Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New 7 Universal year

Dear Beloveds!

Happy New Year, my Beloved Family of Divine Love! I love how this 7 Universal year began. With a powerful big bang! I love number 7, it has always been my number! I was so happy on my first day of the year, visiting my favorite Mountain valley. All true happiness is real only in the Now. There is no "what once was", and looking back at what was with longing does not bring true Presence. When we wish for what was, we are being sentimental in a way that makes us miss something instead of embracing what is. This way, we might be missing all the opportunities that are right in front of us. We can only look back from the Now, in order to engage in deep introspection for what our Now carries, consciously observe what we created (and why) through awareness. So yes, our past is important, because it has brought us to where we are Now, and that is the only purpose of the past, nothing else. A higher understanding of this is all that we need to truly be anchored in the Now. The same goes with being over enthusiastic about the future, instead of being deeply rooted in the Now and co-creating our future from deep and grounded Presence ... the shortest way to Bliss and Joy of the Soul! May your creations always be in the Now!

An old saying goes, that whatever the first day of the year will be like, so it will be for the rest of the year. Well, I would like to expand on this statement, and say the following. Because everything is happening in the Now, and because the first day of the year always reminds us of a sense of brand new starts and fresh new opportunities ... we can really go deep and ask ourselves what we wish to experience today and always. The image on the photograph is what I wish to experience today and always ... to Be eternally embraced by and surrounded with the Mountains. As a High Mountain Elf Being (my individualized Source aspect), this is what brings my Heart the most Joy, and it's unique and personal for me within Oneness. For You, it can be anything else. We all have many things that bring us close to our Spirit, but there is always something beyond anything else, and for me this will always the Presence of the Mountains and the high Vortex energy that they emanate ... not to mention the Divine ancient beauty that they radiate.

This is how I began my first day of the year ... surrounded by majestic sunny Mountains. How did You start your very first day? 

There was so much amazement and excitement within me during the last days of 2013. I literally wished that there was an option to have a live broadcast for everyone for NY's, to express all that I felt through my Being, and to share it with all of You ... to share with each other. But there is nothing more that we can do anyway ... it is all transmitted as we exist and radiate! We truly are becoming Golden, embodying the pure Christed Heart of One Love Divine! I had my NY's eve off, celebrating all of us as One ascending Family ... and I celebrated our Ascension! 

And on the 1st of January, I have felt it, I have really felt it ... the completion of the integration of the Golden Ray of Christ. I woke up in two powerful Soul-gasms, if that is how I can call it. It was so intense, and it felt like utter bliss. This is the Universal creative energy, and when we are a completely transparent channel for its flow, it just flows. This is an absolutely amazing beginning of the New Year, and it only shows how amazing 2014 can be, if we only allow ourselves to Be all that we truly are! We can walk our inner Christ, but only in utmost embodiment/alignments. We also begin the first day of the year with a New Moon in Capricorn, which is perfect for all new beginnings and ventures. The planet is Golden, and we can be fully Golden as well. Step into the New, dissolve the illusion of time and separation and become it ... Now! 

Today feels like a peaceful day of integration after all of the energy that we have received from the Super New Moon in Capricorn, the first day of the new energetic year, and the completion of Golden Ray of Christ integration on Earth. The infusion of New Light was intense, so I AM choosing to be a Hermit today, and possibly a bit longer. There is no time or a set goal, so I will just flow ... like always. I will spend my day in meditation, deep pondering, and doing some automatic writing about the new year, which I will later share in my 2014 video update! It is time to go do deeper within!

This was my last message for fellow Ascension Pioneers in 2013! Open your Angelic Heart and step into your radiant Master Self!

And this was my message on the first day of the year:

Our Mountain portal here was in the Sun Light on 1st of January, while we still had some clouds down below, but they were peaking through from time to time. I placed my grand master crystal outside at midnight NY's eve, to consume the old, transmit all that no longer benefits the expansion of all Life, and radiate the New! I invoked the sacred Violet Fire, to cleanse the density of fire works and fire crackers. We can do so much with just a simple intent.

Remember, we are Christed Beings, and our inner Christ always works through us, at all times ... but our Human self needs to cooperate and work with it in perfect Unison. We need to remember how powerful we are as Beings of One Source! We are the energy generators, and we need to learn how to work with the "Force". The movie Star wars which I watched this NY's eve, has some really powerful messages about this. The Force is in all Life, in all of Creation.

I also want to share a short guidance which I received just before going to bed on NY's. My family in Higher Realms always speaks to me in rhymes, through simple and yet powerful poetry.

"Happy New Year, Beloved One!
This is when it gets really fun.
Spread your wings and fly far away,
There are many who have come to stay."

Everyone will understand this guidance differently, as it fits their current journey of Ascension. To me it speaks about the grand activation of Soul Joy and the coming together of Soul family through peaceful communion and community.

I AM guided to share one more awareness/expansion before I sign off from the online world for a short while. What do NY resolutions truly mean anyway? To come to a resolve actually means to come into profound clarity, so that only higher understanding and peace of mind and heart reside within us. So NY resolutions have nothing to do with making lists of silly intentions, which are often masked egoic desires. When we are coming from Soul awareness, we need no lists ... we simply know when our time has come to move into the next level of our experience, for the desire comes from the Heart and it is deeply felt. We don't impose time limited restrictions on ourselves. True resolutions are all about coming into awareness about things and why they are a certain way, and then the change naturally happens ... it is non forced, and it flows in a non linear time frame, etc. Enjoy your first few days of this year, and don't limit yourself in any way!

Happy New year 2014 from us both! We are just two simple and humble Beings of Divine Love, and we love our Family of Ascension Pioneers, which is connected all around the world as One! May You bring your unique sparkle to this realm of Existence through Grace and Glory of your I AM! I deeply care for all of You! I can't always be there for everyone personally, and that is why I rather share collectively, with as many as I can! Enjoy your celebrations! You have earned it!

This New year of 2014 is a 7 Universal year, which is a beautiful continuation after a 6 Universal year that was 2013. In the 6 Universal year energy most of our focus was on embracing our true and unique Soul path, unconditional Self Love, relationship harmony and pleasures that bring our Soul delight. In 2013, we were remembering and anchoring many of our Soul gifts, and now it will be a time of sharing them more widely and creating even bigger ripples of awareness with our Love-Light. So many of us are stepping into the Christ Light of our Being, and we are going to continue to expand. The best thing about this journey is ... that it never ends, and there are no set goals. So don't set the bar for yourself too low .. or anywhere for that matter. Just leave it as open as You can!

But what does 7 energy vibrate like, Universally speaking? As its meaning will also be very personal and intimate for everyone just like our personal numerology/astrology, please know that there are also some collective guidelines and threads of energy with most dominant "timelines"/focus. For me, the 7 always represents Magic and alchemy of the Soul. It is no coincidence that the 7th Ray of Creation is the Violet Ray of Alchemy, transformation and transmutation. 7 is the Magic of Spirit, the powerful guidance of our Soul through synchronicity. The Elven/Pleiadian Star (the seven sisters archetype) is a 7-pointed One, and it represents our 7 magical sides, as opposed to only 5 sides (5-pointed Star). The second one is the previous Human template, while the first one is the New magical Human template, and we are all moving there as consciously ascending Humans Beings.

What else does the number 7 stand for? Personally I feel it has a lot to do with the ability to manifest/create anything, but not simply through the basic Law of attraction which so many were focusing on until now ... for there are many Laws in this Universe and beyond. 7 is the number of the 7 Divine Principles, through the harmony of which many Ancients were creating their structures and surroundings. There are many facts to this. It is the number where we add the realm of magic and infinite possibility to the previous state of understanding, and we move to the next level of our Soul expansion. Our Soul awareness expands, and we transcend the current experience ... we shift in density. So from here on, we can co-create through the understanding of other Divine Principles as well, as we daily apply them in our current/Now reality. This is a number of deep merging of Spirit and matter, for it's also the 7th chakra, which is our crown ... the space where our lower chakric system meets our higher chakric system of 12 (13 as Source).

I feel it also has a lot to do with generating completely new circumstances, surroundings and situations for ourselves and others. In the year of 2013, the Universal 6-pointed Merkabah was activated within astrology and within us, and we have been integrating it trough our Soul-body matrix. Now the time has come to step into a new level of expansion, and in 2014 and beyond, we will be anchoring another structure ... a Divine cosmometry of our Being. There can be many magical moments, shared joys and sharing within Divine companionship and communities, but we are the ones who will need to walk boldly into the New that awaits us on the next level of our Soul expansion/integration. Remember, no step is ever too small, and each one equally counts. I feel that our intimacy will deepen, our experiences will feel even more profound, and we will be giving more value to both earthly pleasures and our Core Spirit Self, as they will be equal and merged as One ... for they truly always have been anyway.

I AM inviting You to tune into your personal Spirit guidance as well, to commune with your Higher Self and feel into what the number 7 feels like for You, and the magic of the potential that it carries within its unique vibration and design of perfection! 

Because this New year began with a Super New Moon in Capricorn, which deals with the very structures of our own life, we are being shown something grand here. It's almost as we are given a brand new start ... for a brand new opportunity. We will have another Super Moon at the end of January, and this is when we will make a short inventory of just how well under way we are with our Divine assignments. This year we have an opportunity to create anything that we (not our ego, but our true sovereign Self) want, and this concerns all the areas of our Being; our relationships, our Core values, health, abundance in all areas of our life, our work of devotion and service to the Divine, etc. So let's not think small anymore ... let's turn all these into One and think and feel big!!! Capricorn is a Mountain goat who continuously keeps on climbing, and the Mountain always represents our Higher Self and higher awareness. I know the feeling, since I AM a Mountain goat myself, literally and in archetype. I love to climb the highest Mountains, and I know how the view from the top feels like. Our mission is to bring the awareness of the most High down into this physical existence. We are not just to wish for a good/great/happy/better/grand, etc. 2014 ... we are to create it! We are the ones who have a Divine task to make it so! We are the children of the Most High!
Magical blessings!
Continue to remember the present of Presence!
Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. I AM signing off for a while ... for creative pursuits are calling me. When I AM done with them, I will share more! I will create a 2014 energy video, but until then, You can still watch the one I made about Enlightened relationships within the New, as this is an ongoing topic in 2014 and beyond: