Sunday, November 3, 2013

My personal freedom

Dear Beloveds!

During this Eclipse gateway and culmination of a cycle, I was guided to look back at the previous Eclipse season back in Spring. Yesterday I randomly opened my personal planner book on the page with a date June 8th, and there it was written: "End of the Eclipse season." The guidance was to look at what I have begun back then and what energy was coming through, for this is what is culminating Now in the current Eclipse season. There was also a blog that I did not publish back then and it remained a draft until Now, which is a definite message that those words I have been writing are perfect now, and they have come into a completion. This is this blog Now!

If You happen to remember, we had a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on April 25th, Solar Eclipse in Taurus on May 10th, and then another Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 25th, with a culmination of the Eclipse cycle on June 8th. It is no coincidence that the Solar Eclipse/New Moon is in Scorpio again on November 3rd, and why there is a following Full Moon in Taurus on November 17th. Take a look back at what You began back then, and what energies You were working to embody, because this is now coming into fruition.

What we began back then, with a New Moon in Taurus, is now coming to completion with a full Moon in the same sign. Lucky for me, I have a personal planner where I write everything down, so it's easy to reflect back, which is perfect in this Mercury retrograde phase. Back then, I entered a deeply emotional/feeling state (Scorpio Lunar Eclipse influence) and the Beloved energy started coming through very intensely for me. I was talking a lot about deep Source intimacy, personal freedom and independency (Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse influence). 

I began to receive very profound insights, messages and revelations about the Truth of the Beloved energy and Twin Soul consciousness. This is now coming into fruition for me. Again, there is a depth of feeling, influenced by the Scorpio Eclipses, looking deep within and walking into a new consciousness integration. Just like a cycle of Aquarius New Moon back in February culminated a period of physical relocation for me when there were two Full Moons in Aquarius (July and August) ... the same is happening now in another life area. Do You see how all is happening in cycles, and how we can navigate through everything so effortlessly with conscious awareness?

What have You been engaging in back then? What were You speaking or writing about? What were the seeds of awareness coming through your thinking and feeling side of Life? Now's a perfect time to reflect back upon that and gently bring that to surface again, so that it can come into a full circle and a perfect completion. We always begin anew, resurrected and rebirthed!

From here on, I will continue with the remaining blog from a few months back, because it's intrinsically linked with what is happening for me Now ... and probably with many others as well.

This Summer, I have been on so many trips and Spirit adventures, and I have lived a life of non planning and full surrender. The entire time I have felt like I have no "true home," and the importance and value of true home that is within was deeply explored and integrated through all of my experiences. This whole time, my car was packed with Mountain and camping gear, and I just left if I was guided to go somewhere, not thinking about how a trip would end up and what would be the "final destination." I learned to move with the flow and integrate a deep sense of personal freedom. So much strength and inner empowerment came as a direct result of this. During this time, a whole lot of deeply buried things were also resurfacing from time to time. It was especially strange in the final days of my physical move to a new home, where I didn't feel like I live anywhere ... it felt like being in the middle of it all, but anchored nowhere.

I guess we all need this on our journey of physical Ascension ... to set ourselves completely free and live fully from within! We need to know how it is to be attached to nothing and belonging to nothing but the Magic of Spirit itself! This is when we truly begin to create on a whole new level!

A lot of intense Universal alignments are influencing this collective process Now. Astrologers who can objectively read the energy of the "above" would probably say that this is due to the Pluto/Uranus alignments/squares that are here for us from 2011 to 2015. We are letting go of a lot! Personally, I had so many errands and physical things to due to my physical move, and so this triggered some deep emotional wounds that I still carried within me as a burden. It felt like a huge weight being released from me, and I released through some good ol' crying as well. The perception of a burden was being integrated in a new way this whole year.

