Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My happy life

Dear Beloveds!

We are almost before the end of the year. Gosh, 2013 sure was a biggie! What a powerful year! Just before we enter it, we had the last New Moon of the year in Sagittarius, and it was one of the best times to capture the Essence of everything that we wish to create on our journey further on, moving into the new energetic year and beyond. On this beautiful day and energy of the New Moon, I woke up from such an amazing dream. It felt so good, and it was so hard for me to wake up to this reality. I feel it's a powerful message when we dream such dreams on the day of the New Moon. 

The Moon was in Sagittarius, who is a teacher, explorer and adventurer ... so it's time to seek out something new and magical. Along that I also got the "Magician" card, which was a lovely confirmation of this. It surely is a powerful time. It is time to make our dreams a reality with great care and devotion to our creative Spark of Life! We are finally getting the bigger picture, of us being the conscious co-creators with the Divine. May the Now show us more powerful signs of the New and continue to guide us in our infinite expansion!

We are under the influence of the Sagittarius now, and this energy guides me to seek out new adventures. Last week I went on a few spontaneous hikes on our local hills, which led me to some amazing paths. 

I was completely mesmerized with all the beauty of Nature here, as I went for my daily hike. I was discovering new trails. I came to this point, where the path ended, and I began to climb some walls, which was pretty crazy in the winter and snow. I could not help it, because I was crazy excited and feeling as happy as a little child. After that, I ended up running all the way down. I was trying to chase after my mom, who went her own way ... and I decided not to stop running until I catch up with her. Yes, I can be stubborn like this at times, but it also shows my constant persistence. After this dose of intense exercise, I felt completely exhausted, but in complete bliss at the same time. Do You know the feeling? It is something that I can only feel after an intense Mountain climb, but that day a portion of downhill running managed to squeeze all the Life out of me as well!

For example, I was enjoying myself, while once again observing amazing ice sculptures. The view was amazing as well, and I was thrilled to the bone! Every cell of my Being was vibrating, and my inner child was so happy. I wasn't sure where I was going, I just followed the path in the Now. Excitement of the New is in the air! 

What about this beauty! What can You see on this image? Know that whatever message You receive from them, comes from your Soul, and it's perfect for You at this time.

What is Life of infinite expansion?

The Beauty of the lands not yet discovered,
The Awe of the paths not yet walked upon,
The Joy of the feelings not yet felt,
And the Magic of Love not yet expressed.

I live a happy and peaceful life. What is the Key to eternal youth, non aging and radiant bliss? I always live in simplicity. For me, Truth can only be found in simplicity. The moment we begin to complicate to much, or gather excess energy, we begin to stray away from the Truth. The more we live in our Core, the more aligned we are ... to our eternal and infinite Self! I truly love my life. Can You tell? I can only set an example, and that is my true purpose anyway.

Someone has recently told me that I AM a warrior, but I never really resonated with that vibrational Essence, as it's not who I AM. I AM a devotee of Spirit, an initiate of the White Ray of Unity consciousness and Purity. Purity is what guides me on my path, and it is my Beloved I AM that guides me through blissful devotion to service.

What You see in your reality reflects how pure You are. Sometimes a tiniest drop of Light can open the Gateway to the magical Fairy realm. Can You be as a child once again? Can You follow only the Light ... and leave all the rest behind, when You close those doors behind You? Enter, Beloved ... welcome to the Kingdom and the Magic! You are not just a visitor here, You are a most blessed Divine companion.  

Only the watchful eye of a neutral observer can notice Magic in everything. And that is only because there is Magic and Purity from within. Our external world will always reflect where we are in our Soul awareness and embodiment, so let this image tell a story of this. In my world, there is only the perfection of Nature and pure Love for all Life in Creation. Can You see with your Heart?

The moment I looked at this picture, I saw a man's head on the right, but then I also saw one on the left, but it seems as they both have only one body and they share one Heart. Usually we say "One Soul living in two bodies" when the ultimate Beloveds reunite, but this picture also speaks about sharing body resemblance, and being alike on all levels. It shows two people (two heads) with only one Heart. They are so One, that it almost feels like they are in one body. It is very hard to tell them apart. This water stream sure has a beautiful message to share! What can You see on this picture, and how does it make You feel? As always, this is your Soul guidance.

There is Life even in the Winter. There color in everything. There is always Life and everything is alive, constantly breathing in, pulsating and radiating Love. We are Love reflecting back upon itself. Source is in the details. Do You notice them, as You wander around? Does God/Goddess speak to You through everything? This is the only language we need to know!

This is the Magic of the Rainbow Light! Open your Heart to receive it ... feel its gentle transmission through your inner opening. 

And some Magenta Light as well, the gateway to the Higher Heart activation!
You know how they say: "All good things happen in threes?" Well, this was sort of my personal guidance the whole last week and the sentence kept ringing in my head. It began with a very distinct cloud in the sky, which literally spelled out the number 3. Then everything I saw had a message of threes, and it was getting stronger and more repetitive. Things are truly beginning to take place in threes in my life now. One example is when I saw a hair bent in the shape of the infinity symbol for the third time, and this is just one story. Oh, I need to add that it's important to master detached observance, without adding any mental meaning to what we receive straight from the Divine. We simply need to let it unwind naturally without seeking reason or proper explanation for it. Divine logic works in a completely different way! As You know, everything can always have many meanings ... like it is with number 3, for example; Divine creativity, the Fairy realms, the Holy trinity, Love-Wisdom-Power, etc. This is what 2013 was all about anyway.

Something else is related with this. On December 3rd, and on December 30th, we had/will have a powerful triad day. What is this? Triads are based on the number three. And 3-6-9 are multiples of number 3. This is a very sacred sequence. Today's energy adds up to 3-6-9 (day, year and month) and this is a powerful energy of creative Source expression. This is phenomenal, as I just shifted into another burst of creativity on the first activation of this triad ... after a few days of void. I got so many ideas and inspirations. It feels so good when this happens, and we were also laughing and joking the whole day. Such brightness can be felt, and it all comes from our internal nature!

Which reminds me ... Whose day do You regularly make besides your own? Living in the higher dimensional realms means to express Love in all its forms, and only by that ... everything transforms. I love how I make my mom's days, when we hang out together and laugh or just watch movies. Last week we made the librarian's day by visiting her and talking to her. I had a few errands and then we dropped by the local library to gift the librarian with my Violet Fire Soul Essence stone. She loved it ... but not only that ... she knew what it was and then she opened up and began to share many things and we ended up having a long conversation. She just needed someone to listen to her. Then I was also guided to make some gifts for my special friends in a form of an angelic "lucky charm" with their unique frequency. We also spontaneously invited our neighbor over for some tea, and we had a lovely talk. It feels so good when people are opening up and living on the sunshine side of life. I AM noticing how much relationships with others are shifting due to our internal changes! 

These are just a few examples, and I also have many with other Divine companions, like animals. As we went for a hike, I gave love to a dog ... and I continue to do it whenever I see him. He is such a sweet one, but he's always alone and barking, as they just leave him by the house strapped on a chain. He has the sweetest eyes. He always runs to me and enjoys so much as I stroke him. He is so loving, and all he wants is some gentle touch and a word or two. He always needs to jump on me and show me his affection, and he is quite a big dog ... so he made me all dirty, but it was totally worth it!!! In the end, when we make someone else's day ... we make our own! Happiness flourishes!

After all the bursts of inspiration, I was almost "forced" to stay in bed one day, and this intense energy wave continues now. It feels good to rest a bit, and this will give me some extra time to focus on my work. Yes, Venus in Capricorn is all about work, which I actually prefer calling devotion. What are we devoted to right now? I have many new things which I wish to bring to fruition, and they can only flourish step by step, but they also need regular devotion and care ... just like a garden that we regularly need to tend to. What are You devoted to right now? What means the most to You through your Soul? 

For me, this is now my Art creations. I have finally created all my Divination Soul Essence stones and published the oracle messages for all 44 stones, woohoo! In case You have missed the one You have been waiting for, just go ahead and browse through my Facebook page, as all messages are posted there. 

I AM really proud of myself, because it's been a lot of work ... the gathering, the making/creating, the photographing, the writing, and now ... I will create an online e-book with their Wisdom of the Stars Divination messages. The work of devotion never ends, it only expands. The e-book will have a bit longer descriptions, and it will be designed as a tool to aid You on your journey of Divine/Self remembrance. These stones are constantly reminding us to remember who we already are ... and then embody it ... live it every single day. 

And this is what I AM currently working on with so much Joy and enthusiasm! These are Soul Essence "lucky charms" and I spontaneously began creating them. It all came out of the blue, just like my Soul Essence stones. Gosh ... I wonder what is next!?! These are really gorgeous and I so enjoy making them. I AM placing extra Angelic energy and Magic in them as well.

These Soul Essence lucky charms here are already hanging in my sacred space. They could be a great compensation for a Christmas tree, right? I was working on them this week, and I was activating more of my inner gifts in the process of their making. I was practicing and polishing my skills, as I was making them for myself and a few of my friends and Divine companions. Yesterday I finally bought more supplies in the arts and crafts shop in another city, because we don't have any here. I AM still preparing and culminating, and when all is prepared, I will be able to make them for everyone who will be guided to them.
Once I get all of my vibrational art together, I will create a "vibrational shop" on my Blog, and You will all be able to order my goodies if You resonate with them. But for now, I AM still in the process of creative breakthroughs! This will be a simple vibrational shop on my Blog, where I will be offering my online oracle and my magical stones as a personal service. Many people asked me if they are for sale, so these will be custom made for your unique Soul signature. I will also be offering Soul Essence lucky charms and some Light activations. More is to come indeed, all in the following days. There are already new ventures on the horizon for me, so have to wrap this one up!

I already (and totally unexpectedly) received the most amazing feedback about my Soul Essence stones, which I sent as a gift to a few Divine companions. Isn't this something amazing? So much gratitude for that! I give without expecting anything in return, and so I receive the same way. I can't wait to offer my stones to everyone! I will be working on my vibrational shop that will be available on this Blog in the following days. I AM also doing something else ... and something just for me.

Here it is! I AM wearing my handmade/handcrafted jewelry. It's the first one (in this life) I ever made, and it began with a bracelet and earrings. It continued yesterday, when I also made the necklace, so now I have the whole Elven set ... with the Elven Star pendant as the main theme. The key element of this jewelry is hard wire. It's not very easy to work with such a hard wire, but at the same time it's very stable and it looks beautiful ... truly unique. 

I feel that I AM moving into a phase of Being, where everything I do and create needs to be completely authentic ... created by me and through me, as my Soul Essence is One with my body. We know ourselves the best, so we know exactly what we need, because we feel ourselves better than anyone else will ever feel us. Source love runs through us first. It also feels so good, to source all these gifts which I was previously unaware of. I AM very excited and enjoying the process, as I follow the journey without a fixed destination ... only Being and infinite becoming! 

Never forget that beneath everything that appears to be, there is only what truly Is. You are nothing but Grace of pure Divine Love, and the eternal sunshine always shines not only on You ... but within You. After each unveiling journey, You remember who You are even more, as You move deeper and deeper into your one true Home ... your Beloved I AM! This is the journey of Divine remembrance and the infinite becoming. When we remember, we also embody. That is why without proper embodiment, there is no true remembrance ... as both are One!

All I have inside of me is meant to be shared, and this is my purpose within Divine simplicity. I give my Heart in all I do through devotion ... as my Heart is in All. I live in everything!

I AM Me ... and I AM in All ... and so are You! Our Hearts are One! 

The Pillar holds the Light at the Gateway, until all who are ready and have chosen so ... will walk through!

Let our magical Mountain portal here fill You with the Love of the Truth ... One Love Divine!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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