Friday, October 25, 2013

My imagination & passion

Dear Beloveds!

In our New Life, we are opening to many new gifts and abilities of the Soul. Being creative keeps us in the flow of our feeling side of life, and Divine creativity is the basis of our New Life. Just sitting there discussing things and not really doing anything creative is not the way of the ascending/Source infused individual. When we are creative, we are also being in service to All That Is. On this level of awareness, our meditation is not just those few moments when we sit with our Presence and allow/receive ... it's the Essence of everything that we do and birth through our Self by being infinitely creative.
It is no coincidence that this strongly began for me right after I received my New Life name, which is Polona Aurea Dawn. This name Essence activated a higher Essence of myself. The reason why I AM keeping Polona and Aurea Dawn both at the same time, is because I AM integrating both worlds, the higher planes of Existence (the level of Self mastery) and the Earthly plane. I was always meant to do this and bring the "lighter" into the denser ... in order to create something completely New through Soul alchemy ... and to be a bridge for Higher dimensional living.

Recently I received a comment that I always wear only hiking clothes on my pictures and that I should show off some of my Elven style as well. Firstly, please know that it's not a "celebrity" thing that my work is about. It's about sharing my Essence, not putting myself on a public display. Also, as You know I AM a Nature Being, and I cannot hike in a dress, because it's not really practical. But I shared this picture of me in a Goddess dress today, just to give You a glimpse of the "other side" of me as well. Please know that I AM multidimensional and there are many facets of me, and so are You! And this is what my public Presence and messages are truly about anyway!

Today I also received a strong message about daydreaming. Know that our Divine creativity takes place within our imagination first, and it's not merely about imagining things ... it's mainly about tuning into the Divine intelligence where all things are possible, and dreaming of the highest version of our New Life identity. We have entered a new level of Being, where we are creating in a higher and more refined way now. It is no longer the mental drive/energy that holds the wheels in motion ... it is the creative space of our Divine imagining, where our imagination is birthed.

Lately I AM receiving a lot of visions which have to do with my New Life potential, and these are things that I would have never even considered in the "old," but they are there Now, and they are as real as they can get. All we have to do is open ourselves to new ways and possibilities that transcend the old. Even our imagination has expanded Now ... so dream away and dream big! Dream of your highest desires of the Heart, personal freedom and limitless Joy ... this is the New ascended You! 

This is a tiny piece of Crocite crystal, which I invited into my crystal world. This crystal is good for reviving passion in our lives. I so needed this in my own life, because at times I was "too busy," with the attitude of "all work and no play." Now I AM opening to integration of deep passion from within and awakening my senses to a whole new level, which is actually so natural to me on a Soul level. This crystal is not so easy to get, and very fragile and delicate as well. There is a message in this as well. It is vulnerability that is the key for opening up to our inner passions. When we allow ourselves to feel fully, not denying any sensations or emotions that flow through us, we can discover a whole fountain of untapped potential. When we discover it, we need to bring it to the surface and harness the energy of it in creative ways. This is how the awakening of passion works, and all it takes is some devotion to that process.

Don't deny your passion ... allow the depth to come to the surface in all ways! The Scorpio waters we are sailing in at this time are perfect for that!

This is an invitation call to live your highest, richest, most ultimate, juiciest and fruitful Soul potential! Don't wait until tomorrow, as it does not exist. Do something amazing today, and then do it some more. Then try something else and continue trying something new each moment. It is not always about new things, it's more important that our approaches continue to expand and create only the highest and most amazing experiences for us! Is there something You always wanted to do, but lacked courage or proper determination, direction, strength? Well, don't wait any longer ... You are all of those things already, it's all in your Soul Essence. You just need to grab it and give it a GO!

Rise up and become the most amazing Being of Divine Love that You already are. It's time to stand up and take the full responsibility of your Life. It's time to claim your personal power and walk your Soul in all its fullness and beauty. We have never had such an amazing opportunity and Divine support as Now, if only we consciously decide to travel that road ... the road of the Self and the Magic of creating our own experiences. It is the experiences that make our Heart sing with Joy that we are beginning to create Now, and we desire only that from Now on! We now know what we are willing to allow in our field of awareness, and what we wish to birth through it ... fully and consciously. 

Personally, I can't believe that I already created 5 paintings, and I barely just began. I guess painting is something that I AM really called to do Now, in order to expand deeper into my inner Being and the Divine creativity through Divine feminine. This New creativity is the Essence of our New lives, and it's not about what we have gathered or learned, it's completely Soul based and Source infused. I love it, I so love it!!! And there is always so much more!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. What about You and your own personal experiences?