There was also something else really important coming through, and it had to do with the energy of belonging from within. At one time, I was on a few days retreat/Mountain getaway. It was so amazing and full of fun adventures and I created a nice flow of energy for myself, but then all of a sudden, I felt a sense of being kind of "homesick," which is very unusual for me. Then just as I was leaving, the storm started coming in. Perfect timing, as always! The message of this was strengthening the inner freedom with the energy of always belonging and being content, no matter where I AM.
This was even strengthen with a camping trip in July. I was so looking forward to this adventure and being with Gaia, who is deeply calling me. The longing of the Soul and the Heart guidance needed to be fulfilled before anything else could take place at that time. It was that camping trip that showed me many new things about that. Whenever I needed to be somewhere, the guidance was very loud, and at one point, even my internet connection completely went down. I always got a very sudden guidance, and I was getting used to these sudden shifts. Sometimes it comes very suddenly, but it comes in really strongly, as a deep inner knowing which I need to absolutely honor and listen to. And even all the messages and cards were showing me to be a hermit for a while longer ... to go within and to connect some more dots of new guidance.

The top of my Mountain retreats which anchored my personal freedom took place on the Full Moon in Aquarius. I really wanted to immerse in my personal Soul freedom, for this is what the Aquarius Moon is all about. I couldn't wait to sleep under the stars again and to watch the Full Moon from so high above! But boy, I was in it for a surprise, when someone else was looking at that Full Moon from the same perspective ...guess who?

This experience surely was one of a kind! It was not as I "expected" and I was actually quite surprised by the unfolding events. I spent the night under the Mountain sky with the Super Full Moon and the company of ... foxes! Yeah, You got it! These little creatures were there all night, and they ended up chasing me away. I looked at the fox symbolism later, and this is what I have found: "Overwhelmingly, cultural consensus on fox animal symbolism deals with themes like cunning, strategy, quick-thinking, adaptability, cleverness and wisdom. It is noteworthy to observe the fox while it is on the hunt. We see its entire body is pointed like an arrow - straight and tightly aimed. This is a symbolic message for us to set a determined, and powerfully focused mindset in order to "hit the target" of our desires." This message was surely letting me know to settle down for a bit, to not be so scattered all around and take some time to just Be, which is what I felt in my Heart all along. It almost felt like I needed to take another break from my "break," because it wasn't much of a break ... it was quite challenging and full of initiations.The foxes have actually brought me a great gift and a message of great blessings.

I was also on a beautiful lake trip, although this chapter closed a bit sooner than expected, due to some external circumstances. Once again, there were some challenges amidst great beauty. As we already know, there are truly no "external" circumstances, as all is prepared for us through our Soul, for us to see, sense and step into even deeper Self expansion, Self recognition and Self integration. I was feeling the calling of my Soul for even greater freedom. Tears of Divine remembrance started flowing. So I continued having adventures, within and without! One day I was bathing in the cool Mountain lake, the next day I was sensing the freshness of the forest, and then I was headed for my sacred Mountain space. It is what gave me new strength. We need to think bigger, feel deeper, go beyond the "external" and step into our personal freedom, as this is what this time is truly about. There is no Oneness without full individuality first. So use this knowing for your greatest expansion and for the benefit of the highest good of All!

So there You go! I had it all, from the most beautiful pristine outdoor spaces, to feelings of heavy burden and responsibility! All in the mix, as we often integrate through contrast before coming into full circle. There were so many things coming my way all at once. It was everything from my car, to apartment stuff and my move, etc., and it felt like I have to keep very calm and take at least a few moments to breathe through everything every once and a while. There was quite a restless energy in the air. 

It was required to take some time to just Be, which is my priority from Now on, amidst all this turbulent movement. Being always needs to come first ... no matter what! And eventually, I found a place where I feel like I truly belong ... Home ... in the middle of the Alps.

Anyway, it was exactly what I needed this year, in order to come closer to my true Divine nature and embody it. I always meet myself in all of my journeys/adventures. I come to realize that everything is a reflection of my Self and that I AM in Unity with everything. All leads in the direction of my Spirit Self! I AM Home ... and my surroundings are pure Nature Now ... I feel free!

In Nature, I AM touched by the knowing of my Soul ... feeling the Divine remembrance of myself ... sometimes even through tears of recognition and joy. I AM continuously moved by the Higher Presence. Who is this girl? What does she feel when she is alone? Her Self and the freedom of Being! 

The Beauty of Nature!
The Beauty of Purity!
The Beauty of Unity!
The Beauty of Creation!
The Beauty of Magic and wonder!
The Beauty of infinite expansion!

Oh, what a Gift to Be alive!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn