Thursday, November 14, 2013

My flow of creative balance

Dear Beloveds!

After the 11-11 Gateway of Light/Oneness, there was an immense opening. This week we had a special 11.12.13 numerology day, and it's so true ... it was such a magical day following the 11-11 Gateway ... with the flow of 123, which usually brings in the Angelic energy and the energy of Divine synchronicity ... being in the flow of life. I have just been reading about the term "Life can be as easy as 123" when I noticed this and it resonated deeply in my Heart. Divine synchronicity! But what else is in the "air" at this time? After this opening, I AM so guided to exercise and create new paintings, as my Soul just longs to express itself creatively through new inspired ideas and action. I have noticed that I used to be in a lot more masculine drive, as I was used to always being in the role of the one who is always be there for others, taking care of them and "helping out," so my personality kind of adapted to that role. This was not just in my family, it was also with the people I met ... and eventually even within Ascension Pioneers when I began with it.

Now that I anchored more of my true Goddess nature and Soul Essence, I no longer associate with that role. I AM bringing through much more of the Divine feminine of my Being, which comes into Being through sensual dancing, painting and creating anything that anchors Divine beauty in creative flow, such as crystal or stone grids. This then balances with my inner Divine masculine, which comes in the form of hiking, mountaineering, running, writing and guiding others. These are both needed for my highest path, and cannot exist without one another.

It is so natural to be in this perfect energy balance (polarity) of both ... as this is our true state of inner Wholeness. When we live this way, we have no external desires or goals, because we only flow with life and co-create along the way. I AM so loving my inner transformation and I love to share it with all of You, so there can be more Wholeness in this beautiful world. This is when we become true Masters of polarity.

I AM also feeling this "Neptune moving direct again" movement forward. Can You? The energy feels a lot more grounding Now. In the past couple of months, when this planet of spiritual Love and moving beyond illusions of separation was retrograde, we turned inwardly to gain deeper inner dreams and visions of what "could be." These are not mere figments of our imagination ... they are as real as we can feel them to be. On each level of awareness, we create on a more refined note, so these cycles are necessary for our higher and more expanded understanding. With this forward movement, we are now asked to bring those visions and dreams into the physical existence by creating something new and different. Our guidance is more profound again, and our sense of clarity is deepened. I have written more about this in my new article! You can get an insight into a deeper Truth of how we truly create here on Earth ... as Masters of energy.

So for me, these are busy but inspired days. I have created a beautiful green/golden scarab/beetle stone, as an ancient symbol of the Divine ... bringing it into form! How did this begin? I found another amazing oval shaped stone by my Mountain river stream, and I brought it home with me. This Gift that I created myself is anchoring ancient wisdom. I was meeting different beetles on my Nature travels all Summer long, and this particular shinny one was a very special one. The picture of it was taken on the top of a very tall Mountain.
So meet my green-golden stone beetle/scarab. It took me a while to get it perfectly in my mind's eye. Creating stone art is one of my favorite things to do, including stone and crystal mandalas. Whenever I find a perfect piece of stone, it just calls out to me and Spirit immediately shows me what I will create of it ... and what Soul Essence will be activated through it.

This particular beetle is meant to anchor higher wisdom and golden abundance of the higher dimensions/realms. As You know, the sacred beetle was a very cherished and popular totem with the Egyptians. They used to portray it with golden wings. It is a very special insect, and it carries a lot of messages and higher frequencies. As soon as I saw this perfect oval stone, I just instantly knew that it was to become a beetle.

This is a close-up of my latest stone creation ... a green-golden beetle/scarab. As You can see, it has a sacred golden spiral of Spirit in the middle, and it starts off from a pyrite fossil which I used in the middle. The energy Essence of pyrite is meant to anchor abundance, as it's also called "fool's gold." This Soul Essence stone is perfect for cultivating abundance through higher wisdom, and that is the vibration that my beautiful creation is calling in.

How many of You like my stone art and think I should make more of it? I feel like I can make something more out of it. I got a very inspiring idea about what I could do with these stones and it brought me great joy! Being Soul inspired and creative from within is such a Divine blessing! I would love to receive your feedback! 

