Monday, November 25, 2013

My expansion into Star Wisdom

Dear Beloveds!

My path is slowly but steadily expanding into more of my real Cosmic Self and sharing the Wisdom of the Stars ... the most benevolent and evolved Beings of Light and their knowing and embodying of the Principles of Creation. I have been on this path for a while now, and I have often shared about Principles of Creation, but I feel the activation going deeper Now. A lot of us are Now connecting with our Cosmic Family more and our latent DNA is coming to life. We are in communion with Star Beings, and the benevolent guidance from the higher dimensions/planes of Existence and connecting to our own Star origin/Home, which is where our Soul first began its experiential journey of expansion and evolution within Creation.

A lot of us are volunteer Souls, descending/coming from higher planes into this dimensional reality to be of service to others and all of Creation. We often have deep feelings and dreams connected with this feeling, and now we are asked to explore this connection deeper ... but not in a way to obsess over it, but in order to use your higher knowledge and wisdom to be of service in some way that feels very close and natural to us. If You have felt like an "alien" your whole life, You might originate from another dimensional reality, but now the time has come to share your wisdom and unique gifts with others and the whole world, instead of obsessing about where You come from and why. You are not a persona, You are a unique Variation of Creation ... a form of consciousness with a very specific vibration and purpose.

Just go with the flow and trust your inner guidance ... and You are always Home anyway. If there are ever any doubts, just call in your Universal guides to assist You in Divine remembrance. This is a path of our true Soul Essence/name, not a label ... and it is not personal ... it is Universal and meant only for the greater good within service to All Life.

I also kept receiving very clear messages about the Wisdom of the Stars, my Cosmic Family of Light, the Elves and the Pleiades. These are messages so loud that one cannot ignore. I keep being shown that my purpose is somehow sifting to a new way and expanding, of course. I feel guided to bring forward more of my true Wisdom and Star knowing, and this is something I AM just being guided to so naturally. As You might know, transformation always happens naturally and it's never forced. It just comes and we are swept away with it. It might feel new and exciting with a bit of that unknown connotation to it ... but when we are ready, we are just ready. We can never move back, only forwards! And we simply need to answer our inner calling! If we do not, it will just continue to call us deep from within ... until one day we will answer it!

All is following the guidance of inner feeling more and more. As You know, Nature always gives me all the messages that I need on my journey and my life is full of Divine synchronicity ... always within great simplicity. As I was running by these houses this week, a flack of geese greeted me. It was the first time that I saw them there. There was exactly 7 of them, and I know this because I simply had to turn around and count them. It's amazing, because just before I left the house I saw a post that had an image which represents the 7 sisters of Pleiades and they are also connected with bird energy ... if You happen to know the legend about it. This is such a powerful message about connecting with the Pleiadian energy and origin. After that, I stopped by the river to pick up some Mountain stones, and all of a sudden a person with three dogs drove by. One of the dogs went straight towards me and he greeted me with such unconditional acceptance and love. He kept jumping on me, while making lovely sounds. I was so enchanted and all loved up! What an amazing day! 

P.S. What does the "E" on the photo tell You? What is its meaning for You?

I have also received the message about playfulness repeated three times, so this is always a powerful synchronicity. I know how it feels like, because too often we have so much to do, and all of our tasks and responsibilities keep piling up. Guess what? They will continue to, if we won't break the chain of this pattern and move into balancing the inner and outer life, the playfulness and creative action. No activity is fun anymore, if we don't balance it out with other things in life as well. Too much of something can always bring up a sour taste in our mouth. We need to take a moment and enjoy the playful entertainment that we can offer to ourselves ... tuning into our goofy childlike side ... and invite the easy approach to life in. This will create an opening for more flow in our life, and this is what higher dimensional living is all about.

Also, the Sun went into Sagittarius now ... which is my Ascendant. Ever since a few days back, I was vibrating all over my body like crazy. Things are highly energized right Now, can You feel it? I keep vibrating and pulsating intensely for a few days now, and it only continues to intensify. I kept waking up in my sleep for many nights now, with powerful surges of energy, and I just felt like something is being activated again. There are immense new opportunities for expansion Now. There was another major opening being activated over this weekend. But please know that Light cycles and constantly pulsates ... it never just comes and goes all at once. That is why these activations we are receiving are never ever about one specific event. We are this Light ... it is infinite and eternal, and our purpose is to embody the Divine Love that we are ... as the New ascending Humans.It feels intense this whole week actually, and my body was once again integrating something New. For volunteer Souls this doesn't mean that we have to perfect or align our energy ... it simply means that we are constantly reactivating our Soul potential within our higher DNA.

We are now guided to go deeper into our explorations of the new and unknown. We have learned/remembered so much in the Scorpio period, and especially in these last few days, we have gone really deep. You probably felt it in some way or another. We will now need to use this depth and this freedom of our unique Soul expression for greater good. Yes, the Scorpio energy helped us to activate important latent Soul memories and Gifts that we need at this time, and they all came to us through deep feeling of Divine remembrance. For me, this is being expressed through Soul art, which is a higher dimensional way of Self expression through color, sacred patterns of Light/geometry, sound and tone. Now the arrow of the Sagittarius is pointing towards a brand new direction. We are not to be afraid. Instead, we are to use all of our strength, courage and inner resources that we have gathered along our journey until now. There is so much more yet to come ... can You feel it? Don't be quick to answer this question ... take a moment to feel it!

