Thursday, November 21, 2013

My path of vibrational "art"

Dear Beloveds! 

We just had the Full Moon in Taurus this weekend! This sign is ruled by the planet Venus, which is all about Love, passion, creativity and physical pleasures. How are You activating these aspects of You and your physical experience at this time? I AM doing it through my Soul art ... creating a unique expression of my inner beauty on my journey of Soul embodiment. Our Souls are pure Divine Beauty, and whoever is Soul embodied sees beauty in everything, even the most non obvious of things. Soul embodied individuals also want to create beauty wherever they are. I AM currently doing this through something completely new ... something I have never done before. For me this is beyond just creating beauty. I AM currently working on something which is so big and completely guided by the Divine ... and it's all about vibrational art, if I can even call it art. It is something very Cosmic and through it I AM anchoring my own inner Wisdom of the Stars. And through this, I AM planting the seeds of new frequency here on Earth.

For me, everything I do always has to mirror me perfectly and completely, and all that I do is created through the greatest devotion. There are a lot of messages coming in about creativity. On my hike during the weekend ... this little spider climbed up my leg and it brought me a message of further encouragement on this new path I AM on. Spiders are always such a good symbol of new creations, creativity, new projects ... and weaving a web of Creation in general! This is exactly what is happening with me at the moment. My random painted stones are turning into a whole new chapter in my life. And guess what? It's a pretty big one, and it continues to expand. Who would have thought that something so "small" can end up being so big? Yes, this is the whole meaning of the drop within an entire ocean. How exciting and ever expanding! 

I AM finally done with my first new project. This week I have finally published my first collection of Soul Essence stones. This is my first batch that comprises of 33 pieces, and there will be many more as well. There will be 44 altogether soon. I AM guided to create some more stones, because they just keep on calling me. It's so interesting ... because a dear Divine companion had a dream about a portal this week, and she told me all about it. It was golden-white Light spreading out like a beautiful mandala, which I AM talking about a lot lately ... and I was there with the liquid Source Light as its keeper and guardian. She felt that the stones I AM creating are helping to build the grid of this Light, which individuals can then access and ground. This is amazing, because I AM guided to soon provide this service/offering of making personalized Soul Essence stones ... vibrational tools for You and the whole planet ... how awesome is that?

Each of these stones carries a specific vibrational Essence, so I decided to use them as an oracle for this whole week and beyond. I will be publishing them on my Facebook page separately ... one by one. I will be sharing Divine messages and guidance along the way ... describing the unique vibrational Essence that is captured in it. Know that each one has a unique message, and whatever stone You are attracted to at the moment, is a Soul vibration that You are to work on and expand. They call You out through your intuition, and can therefore be used as an oracle. The lightning on the image is very poor, and these stones actually look absolutely more radiant and sparkling in real ... no photo could do them justice. Your personal oracle choices will be revealed on my Facebook wall (Ascension Pioneers page), and eventually I will publish all the pictures. I will be adding photos of each separate stone and its description one by one, so tune into my wall frequently. This way You will be able to see what Essence You picked and what your Soul is currently guided to expand more. Stay tuned for more!

For personal choices/readings, which will be coming in all week, You can see the image of all of them here and make your own selection! Your selection will be a special and very personal message for You ... showing You a vibrational Essence to work with at this time.

My mom and I keep staring at them, because they are very inviting and we are still testing them in meditation! This week we have already been testing them a bit. My mom also had a few assignments. I sent her to my room (a powerful Vortex) to test a few of my Soul Essence stones. I told her to select a few of which she is most guided to at this time and focus on them and their vibrational Essence. I told her to meditate on them, so that she could later report to me about the energy being felt during this. She came back laughing, like a playful little child. She was tired and sleepy before. Obviously they work, as they raised her vibration instantly. She explained to me a feeling that each stone gave her, and they were all different. One of them almost hypnotized her, how awesome is that! We sure had some good laughs!

The next day I sent my mom to my room again, in order to meditate with the stones. She picked the Alchemy/Violet Fire one (St. Germain's cross), and she came back totally different than yesterday. The stones work! Why? Because it's how the energy of the sacred Violet fire works ... it purifies by bringing old to the surface in order to be dealt with and processed. Some of her old patterns resurfaced right after, and later I was shown that this is all due to this shifting process. She was quiet all evening. She fell asleep during her meditation, so obviously she was being worked on in an altered state of consciousness. 

I know that I was also talking about putting them for sale, but for now these unique pieces will stay with me, to anchor the vibration of my sacred space until I will be holding sacred Mountain retreats one day. All 44 stones will be my very own personal oracle/Divination tool. But since people were asking me about them a lot, I was guided to offer an additional personal service, which includes creating a personalized Soul Essence/vibration stone just for You. I will be adding this personal service on my Blog very soon, so stay tuned for that if You are interested. 

I was working on some of the stones petty late at night, and one time I was up all the way until 4 AM. There were some amazing energies coming through my Soul Essence stones, and they just kept me up and awake. I also created my first three personal vibration stones for two Divine companions who ordered my personal services, and I promise I will put it as a personal service as soon as I AM done with this part of my work. There are so many tasks I AM guided to at this time, and all are adding up in steps ... leading to something bigger and greater. 

Another short update about how these beauties come to me! I found some amazing smaller pieces of Mountain stones during my run yesterday ... they were just calling me out and I had to stop to create a whole pyramid of them. I just picked them up on my walk now and I will be using them for personalized Soul Essence stones. My friends will be sending me over some crystals which I can use in my creations, and then I can begin by offering this service. My Canadian friend will also be sending me some Auralite 23, so I AM very excited about that. These stones will be super powerful!

Until then, I will work on some personal paintings and create 11 more Soul Essence stones for my own collection, which will comprise of 44 pieces altogether. This is the guidance that I received just now, and it feels in Divine flow. One of the Divine companions also saw my stones becoming an oracle one day. Guess what ... they already are.
So keep checking my Facebook wall to receive messages. I know the lightning of the image with stones isn't perfect and it doesn't do my creations any justice, but just go with the flow and feel into what draws your attention. If You would see them in person, You would feel what I do as I make them, I AM sure of it. Many have already commented that they are "out of this world" (quote unquote).

As I AM posting Soul Essence stones oracles, I wanted to share my personal selection as well: Twin Soul in the middle, surrounded by the Elven Wisdom, Angelic Presence, the portal (white and gold) and the Mahatma energy of Divine synthesis (golden-white) ... anchoring new frequency here on Earth. This kind of perfectly describes my own Divine purpose, so these Soul Essence stones are already placed on my window pane to anchor this energy and hold the space.

The intense Full Moon energy, creating Soul Art all days long, going to bed pretty late, and physical exercise, all kind of left me pretty tired and my body now needs to rest. On the night of the Full Moon I had a nice evening for myself yesterday, aligning with the sensual Full Moon in Taurus, but it's still not enough, because I keep creating all the time. Being and creating need to be in balance. I often run around like an alarm clock, because it's so rare for me to just sit or lie down. But sometimes I also need to do that, no matter how hyperactive I AM as a Being ... no one is a machine ... a computer.The perfect balance of beingness and creativity is needed with such intense bursts of energy.
Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Be sure to tune into my Facebook page frequently, so that You can be updated with the messages from my stone oracle! 

Here is a video I did about creating Golden abundance through Divine creativity: