Saturday, November 9, 2013

My New birth

Dear Beloveds!

Lately I keep seeing golden-white energy everywhere and in everything. There are constant messages of New birth/beginning coming through, and I feel that some of us have moved into a completely New and higher frequency. This means that when we shift, our purpose therefore shifts as well. I don't entirely know what this will mean for my path yet, but I know that there is a definite change that will be more obvious and apparent than any other changes I have been making before. Becoming a Golden-white Master of pure awareness is something that I AM devoted to, and I wish to serve All Creation by bringing messages of even higher awareness, so that we can shift together as One. I AM being guided to bring through the Wisdom the Stars even more deeply. 

Naturally, Ascension is always happening in waves, so not everyone will be moving along with the same wave. But it's important that we ride our personal wave that is presented to us through Spirit initiation ... because it's that wave exactly, which will eventually create ripples of energy and touch even those who might not be ready at this time. But once the seed potential is activated in the physical, the wave is open and ready to flow ... and eventually run its course within the grand purpose that it's serving. There is nothing but constant metamorphosis and transformation!

Because of this, a lot of us in general are getting constant and repetitive messages about letting go of something/someone or a current life path in general. It feels like there is something else out there for us as well, and if You have been feeling these inner changes inside of You lately, You are definitely receiving messages from the Divine. But remember this, the mind will often want to have its own interpretation of what is going on, and so the awareness will need to be strengthened, in order to get to the real Truth with a capital "T", as it's the only thing that truly sets us free. 

The mind constantly asks what this guidance refers to, while the awareness just knows, as it deeply feels, and it needs not asking or confirming. The thing is, these Divine messages are more about the "how", not so much the "what". We might still be engaging in similar things, but the way we will do them will be completely different, more conscious and aware, so that more Light will be able to flow through us and what we do! Maybe we will add an ingredient or two, or possibly even change everything, but the focus will still be on the awareness, not the physical matter itself.

It is so interesting to observe that the whole planetary line-up was all about the feeling energy lately. We were asked to truly move deep into our Heart center and go through life by the feeling side of it. Now with Mercury soon going back direct, the air energy will be moving forward yet again, so what we have learned/integrated through our inner feeling, will now be getting its complement in the energy of air/ideas/actions. We will be asked to align our feeling side of life with conscious action. Nothing ever stays with mere intent!

That is why it's time to let go of what no longer serves us first ... and once and for all. How do we find out what that is? It's so simple! The old feels like it no longer brings us excitement, it comes with feelings of being tired of the same ol', same ol', getting sick of the routine, and longing for something more, like searching for/feeling into a deeper meaning of life. It can often come with a sense of our energy being "drained." It feels this way because our Soul is already somewhere else, while the body still persists with something old and stagnant. When the Soul and the body are fully One, they are always in perfect sync!

Energy drains can often come through the messages of different people. One example are friends and acquaintances who we feel that we have a loyalty to, although they are no longer on our level of vibration/awareness, or people who we feel that we need to take care of at our own expense and compromise. I have been writing about the latter yesterday. We have come to a level where we simply outgrew them, or better yet ... we outgrew the patterns that we have been playing with them over and over again. It is time to move into a new relationship paradigm. 

Do not worry, because new people, places and situations/opportunities will always come, but no sooner than then ... when we truly are ready to let go of what already served its purpose on our Soul journey. Oftentimes the only reason why we don't allow ourselves to walk away, is because we think we will be lonely because of it. At those times, it's crucial to remember that being alone and lonely is not the same thing. And also, our Soul continues to grow and expand, so it will always need new Divine triggers and co-creators to share that with. So why wouldn't You allow yourself to receive that fresh new energy and completely new circumstances? Remember, we are building our New lives in stages and steps, so it's all happening in layers. A layer of the old out ... a brand New spark of Life in!

This often comes through beliefs as well, and this includes all beliefs ... not just negative ones that we have about ourselves and others. Often they can come masked as something good and dreamy as well, but they might still be beliefs. One example is the current collective "Twin flame" obsession, as opposed to true Beloved/Twin Soul consciousness. I have been addressing this in my latest video. If things feel like they are not going anywhere, and everything seems like it's not moving anywhere (the perception of being stuck), there is definitely a belief there somewhere in the background. Or maybe even more than just one! Oftentimes, they can come as a whole bunch ... as they have been sticking together for quite a while, creating groups of beliefs. There is good news in this! Groups of beliefs are codependent, so they depend upon one another. So when we break through one belief, usually another one can't survive any longer as well, and it begins to dissolve with the rest of them.

Energy drains can also come through the negative thinking and lower emotional states, such as comparing ourselves with others and where we are on our personal Soul journey as opposed to where others are, feelings of envy or jealousy, keeping things to ourselves and for ourselves (instead of sharing our resources and knowledge), grudges or focusing on what should be and what could be instead of what is. A lot of these can often be quite hidden from our conscious awareness as well, and that is why looking at our shadow parts needs to become a daily habit ... in order to bring all of our Essences into the Light of Truth ... which is pure awareness.

We can begin by asking ourselves, what are our true and honest/highest intentions behind all of this ... those that truly come from the Heart of our Soul and the Light of our Being. When we will move our focus to that perspective, we will be more easily able to see what within our thoughts/behaviors/actions reflects that, so that it's in perfect alignment with our Soul's integrity and sovereignty, and what is simply not. These will either reflect them perfectly or not so much. When we are able to see that honestly and clearly, the time will come to shift the energy and make a change, no matter how "challenging" it might feel at first.

The greatest strength/inner power comes from allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and fully open. This is not the same as being naive and lacking proper discernment. This is about allowing ourselves to become the full expression of the feeling side of Life, and expressing whatever we feel, while discernment will come as a result of it. When we open up fully by engaging in the fullness of feeling and activate all of our senses, only then can true discernment come from the fulness of experience. A complete openness to feel and wise discernment are completely interconnected, as there is no one without the other. Why? Because only when we feel fully, without any denial or suppression, can we be discerning through all of our senses. And it's the discernment/wisdom that later leads us to great inner power. So this is another example of how "Love, Wisdom and Power" cannot co-exist without one another, as they are all intrinsically connected and serve as our Grand Wholeness ... our natural state of Divine Love ... the Grace of the Divine Self in its utter Perfection and Brilliance!

It is time to level-up to a higher vibration and set our aims higher. We owe it to ourselves and everyone else, as we are all One. Only through our own example ... others can follow, and the world can become a better place to live in and co-create within. We are worthy of this and it is indeed all up to us ... that is how powerful we are. We begin anew every single day!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn