Monday, November 11, 2013

My path of humility

Dear Beloveds!

Our Mountain portal here is covered with snow now and it feels so refreshing. This will be my first Winter in my new Mountain home, and it does feel very new ... challenging and exciting both at the same time. Looking into these great walls just across my apartment always makes me feel so humble. Whenever we feel like we don't like our own life or a certain aspect about it, we need to come back to humility. And for me, there is no better way to be humble than to remember the Greatness of the Majestic Mountain and to have the Mountain mirror that Greatness back to us, as it is also inside of us. Only Humility will bring us true Gratitude. So whenever You can't feel that Soul Essence, just bring yourself to your natural state of awe and appreciation for all Life in Creation and feel humble. To be humble is to fall on your own feet, but not to be a slave of the Divine ... but to be so charmed with Divine beauty that you become extremely vulnerable by feeling this Grace ... and your knees might even tremble for a slight moment or two. This is that space ... welcome it ... become it! The sacred 11-11 Gateway is the perfect opportunity for that!

During each Gateway (a few days surrounding it), I usually have very strong and vivid dreams that keep me asleep for a long time. I AM noticing this pattern for a few days now, and I just can't seem to go to bed without my favorite crystal companions as well. I woke up very late and feeling completely out of the place. Today something so funny happened as well. I woke up with my crystals not being under the pillow anymore, but on my nightstand, and my pants were pulled all the way up. I was like: "What was I doing in the middle of the night and where was I?" Many of us are traveling to many different "places" during such powerful Gateways, so notice if You are experiencing something similar yourself.

Powerful new revelations and insights can come at such Gateways. We went for a lovely walk today, and it was quite refreshing after a few days of rain and some snow. The Mountains are all snowed in Now, and the 11-11 Gateway brought a very fresh new wave of energy to be integrated. But as usual, every new energy wave brings something up to the surface. I AM witnessing many stories from others, who are going through very intense life changes at this time. Yes, we are still in transition times and we need to gather all of our strength now ... in order to continue to walk the path of the highest integrity ... the Light of the Truth.

On this path of the Truth, we will always be presented with new challenges, which are in fact opportunities. Sometimes people, events or even harsh dramas will arise in order for us to see what we have already outgrown. Whenever this happens in my reality, I AM always shown the example of Jeshua, and how many of those he had to face on his own sacred journey of embodiment of Divine Truth. One example was this individual who commented on one of my posts after 3 years, and I have noticed that the approach (the basic mentality) hasn't changed a bit in the way they talked and projected their own version of reality into the whole. For me, this is never the Way of the Divine Self, because the reality will be different for different waves of awareness and Soul journeys. In Truth, we can only share through the Heart space, and the wave of same resonating energy will always find its way, without forcing it or wanting our voice to be heard a certain way. We really don't have to try to make it happen.

This will often show us how far we have already come as pioneering Souls who are always planting seeds on their way, and even though not everyone will follow us ... those of us giving birth to something completely new, need to continue to persist in the Way of Divine Love ... which is always neutral, opinion and projection free. It respects the sacred space of everyone, and it knows that the freedom of Soul expression truly means. Yes, it means that we have a unique freedom of expression, but never in a way to dominate over others. That is not freedom anymore, because we are One, so if our personal freedom is perceived in a way to threaten someone else's ... that is truly not real freedom at all. Expressing our unique voice is something completely different than forcing your own opinions to others. That is why in this information age, everyone can have their own social page, web page or even a blog. This is what this freedom means!

My path was always to guide others to go within, where they can be faced with their own inner processes. When we don't know how to process internally, we will often process externally and dump our stuff onto others. That is why when we live a Soul based life, we have no need to engage in debates, arguments or create any type of drama. We don't need to convince anyone into anything, or feel that we need to explain something to someone. Whenever I tried to explain something to someone, it usually came back at me ... it kicked me right in the butt! That is because we don't owe anyone else but ourselves this. It all comes from within ... if we treat ourselves with full respect, we show the Way for others to do the same. When we learn to show respect to ourselves, others can show us respect as well. We don't need another's approval and we don't need to be their guardian or safekeeper. All we have to do is value our own unique voice and not allow someone else to stomp on it with their own. Also, what is a fact for someone, might differ from what is fact for someone else. Truth is different on different levels of awareness.

I often continue to be amazed at how much time certain individuals still continue to spend on writing long comments, arguments, explanations and opinions, instead of using all that energy and engage in something really creative. That is what those individuals who are Heart centered do. They don't need to explain or convince anyone into anything ... they just live the Truth that Spirit shows them and they spend their time by engaging in something creative and beautiful. Instead of misusing their resources or disrespecting the sacred space of others, they have mastered their own co-creative energy and they know how to use it for the greater good of All Creation (which is infinite expansion).

Pioneering Souls of Divine Love know that all comes into Divine knowing/remembrance in their own Divine timing. For those of You who know what I AM speaking about ... know that it's not selfish to walk away from such behaviors and engage in something better and richer instead ... there is more to life than such petty little mind games! It is time to open to the richness of our beautiful Heart Essence and use it. It is time to hold this energy space at all times. If all the people who continue to "talk and talk" would use that energy to turn it into inner empowerment and create something wonderful ... something unique and serving the Greater Whole ... this world would be a more beautiful and resourceful place in an instant!

Lately I AM more drawn to engage in something creative than to discuss things via spoken word. Only the life of pure simplicity interests me, and it needs to mirror the Divine beauty of my Beloved I AM through all that I do. So I AM more drawn to dancing and painting than anything else, although I still love to write as well. But things that are being created beyond words/speech are the Soul's signature of a higher dimension, so whenever we do that, we are immersing in higher dimensions and bringing that Light into this very Existence. Try it yourself and You will feel it.

What do we actually prefer ... to be touched right in the Heart center through the Soul, or do we wish to constantly feed our mind? Know that the mind is a hungry child, that will always go hungry even more, no matter how much we feed it. The Soul does not need anything else but to be touched by the Divine beauty. Whenever we create something beautiful and put our unique energy signature in this world, our Soul rejoices, so it reverberates out the frequency of pure Joy.

The Soul is not meant to be the mind's servant, and the same goes for the other way around. They need to co-create in unison and Self mastery. In order to gain that Self mastery, the Soul frequency needs to be activated ... and once this is so, the Soul naturally nourishes the mind with the food/manna of its Divine Beauty being expressed. Only this way, the mind never has to go hungry again. It is the natural Law of One, which Humans have forgotten how to use and utilize, and now we are returning there through the embodiment of our Souls.

Know that as Ascension Pioneers ... we need to continue to walk the highest, shine the brightest, and not allow for anything to come between us and Source ... as all is Source anyway!
It truly is a powerful vibration ... so let's make it a continuation and let's hold it daily ... within each Now moment! Don't look for what it means ... instead rather feel your way into it!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn