are You still enjoying the void between the Eclipses? It sure made me very spacious. Do You know that during the Eclipse, the Sun's light is hidden by the darkness/void of the Moon, and that this void is exactly what we need before giving new birth. It is the birthing canal ... the womb of Divine Creation. It was strengthened with the recent Solar flare activity. During this period, the Earth's magnetic field is weakened, and so are we. That is why we feel the void in the first place. When we are in this period, we are actually invited to fill in the creative void with more of our true Self. To be the true Masters of energy that we are requires us to know that we are the ones creating the circumstances around us, not the other way around. This is because we are intrinsically connected to All Life in Creation, so this void is actually a Gift from the Creator and our personal I AM Self, to step deeper into who we truly are, to take Divine action and carry the responsibility for our own life and personal reality that we are creating as Creator Selves!

We can no longer play the "victim of the circumstances" card, just waiting for them to pass or make way for something New. We Now know, that we are the Ones who create this New! The New cannot come, if we do not create it ourselves. So during such powerful and potential periods of the great void, we are asked to go deeper within and see where we are still complaining and endlessly waiting, relying on the external to shift before we make the inner shift ... instead of taking things into our own creative hands! The void is created by us and for us, so it can also only be filled with the New through us as well.

Nothing holds the answers for us, not even astrology, as objective as it can be. It can only show us the energy potential that we are co-creating with the Divine Plan of Perfection, but it cannot do things for us. It can show us the powerful alignments that come as opportunities, but there is no Soul alchemy, if we don't take those opportunities and create something golden out of them. In the end, we will always have to level up ourselves and move into a new and more expanded awareness that it takes to truly embody the Master Self that we are!

We had a 11 Universal day of Self Mastery on the day of Halloween, and I saw 11:11 on a clock, so it's a strong message of flowing with our intuitive/feeling side of life!I AM wishing You some powerful new realizations and creative surges into the New! It takes full awareness to become the conscious Self creators that we are. It is time to graduate on this level, and to spiritually mature and move on into a new cycle of Creation! We can begin by remembering why we co-created whatever Now is in the first place.

The build up to Solar Eclipse is so powerful, but it also feels like things are slowing down on some levels as well, partially because of the Mercury retrograde. The Sun, the Moon and Mercury are aligning with the Earth in the next three days particularly. It is very intense, and we are still invited to go within, meditate, connect with Star Beings, etc. It is the time of the unknown, the unfamiliar, and it might even feel scary to us in the way that we feel. This is because we are deeply plugged into the collective unconscious right Now. There might be some deep memories resurfacing right Now, and they come to us through feeling. Know that whatever we feel, we feel for a reason, and the sooner we allow it to be felt with an open Heart, the faster it will naturally dissolve. And then the New will shine through even more brightly! We are walking into the New with sure-footedness!!!

Today we celebrated Halloween, which is in alignment with what is happening energetically! This is associated with going into the darkness and coming back resurrected and brand new. But there is something else that we can consider at the time of the Halloween. Whether You are celebrating something on this day or not, know that You always have the natural right to celebrate the authentic You in each moment! I always feel into the deeper meaning of each holiday that is given to us, and I don't celebrate the commercial part of it. Instead, I create something of my own, and make it as sacred as I AM. I create something magical and unique. With a bit of imagination, we can make the New world resourceful, innovative and sparkly!

These are also good days to channel through a new form of creativity within our authentic Self Presence. For instance, if You like to dress up and play a "role" of something/someone You really like or wish to embody, ask yourself how You can hold this energy daily and bring it in the physical even more? How can You already Be what You wish to become? Sometimes we forget to notice the tiny details or the fine print, so today we can access that Magic and see all the beauty that we already are. So for example, if I dress up in a beautiful Elven Queen and enjoy bathing in that Goddess frequency, I AM bringing that frequency into my awareness ... knowing that I already AM that, otherwise I would not resonate with it.

So, what are You celebrating, and how can You make this into something wonderful and magical? How can You tune into your intuition and infinite fountain of creativity?

And since the creative void is also about cultivating a sacred space of preparation, I wish to share something that Spirit shared with me about preparing for the deepest of partnerships ... especially because messages of partnership keep showing up. Sometimes we wonder about when we will experience the highest form of Love with another person, serving as our ultimate mirror. Most of us on this path already know that this path requires a lot of dedication, sacrifice/devotion to the highest and the proper preparation to physically embody the sacred Divine Love ourselves. It always begins with us, as we are the ones who are vibrationally preparing and if we truly know what we want, all of our Being is directed into that purpose. 

The words that Spirit gave me are very simple and they go like this: "Small love ... small preparations. Big Love ... big preparations." So if we desire a partnership that will mirror all of us, we have to first embody all of us, in order to share it with another within a complete state of Grace. Because this path requires a lot of dedication, not everyone is yet ready or prepared for it. Many only wish for this kind of relationship, but they don't really begin with the inner work, so it only remains a wishful thinking. When we know what is on our path, we will fully dedicate ourselves to that with our whole Being, and we won't settle for anything else. Nothing will stop us, and we will be willing to hold the space for that partnership that we choose forever!

It begins with knowing what we want and then it requires spiritual integrity that is in alignment with that desire/inner knowing!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Please share how this collective energy shift is influencing You at this time, and what is the awareness that is coming through?