Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My feeding in the Light

Dear Beloveds!

With the latest shift in energy, I AM observing some deep changes in my body, which deal with food and our diet. I AM a "vegan" for a couple of years, and I would not imagine it any other way. I was never into dense foods, but now I don't want any dense food, and I crave so much more freshness and life. Denser foods make me feel clogged up and dried up. The body just naturally knows what a new level of vibration needs. With each energy shift, our bodies are being rewired and our cells need to integrate a new level of Cosmic Light. As we get more Light in the body, our feeding desires shift as well ... because our diet directly mirrors our physical embodiment of that Light. This deals with both food quality and quantity. We desire less foods, and these of higher quality and organic ... instead of more and poor in quality and nutritional value. But mostly, this shifts is awareness, as eating in the Light means eating in awareness ... within Truth (capital "T")!

This is a "food is Life ... not death" post and expansion of awareness. I feel this picture's message is pretty obvious. It is a picture of some chia seeds forming a heart, that came to be as I was making chocolate chia pudding. What a lovely message from Spirit!
I want to stress a very important fact about our Light diet. Many individuals get some symptoms after shifting to a lighter diet, and they might confuse these for Ascension symptoms. These are actually body cleansing symptoms. So if You think that it's the food that's causing this and making You feel bad or even worse than before, think again. The Light and organic foods are actually body cleansing and toxins eliminating, and trigger a process of cellular cleansing and elimination, along with toxins, mucus and all sorts of unwanted things that are not good to keep in our new ascending bodies. When we feel that Light foods make us feel no better than denser foods, let us think again and be willing to seek Truth, which is not to be confused with BS (belief systems).

If this is so, then we need to go deeper within and feel the difference in how the body feels about feeling bad after taking in denser or processed foods, and how it feels about feeling bad after taking in Light foods. There is a huge difference, and the main denominator is feeling bad due to the food itself versus feeling bad due to the cleansing symptoms. A lot of individuals are not aware enough to feel the difference, so they blame their new diets. Unless the shift in Lighter diet truly comes from the Soul, and is accompanied with the awareness of Spirit, we might always tend to be a bit confused. Our cells continue to be cleansed, especially after this massive NY influx of Light and the integration of the Golden Ray of Christ on our planet ... and we need to approach this with awareness, not ignorance. It is time to be responsible as well as compassionate in our diet.

Also, the excuses that we often feed ourselves about our cravings and false reasons such as lack of protein, etc., need to be deeply examined as well. We can always dissolve cravings by reaching for healthier alternatives, like raw food deserts (which are even better than conventional deserts), drinking water or tea instead of eating, or replacing anything sugary with a lot of fruits. There is plenty of protein in a balanced and aware vegan diet, including all things like spinach (the most protein), other greens (like cucumbers for example), mushrooms, hemp and hemp powder, all sorts of nuts and seeds (e.g. chia seeds), etc. There is so much that we can choose from ... we just need to come from a space of awareness and the openness to expand! Let us be willing to think outside the box ... it is time Now!

On the picture You can see my deep green smoothie of the day with spinach, parsley, lemon and banana ... along with some nuts and raisins. I had this after my run, and there is plenty of protein to feed my muscles/body and in this meal!

And on this picture You can see one of my favorite deserts called "Mango delight." It is very simple to make. All You need is a ripe mango, mashed or sliced, with a topping/cream made of cashew nuts and coconut, shredded/grind. There is some coconut sugar on top, with some sweet organic apples at the side. You can use some vanilla as well, or cinnamon. It tastes truly amazing!

The inner always mirrors the outer, but it isn't always the same with vice versa. Many individuals who have not made the shift in diet through their Soul/Heart awareness, won't fully be mirrored (their current awareness) in their diet, as it merely comes from their intellect and the shift is only a mental one. That is why there is so much advertisement and propaganda with raw vegan diet, and why so many make profit off of it as well. But not everyone feeding themselves this way will fully Be in the Light with full awareness of why it is so important for our Ascension ... and most importantly, knowing why eating in the Light is not only about us (ourselves), but our entire environment as well. It takes a holistic and deeply intrinsic approach, with a sense of compassion/higher understanding. If we are truly One with everything, then it's time that we act this way already.

If we only feed ourselves in the Light with the awareness of what is good for us and that it's all just for us, and this is where it all ends ... we are not yet fully Christed yet. On the other hand, if we make a transition through a fully compassionate Heart of Oneness and a higher understanding of Creation Principles and how a Divine Human was created in that first image and likeness of One Source ... we will come from a fully Christed awareness ... and reside in true Oneness. So yes, our ascending diet should consider all other life forms as well, with a proper understanding of the rightful place of plants and animals, and how they were created for different purposes. Feeding on any kind of dead corpses (animal is no different to human, actually) without proper awareness why we do it, is not a sign of a fully awakened and aware Human Being ... Homo luminous! It is a sign of a manipulated Human Being, full of negative imprints and even implants.

In a fully Divine image, we were never created to kill, nor to feed off of another Being's energy, as this goes against the basic Universal laws, and so many Souls who don't live in full Divine remembrance have forgotten about this Primal Core Cause. We were meant to live in harmony with all life in Creation, with all others Beings and forms of manifested life in Creation. To live in such a Divine harmony means to know each Being's Primal Cause in Creation, and not to ignore by feeding ourselves all kinds of excuses without taking complete responsibility for our lack of knowledge and willingness to expand. So until this still takes place on inside us and in general, we are not a fully ascended Human Being/Race, no matter how much we wish to be. To be fully Christed is not wishful thinking or a new age thing!

We are only truly ascended when we live beyond all veils of illusion, in a natural state of harmony and peace with all Life in Creation, applying Universal laws in all that we do and in all that we engage in ... including all of our co-creations. We will never fully remember who we truly are as Source Beings until we are first willing to drop all these false veils and step into our true sovereign Self. We cannot be fully free, if other forms of life are not fully free as well, for we are One with all life forms and always we shall be. When we take someone's life, no one is freely giving it to us, whether we like to believe this or not. This is acting against free will of all living Beings, and justifying it with a reason ... while controlling someone else's free will and holding it in our own hands. Let us not forget that when we feed off another Being's energy, someone will eventually come and feed off of us. So let us choose purity and integrity of the Self instead ... and step firmly into our Ascension!

So when You make a shift in your personal diet ... know exactly why You are making it, and what awareness is truly behind it! Do You just want to be modern and fit in to the next best trend, or do You actually wish to live in compassion and harmony with all Life in Creation? You only honor all Life, when You truly know its original value and purpose. Imagine thar there would be no more animals left, for we would have eaten them all. How sad would that version of the ascended reality be? And whoever truly ascends with that kind of mentality anyway? No one! So we are faced with a decision to remember and live in a true ascended reality ... or continue to keep dying in the old. Why do You think Humans are prone to diseases anyway? It is exactly because of this fall in awareness that took place once we have forgotten who we truly are. It is time to remember again and do the right thing ... the humane thing ... and balance the scales of life in Creation!

Personally, I live a life of Elven awareness. To call myself "Elven" simply means that I live by the awareness and principles of the Elves, which has to do with living as One with all Life in Creation, honoring its sacred Principles and valuing Nature as the Source of the Divine Mother. It is to live in a pro life awareness, instead of against life mentality. That is what it means to be the initiate of the Elven Way. It is a path of sacred devotion to Life ... to our true Self ... to all of Existence! It is a path of utter respect of all Life forms and ways of Being. And this is what restores the balance of true Oneness!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Let food Be Love ... make Love, not war with it!