There is so much that we can create, if we only open up to all the not yet fully expressed parts of us. Sometimes these can be revealed to us in the most unusual ways. Do You know that everything we love tells us something about us? Let's take an example of a movie that we really like or a few of them. My ultimate favorite movies are The Twilight saga, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Notebook. What is the message thread that runs through all of these movies? The nature of Infinite and Eternal Love, of course! That is my main devotion in my personal Life and everything about the Beloved energy excites me the most. There are also additional movies which all of these movies hold, which are all very important for me personally and on a deep Soul level. I hope You will enjoy your own inner realizations about You and what (not who) You are as an expression of Source ... because You bring an important message to this world as well! 

At the beginning of last week I read this great newsletter, and it was all about finding and becoming Love from within, instead of searching for it "out there" somewhere ... searching everywhere for that one person who will complete us. This will never ever happen. It is from within, that we are always whole and complete already. By always residing in the flow of Love, and sharing it through our pure and devoted Heart Essence, we are always in a state of Being in Love, so it's not the same as falling in Love over and over again ... because we always live in Love anyway. I live this way every day, just focusing on service to All That Is ... devoted to all Life in Creation ... because my Love was always the Love of All Creation! It is pure Perfection! Can You open yourself a bit more to that wider, more expanded Universal Love? And even beyond? That is what the Love of the Beloved truly is anyway. The Full Moon in Taurus had the potential to help us all to walk even stronger in that Self empowered, mature and all knowing Love of the Divine!
I really feel such Love and Gratitude in my Heart at this point in my Life and Soul embodiment. I feel whole and complete, and so many beautiful Soul Sparks are connecting with me and the whole family of Ascension Pioneers. It is so lovely to always read your amazing and loving comments. I AM really in love with Life itself and all the adventures that it brings. It is so amazing to explore our inner resources and the awesome creative potential. I AM finally dancing again, and it feels like my inner feminine and masculine are finally completely balanced. I had a hard time with this in the past, but now it feels so smooth, gentle and natural to who I AM. When we get to that level of creative Self expression, we realize that it's all been there ... always. It feels like we've always been this way anyway. I also began to create art from my Soul, which is something I wanted to do since I was younger. Honestly, I did not even expect people to like it so much to ask me if it's for sale ... and feel inspired by it to this degree.

The thing is this! Everything I do is always attachment free and I simply do it because it brings me Joy. It's completely unconditional and without any expectations of what I would receive in return, because I already have everything that I need on my Soul journey of Divine service. I feel that the lives of those who continue to give and share of their Heart Essence continue to elevate and expand, and this is the only reason for true inner bliss ... constant expansion and Magic along the journey. All the things that we love and adore bring us Joy, and then that same Joy travels around the globe in pulsating waves ... spreading around like fire. This is what pioneering Souls came here to do. And although it's not always easy, it's always such a blessing. I have never ever been in lack my whole life, and this is simply because I have always been in Love. And it's this state of Divine Love that can lift us up even when we might forget who we truly are for a slight moment. And as we open up more and more, we cannot even forget anymore ... it's there and it's a constant state of Bliss.

The Love that we embody is always reflected back to us. I love all Life in Creation and Life loves me!
The only reason why I change my profile picture so frequently, is because I keep shifting and becoming more Soul embodied each day. And then I wish to naturally radiate/reverberate that frequency out into the world. This is a great guidance recommendation which I received on my hike last weekend. If You would take your own picture each month, and then observe how You are shifting and how your body is changing ... You would be able to observe your physical Ascension more deeply and more neutrally as well. Enjoy taking care of You!

And feel how there is Divine support everywhere! The more we expand and broaden our horizons, the more opportunities are there for us. Those of us who are walking this plane of Existence as "Earth Angels" are always provided for, as long as we stay true to who we are and our path of Divine service. I saw so many Angels everywhere on my run at the beginning of last week. They were in angelic clouds and even in the puddles of water forming an Angel with a halo above its head. I also saw several bird formations, in a shape of a hawk or eagle, so these are also messengers of the Divine. I felt the need to post this right after, because I felt that someone reading it could benefit greatly by calling in additional support of Angelic Presence at this time. If You feel that this is also You, just go ahead and take a few minutes only for yourself and invoke additional Angelic Presence to Be here with You, from within to without ... breathe deeply and allow yourself to feel comforted and at peace. Then ask to Be perfectly guided on your path, and feel this as your only truth. Receive and then follow any kind of guidance that You are receiving though your feelings ... it comes as increased sensitivity. I hope this message can reach the one (or a few) that's meant to read it.

And lastly ... what an amazing view to wake up with! I AM so grateful for everything in my life and for the great Beauty that surrounds me, which only mirrors my own inner beauty within Divine remembrance of who I AM ... and who we all are. I AM grateful for all that I create and reverberate out. I AM proud of myself for the journey that I have taken upon to walk ... and I AM proud of all of You. I AM grateful for the Presence of awakening and ascending Souls in my life and on this planet in general.

I AM embracing this whole plane of Existence with so much Love, Joy, Gratitude and Freedom of Being! I embrace and feel all Creation as absolutely perfect and Divine!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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