The energy is really forward moving in so many ways, if we only wish to ride the golden wave. The 11-11 Gateway opening can be deeply felt Now. Can You feel it? I AM jumping for Joy, having sporty days full of exercise, dancing, running and painting. Whenever I AM like this, I AM also up to creating some raw vegan deserts, and experimenting with my own ideas along the way. Raw cherry cheesecake cupcake, anyone? I can honestly swear that it tastes even better than it looks. It's my very own personal creation! May You taste Life with the greatest sweetness today and always!

And oh my gosh, I guess the Full Moon that happens on the 17th can already be felt. It's effect is usually felt for +/- 4 days. Last night I went to bed pretty late, as I was creating so much, and I was exhausted from all the intense workout and creativity ... but I just couldn't sleep. You know that feeling, when You have completely exhausted yourself, but You can't hold your eyes closed? Then I instantly remembered the most recent online tarot card that I got, which spoke about sleepless nights. And I was like: "Bingo, this is it!"

Hyper drive on!!! I guess AM seriously experiencing the "hyper drive" energy again, which usually happens after every major opening. It's like I AM on fire. When I went to record my latest "short" video with an Ascension update ... it went all the way up to 44 Angelic minutes. I don't even know where time flies lately, and how many things I already created ... and how many I still intend to. These days are truly a blessing from the Divine, so let's continue to keep this energy flowing! It is the energy of the true Self ... Soul embodied. 

With this hyper drive, there always comes a message of balance. Today I AM receiving messages about finding new ventures (which I did with my stone art) and luxuriating ... taking care of ourselves and possibly taking a break from everything. This is definitely something I need today, as I feel hammered ... so I will be taking it easy and relaxing. I will be taking a walk by my Mountain river stream to gather beautiful stones for my new Soul Essence stones collection. I AM tired, but still very inspired! 

I AM quite a hyper Being. My Spirit is always ahead of my physical body. When I AM done with all my desired creations, I can't wait to share them with all of You, because it warms my Heart just thinking about it. I also put my painting work out there as a personal service ... finally. So if so guided, go take a look ... it's shared within this Blog of mine under the tag "Soul Art." A few people have been asking me if I could also be offering this is a service, because they loved my paintings and the Soul encodings they bring. So I decided to give it a go. New beginnings are here for those of us who dare to move on and reach even higher! 

I also created a new crystal grid. This is my new and very simple crystal grid on my nightstand, which I created just before going to bed tonight. It was created to anchor pure Twin Soul Love from deep within. It has pink and white/translucent crystals surrounding the Twin Soul anchor. The Core is created by an ametrine crystal and two pieces of apophillyte crystal, surrounded by the unconditional circle/Love grid ... created with 11 pink tourmaline pieces. The numerology is also an important aspect here. In the middle we have three crystals representing the Principle of Two within One. Then there are 12 crystals surrounding it (Two Merkabahs, 6-pointed Stars; feminine and masculine Principle), representing our 12-dimensional Self. The outer region is composed of 11 crystals, which is a master number and it represents our mastery of unconditional Love in the physical. Remember that the middle always represents Spirit/Creation Truth and the external region represents the outer layers/density/physical existence. So this mandala represents the embodiment of our Twin Soul Essence in the physical through mastering unconditional Self Love and the Love of All That Is ... so turning the Love of who we are into Universal Love of All That Is.

Additionally, I created a totally New Ascension Pioneers intro for my YouTube videos this week. I wasn't even thinking about doing it ... the inspiration came in an instant. I AM riding an immense inspiration wave this week, so I just went with the flow of that. The intro is aligned with my new energy of Golden-white (which is what the name Aurea means anyway) ... and I would love to hear your feedback! Thank You all for being here with me as we ride the golden waves together!
Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Enjoy your own beautiful Soul expressions of Wholeness!
I AM sending creative inspirations to everyone out there!
Create things of great Beauty and the whole world will be a better place because of it!

Here is my latest video update on all the changes we are going through while stepping through the Gateway of Oneness: