Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My fresh New start

Dear Beloveds!

This year's NY is deeply felt in a way like never before. After this year began and the integration of the Golden Ray of Christ, Spirit has presented me with a few basic situations, where I had the chance to either play along within the old ... or choose totally anew. These were some main trigger points for me in the "past", and I knew them by hard already, while I had the choice to react from the old, or respond within the New. Each time, I have passed my initiation, and felt so much bliss after, along with inner confidence, and a huge confirmation about my/our personal Ascension journey. It is amazing how much I/we have expanded, and I AM wondering if You are noticing the same inner/outer changes as well, while observing your personal Spirit initiations.

Here is one such example of mine! I was having my monthly day full of physical errands at the beginning of this week. I noticed a major inner change in my own life ... as always reflected from the outside world. Here is the deal! We went to the nearest biggest town to shop for groceries and stuff for the whole month. This is something none of us really likes doing. Whenever we had those busy days before this New year, we always felt them as so heavy and dense, and we always came home truly exhausted. We often said to ourselves how much we don't like to do this.

We always observed these patterns, and talked about the changes that we can make. Sometimes we even had some weird frictions between us, as we were driving towards the city, away from our beautiful Mountain portal, and even though we always returned back happy and peaceful, we wanted to transcend even that. These were all just reflections of our own inner resistance to what Is. This was actually the first day that we truly noticed a huge shift. I loved this day! I even loved to shop and how everything was in total flow. It was after coming back home, that we have noticed this big change within the bigger picture as well, especially in how we felt from within, and how our day went ... all a beautiful reflection. It was a total change!!! We realized that the whole day was spent in joy and some spontaneous fun ... so the recent changes in our integrated Christ wholeness are truly showing in our outer world and experiences as well. I love it!!!

Yesterday, on the 7th of January ... the first 7th day of the 7 Universal year, we have stepped through yet another portal into our Ascension. There are so many, and they are getting more and more frequent. It has been an intense ride after this NY's celebration, and it keeps getting more physical, so take your time to assimilate all that is given to You and integrate all that we are receiving at this time, from all multi-dimensional parts of us! You don't have to analyze your way through all of this, or make sense of anything ... just listen to what your Spirit Presence is revealing to You in this process of Divine unveiling/unfolding! I also had Extraterrestrial dreams during my nap today, and they were so lucid and deeply felt, which is another confirmation about this!
This is also mirrored in Nature.The weather shifts are quite extreme these days, especially after the NY. Many countries and regions are experiencing unusual weather patterns for this time of the year. Here in our Mountain portal, we don't have a typical winter yet. In spite of the presence of snowy Mountains, it feels more like the middle of March here, not January at all. Some flowers are already blooming, while the birds are chirping like it's Spring. Of course, this can shift any second, so we need to learn how to live in complete Nature attunement. Whatever it is, we must embrace and live as One with the Nature's principles and changes.

The first 7th day was truly amazing for me. I had one of the most awakened days, when the door to the Self was completely open. I mean, the door to the Self is always open, but some days are extra magical. These are the days when I AM just bursting with energy, and I feel like I could fly to the tallest Mountain peak. The thing is this: We are never to stop talking to ourselves like a little happy child, and enjoy being goofy and playful. When You lose a connection to that part of You, grief and depression can take over, or You can view the whole world as too serious, and even dark and gloomy at times. It is this energy that we are all birthed through ... our magical inner child. We are all sacred children of One Source, but too often we don't act like it and neglect our magical Divinity. When You honor this part of You and hold it in equality with all other aspects of You, it all feels so magical, and the whole world is your oyster ... which is truly so anyway! Never stop talking to yourself ... it is not weird at all ... it is absolutely normal!

It's not just the fact that it's the 7th day of the 7 Universal year, and magical things happened to me (as they usually do on powerful days), but we also had some very powerful Earth directed Solar flares with CME's. It truly felt like a tiny portal of energy, and it actually was ... I got a physical confirmation of this by a few random signs and confirmations about a Vortex. And how do I usually feel the Solar activity? It begins with a burst of intense energy before anything actually erupts. 

For me, this was one night before, as a rush of very productive and cleansing energy washed over me, and I was unable to go to bed until 3 AM, with intense energy activation. I spent my night physically cleansing and organizing things, and during the day this continued. Then the energy wave continued, with a burst of very uplifting energy, which usually makes me feel totally elevated, blissful and hyper. This time was no exception. My day outside in Nature was amazing, I felt the Absolute inner Presence. I was into so many things, until this energy hit my physical body later, and by then the integration usually takes place. This is when I can feel really tired, and this was strengthened due to my intense workout, running and hiking. Physical exercise is very good in this process, but we need to also balance it out with a lot of rest and sleep. I didn't get enough sleep in a few days now, so I AM in need to take it easier Now. Take very good care of yourself as well, and know that this year is absolutely amazing in energy! Feel it with your whole Being!

This year literally began with a big energy bang. This is actually the first whole week of a new energetic year, and Spirit was guiding me to cleanse many of the things in my sacred space in the last few days, as I also got some new ones, to support my new creative endeavors ... and I needed to make room for them. The old is leaving us, and we are making room for the new, along with simplifying our life in the Now. We are keeping only that which fully supports our Ascension Journey in the New awareness. How I personally feel the first month of the year, is a time for preparation and some more Silence, so that our new pursuits can be born of pure Spirit knowing, and that each path of our renewed way is Divinely directed.

On that note, I simply love automatic writing, and yesterday I found this perfect notebook for my writings, as the old one was already perfectly used at the coming of a year's end. I saw a violet notebook with a horse, which is totally perfect ... for we are in the Chinese year of the Horse. Yes, it will be a fast moving year, so it's always good to be prepared. We are marching forward in all ways and directions! Keeping a journal of our feelings, Spirit guidance and Ascension progress observation is very important on this path. At least for me it is! I have many diaries and journals, and I love them all so much! Enjoy your creative pursuits! 

I cannot explain about the importance of the number 7 for me and my personal Soul journey with words. And exactly on the 7th day of this 7-year, I got a Soul gift from a friend in Elven Spirit, who caused me to be absolutely speechless. The gift was traveling here for quite some time, while making a stop at the customs as well ... I guess they needed that portion of Love there! When I finally got his completely Soul encoded gift, I was simply lost for words. I could not believe that he went all out this way, and that he put so much effort into it. No one ever did that for me before in this way! I was opening a huge box, and each separate present one by one, and all I could do was stare of amazement. They made such perfect sense altogether.

There are so many Soul messages in that gift, so I can't even touch base on that. But to wrap it up, he got me his own drawing of an Elven man (the Beloved) with a 7-pointed Elven Star, in the hallways of Wisdom (within and without) in the Realms of Illuminated Truth (my Home), with spacy clouds which I always see above my Mountain portals, and endless Mountain ranges. This is the best drawing I ever saw, and I was in such gratitude, because he sent it together with the frame, which matches its energy completely. He made this drawing on 12-12, which was a powerful shift in energy, and was guided to send it to me. I did not even know that he has this amazing gift of drawing. Alongside the main gift, he gave me 2 books, a CD and a special frame saying "Queen", with another one of his drawings. I will literally have to sit with that present for a while ... it's not one that I could swallow up quickly. I will have to take it in (in layers) and integrate it slowly ... so it's a yearly/wholesome present. I simply love it ... and there is no better gift than a gift of Soul friendship and companionship. You know that it's real when someone sees your Soul in all that You are, and only helps You along that path with love and encouragement. It's all in the tiny details, that only your Soul will recognize ... and that of the other person for sure. A special thanks to my loyal companion and friend Gabriel, and all others just like him!

This is one of my favorite items and most valuable possessions as of Now. I wanted to play our "1, 2, 3 ... what can You see" game with this precious item, because it holds so many personal messages for me, as well as collective ones ... and I AM sure that it can share many with You as well. So, what can You see on the image ... besides the obvious? Please know that this is your perfect Soul message in the Now. There are so many Soul messages in this drawing for me, because it's a sourced Art. The drawing is black-white, with a pink-black frame to match its energy. It was created on 12-12 (a powerful energy shift). I did not even know that he has this amazing gift of drawing. These are all messages for us Ascension Pioneers. And the last fact is surely a collective message for us all, that things and gifts that we are not even aware of yet, are going to come through for us this year ... and beyond! Be willing to expand beyond the current senses and witness the unexpected! Stay connected ... keep the Magic in flow!

The Magic is always in the little things. It is not about the actual physical "possession" of a thing or an object ... or a material addiction to something. This is about the fact that sometimes the little things remind us of our inner Beauty, the inner Home that is always there inside of us. I always love to co-create my personal sacred space by the image and likeness of my unique I AM spark and the creation of my authentic Soul. When I AM in the authentic sacred space that resonates with my Heart, I feel so much better, and it reminds me of my inner Spark of Being, the beauty of creating and creativity, and the bliss of my Elven Home. The picture shows my new butterfly magnets for curtains, and they truly make my space even more magical. My room is full of butterflies of all kinds!
So in that sense ... the little things do matter, and we are always drawn to what needs to get our attention in the Now moment. You will probably notice that when You raise your awareness and therefore shift in your vibration, You will shift in your physical senses as well, and will be drawn to higher resonating environments, with the desire to re-create your own inner piece of Heaven. This is what we are here for, and what our Soul embodiment triggers for each of us on the path of Ascension. Enjoy this process of becoming a beautiful butterfly, especially in this beautiful Golden year of 2014!

With all the New and all the many fresh new beginnings, also comes the desire to process it all, to breathe in before we breathe out again. Today I had a long hike on the hills, and all of a sudden a wave of integration hit me. I couldn't stop yawning, and the body was crying for sleep. I had to take a nap, and I did, but still in need of rest. So the CME's from yesterday surely have something to do with it, as well as always doing something. Sometimes we only realize that we are tired, when we take some time to unwind and rest our mental body. That is when it hits us! I wanted to do so many things today, but I simply cannot. This is a powerful message for us all. I read something like this as a message yesterday: "People who are filled with things they want to do, but are not rushing to get things done, are the most ful-filled in the world – many studies have shown." This resonates deeply ... so allowing things to unfold in Divine timing!

We are both the Creator and the Creation itself, the eternal Being and the infinite becoming. To truly feel the beauty of it all, we can tune into creating magical moments for ourselves, and transforming what seems the most mundane/trivial things into something extraordinary and luminous! We make what only appears to be into something absolutely Divine!

This week I bought these white angelic wings for my room! They remind me of my own Angelic Self! When I wake up, this is the first thing that I see now.

I AM sure You have your own beautiful examples of this. How do You generate Magic in the Now?

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn