Friday, November 29, 2013

My imaginative pursuits

Dear Beloveds!

When we finish a huge chapter in our life, we master all the lessons and experiences on that level, and then it's time to move on to something new and more meaningful. Like I have shared this week, I will have a slight pause from Facebook ... in order to enter deeper into another shifting process of mine, because I continue to receive such messages. In shifting towards something more meaningful and fulfilling, we must turn away from the old and familiar. We can get into habitual living so fast as Human Beings. It's good to balance our daily routine with new things, which will therefore bring in new energy ... of freshness and renewal.

That is why I AM seeking out new adventures. I had an amazing walk in the cold and sunny weather yesterday. I went for a whole round tour around the "neighborhood." I was observing the beauty of my Nature surroundings, and I felt such deep Gratitude. No wonder, since it's Thanksgiving week in USA. In Truth, everything is Now, and everything is Grace. When we realize this, we embody Divine Love in all ways ... Now. If it is not in the Now, it is not Divine Love, because the Love of One always is. It is not out there, and it is not a destination or a goal to reach. It is a constant state of Grace ... and a direct physical experience of it. It is a merging and making Love with Love itself ... freely and openly.

I AM so grateful for my pure Nature here, to be able to live in such a pure Mountain sanctuary, to breathe the purest air possible, and drink the cleanest water. I AM grateful for the freedom to walk freely and walk out and about whenever I desire ... as free as the wind. I AM grateful to see the Mountains when I look through my window every day. I AM grateful for my Life, and for all of You who are sharing the path with me.

I love the energy of the snowed in Mountains, because it's so crisp and crystal clear. Winter is a time when we are invited to move even deeper within and embrace the stillness, the purity and the freedom of Being when we are in utter Silence ... the inner sanctuary. This is what the snowy Mountains represent to me, and their energy is so amazingly powerful Now! They are not meant to be conquered at this time, for even they desire to rest and just Be ... completely undisturbed. This is why they create this bubble of snow and ice all around them, why such strong North winds are blowing, and why avalanches are created. This is when we are to observe them from afar, and see the things from the higher perspective ... and to use them in our next explorations when the snow melts and they invite us in their embrace yet again.

Until then ... I choose to radiate Grace in Silence from my sacred space ... the inner sanctuary of the Soul. This reminds me to share about what that means anyway. Too often we put too much focus on the external and all the words spoken. The message for this week is to stay in resonance of the language of the Heart, which is feeling ... inner knowing. Silence is Golden ... as this Queen Aurea also is. So I choose to embody it Now. For a while I don't wish to share much ... I just wish to radiate! 

As I AM giving more devotion just to myself, I often notice more things, and move deeper into my Divine guidance. Lately so much is coming through about Divine Reunion. I took another picture of my "special" crystal today. The symbol in this crystal clearly represents the coming together of the "Chalice and the Blade", the symbols of the feminine and masculine coming together ... the Goddess and God together as One. It is therefore no coincidence that the middle point of the crystal where the merge takes place, is Golden. This refers to complete Self Mastery and freedom of Being ... of our true Divine Self.

This represents the sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine in their complete balance and harmony ... the Unity/Union of One. The feminine Chalice symbolizes the source of life in Creation, and its highest values are for the generative, nurturing, and life giving/creative powers of nature, not the powers to destroy. That is why the function of the highest priestesses and priests was to benefit all the people in the community ... and all Life in Existence.

Therefore the masculine archetype that is represented by the Blade is not about dominance and egoic pursuits. It is about the full merge and Divine partnership with the feminine ... a full surrendering to the Goddess, so that together they are as One ... and there is no more separation. There is no more illusion of being wounded or defensive. All is whole and complete. Whenever there is still "friction" between the masculine and feminine in all of our interactions and energy exchanges, we are to see that as an opportunity, given to us by our Higher Self, in order to move deeper into resolve and clarity through establishing even deeper Source intimacy. So on each level of this "coming together" we actually merge deeper and grow in Love, Wisdom and Power. In this process, we continue to unveil everything, until there is nothing left but Divine Love.

Divine Love is when we are in pure flow. I love how Nature knows nothing but constant flow. Can we be as Nature? Can we return to our Core?

It is about all that is true. I AM so grateful for each and everyone of You, who also walk the Path ... the Way of Love of One. I AM a Lover, I always was, and I always will be. And I can only walk the Path with other lovers of Life.

You can find me dancing amongst the trees as ancient as I AM, meadows open wide like my pure Heart, and Mountains as tall as my powerful Self!

This is my Being!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. I also have many things to create, and I will post them as soon as I AM guided to. I will also post the rest of the Soul Essence stones and their oracle messages from the Stars as soon as I AM guided to write them up. So I won't be totally away ... just more adrift!

And here is my new video about true intimacy within Divine Reunion: