Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Core Self

Dear Beloveds!

Today I've seen just how badly I've missed it ... spending time with my Nature all day long, and receiving messages of Spirit everywhere and in everything. Sometimes I get so pulled by everything in the external ... what I do and all of the communication with others that come to me. But ... Life is so simple in Nature ... it's only Humans that can still make it so complicated. But why not use all that excess energy in order to just Be and really tune in through the deepest of depth? Why not channel all of that energy into something really creative? This is how I live ... a simple Life of purity and devotion to serve All Life. It is so beautiful to rest in my Nature sacred space and Be with all that is simple and natural. If there is something You need to know about me is that I love simplicity and all things simple. Love is Divine, and Divine Truth is always simplicity. Divine connection with Source is not complicated. It is pure and simple. So I don't like analyzing things, I don't link endless debates, long exchange of words or concepts and opinions. I love the simple Truth that resides in my Heart space, where I commune with my Soul ... and where I connect with Source.

I was hiking in Nature today. It was such an amazing day, full of new natural discoveries. I was playing with ice sculptures and making spacy photographs. I also wanted to record a video, but it was simply too cold, as my fingers and toes were freezing. I tried to record one when I got home, and this time the microphone wasn't adjusted properly, and the video did not turn out well. The message in this for Now? It is not time to work or do anything meaningful at this time. It is time to rest and take some much needed time just for yourself. That is why I AM guided to spend more time away from Facebook for a while, to recharge and connect to the simplicity of my I AM!

I got a message about this mirrored in my sacred Nature space. I discovered an ice sculpture of a crystalline pure Starchild today. I was as excited as a child, and I made a whole bunch of photos with my new friend.  

Can You see my perfect Starchild in this beautiful ice sculpture? Nature sure has an amazing way of communicating with us.It was a beautiful Spirit message and confirmation for myself at this time. Do You find any messages in it for yourself?

There are a few very simple things that You kind of need to know about me, if You resonate with what I AM sharing and revealing about the Truth of One. Then You can also see how this resonates and fits into your own personal journey of Soul Ascension.

I AM always devoted only to being of service, to Ascension, Humanity and the planet we are incarnated upon. I live my life through simplicity, which is my main guide, and I do not like complicated things. I do not resonate with analyzing things, having opinions, beliefs and leading endless discussions and debates with others. I don't believe we are here for that. We are here to create. So if I do not always reply to You, send You a Heart or discuss things with You, don't take that as an offense. I love everyone equally, but my Love always begins with the Self, which means valuing myself and my own path over all else.

I resonate with the path of simplicity of Soul and Nature living. I feel that debates are an internal process, which should always happen within. It should be internalized before it wants to externalize. As Beings of Love, we can share with one another, but that is it. Mind games and trickstery do not interest me, and aside from sharing what I do, I like to be as away from computer as possible. You can find me in the Great outdoors, amongst the hills, rivers and valleys of Gaia. Most of the things that people share with me, I cannot see, because most of them are not for me anyway. I only follow what I AM guided to see and observe. This comes not through others, but deep Spirit/inner knowing.

I respond to others only when I feel so guided, and always through simplicity. I feel that most of the things people send me is for them, and I always try to bring that into a deeper perspective. Everything is always a message for us, and if more people would come to understand that, the great Principle of Divine Trust would be so easily embraced and integrated. Everyone would begin to live from within and respect others and their sacred space as well.

I have evolved my own tools to share who I AM and Be of my purpose, and I believe everyone can do the same ... share on their own pages and in their own unique way. I AM truly more introverted than extroverted, although I do share a lot of things, but that is only because I AM so guided due to the nature of my purpose. On my journey, many people come to me and wish to discuss things with me, but I don't really have time for that. It is not a matter of time anyway, it is a matter of focus and where I place most of my attention and intentions.

I AM not here to give anyone answers or to validate things for them. I do not have all the answers, and no one ever will. There is a reason for that, don't You see? The reason is for us to become question free and only live in the Now. So I AM not here to feed other people's questions, which mostly come from the mind. The Soul is always in knowing anyway, and it's not restless. It is completely free and lives in Peace and Trust of inner knowing.

I rather spend time in creative ways and express myself through my Soul Essence. I feel that everyone can do the same, and if more people would utilize their creative potential, there would be less need for discussions, and more work would actually get done. By that I do not only mean physical work, but birthing something new, unique and totally Divine in origin. Creativity is the Key tha opens the door to Source ... for Source is Creation.

So if You resonate with me as in my way of Being, not me as a persona, then You are surely embracing the same qualities and Divine virtues in your own life, which for me are: devotion to service, being driven by a higher force, Heart over the lower mind, and compassionate state of neutral observation ... which is pure freedom of Being. If that is so, then do not become infatuated with me like many like to ... simply walk in Oneness with me and all Life in Creation.

I feel that it's really time that we ignite our deepest Spark and express who we are, instead of wanting to belong or compare ourselves. I never ever had the need for that. I AM completely independent and Self sustainable. I AM enough and I already have value just because I AM ... and so do You. The energy of needing to belong only takes us away from our true Self and it can be very misleading. So walk away from this and instead rather feel that You already do belong. And the more Beauty You will create, the more You will feel that You do belong ... to your true Source Self. Always and in all ways!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Let's also play our favorite game ... what can You see in this image of ice on the ground?