Thursday, January 16, 2014

The fullness of Self acceptance

Dear Beloveds!

I AM observing something on this day of the Full Moon in Cancer. Cancer rules our feeling side of Life and emotional comfort, so I wish to address this now. I AM observing how often people not just contact me, but want to share with me all kinds of things, personal likes, links and their own stories. Here is what my Spirit wants to share through me about this. If we are not fully expressing ourselves and sharing in a creative way while being of Divine service, we will suppress a part of our full Divinity, and at a certain point this will want to come out. If we are not yet fully Self expressive (I mean truly transparent in our Soul), we will tend to form opinions and want to lead discussions about something or someone else, because we won't be fully present where we truly need to Be ... Home ... within our own Soul. For example, many people who constantly feel the need to discuss things, have not yet found a way to fully Be Soul expressive. When we are, we won't care about any kinds of opinions, for our chalice will be fully supporting the Divine creativity flowing through us. That is why You see some people who are constantly creating, and others who are still preventing themselves in some way or another ... from truly stepping in their Self empowerment. When You are fully Source driven, all You wish to do is share the Love and not opinions or arguments, and You only wish to serve/create through your Soul uniqueness.

I know that no one is like me, and what I see is what I see, as it's reflected through the observation of my inner Spirit awareness, but I will share anyway, in the most neutral kind of way possible. That is why this happens in my world so often, and it's because my Heart is fully open, and people feel loved and embraced ... so a lot of them just want to share everything with me personally. In this notion, they forget to observe, and they might not see that I have my own focus and path too, and that I can't focus on everything else but that sacred path of mine. I AM not saying sharing is not natural to us, but I AM saying that it's different from a constant need to share and discuss. If there is need, it is something else. How do we know whether it's a need or not? For example, I love sharing with others, but even if that completely disappeared from my life, I would not miss it. Because I don't focus my life around it ... only Source. I AM not attached to any person or what we might share and experience together. When we are attached, we don't always understand why our shared paths with others sometimes come to an end. We resist, or we even take it personally. As for me, I just know when it's time. The Soul shows me, because the energy that keeps the flow together simply isn't there anymore, and its support no longer comes through my inner Spirit. It is something that can't really be explained with words, it is just known and deeply understood on the Soul level!

Here is the main thing! The biggest part of my purpose is not what I do, but the energy that I embody. The most important part of me being here ... is me Being here. So my role as an Ascension guide is not to become people's personal motivator, best friend or teacher. I simply can't discuss everything with everybody, for many obvious reasons. I walk my own path too. And mostly, the paths of others are their own. I can share my wisdom and inspire them, but I can't constantly focus on them. I AM also not here to validate anyone or be their loving parent, simply because many have never felt so accepted and embraced before, especially in their families or close surroundings. Why? Because if we support that, it keeps being re-created. And I don't want to support people's addictions to others ... I want to encourage complete Self empowerment and personal freedom. I was never fully embraced by my surroundings as well, but I fully remembered who I AM and I know that only I can fully accept myself and share the journey that I live with myself. I myself AM enough. I share with Source, my own I AM Presence ... every day. It is an intimate experience. It is enough. I don't need to tell anyone of my amazing experiences in order to feel complete or validated. The only purpose of my sharing is Divine service ... it is sharing awareness.

Due to this, other things take place as well. I often  notice how many opinions are still within others, just dying to come out and be expressed. And when opinions are shared, everyone wants to have the last word, so no real awareness can come out of it anyway. And sometimes there are so many debates and commenting about who is right and whose opinion will be deeper and better. Guess what? There are so many perspectives, and so many opinions, and there always will be ... but we need to learn to become Silent in our own sacred space as well. When first we open up to our Divine Self without yet integrating it completely, we so often wish to share everything with everyone, and in this process, we are still producing a lot of chatter on the inside. We still want to bounce around or inner discussions, which were always meant to be between us and Source. And we still want to be understood and approved. This is old.

For example, I can't be there to listen to everyone, as my physical Being also has its own needs and concerns. But my Spirit is available to everyone. It is the Spirit part of me that is infinite. It is the Divine Love flowing through me that is infinite, not my physicality. So those who would only perceive me physically, did not yet fully step into the awareness of who they are themselves ... as that same infinite Divine Love. And mostly, Divine consciousness ... pure awareness ... is available to everyone. Source is available to everyone to tune into, for all is Source. So this is all that truly matters! And it needs to be lived, it needs to be a deep intimate experience. I live this way, and so my life is really simple ... but it's so peacefully beautiful. It is sad to see that others would sometimes put me on some kind of a pedestal, or compare themselves with me and my own path, or even care what I think about them. Truth be told, none of us should ever base our own life and experiences on what others think about us.

If that was true, then I wouldn't even be here Now ... but I AM still here, sharing the path of Ascension with everyone. I AM here to show through my direct example, and this is how I AM here for everyone who wants to join me in Spirit awareness. The physical journey needs to be fully understood only through that Spirit Core first. So when people feel such Love and openness, they naturally migrate towards it, for they feel Source emanating from the experiences shared, and they want to feel the same way. They want to be in it! But this can only be attained from within, and as always, I can only show the Way. I AM fully aware and Self confident that everyone is perfect in their own Divine way, wherever they are in their Soul expansion and Divine remembrance. This knowing makes me feel that I AM not here to support others in a way to always be there for them personally, without being there for myself first. My purpose is only about activating others in their highest potential of Spirit awareness and their true Divine Self, and then my work is complete. The rest is up to the individual and their own journey of becoming a Source Being embodied.

I only write this with such confidence, because I fully know my true Soul purpose. The question is ... do You? I know You do, and I AM only this real and raw because I trust and have faith in everyone's unique Divinity! Please know that no one or nothing in physical form needs to love and support You in order for You to feel loved and supported ... it is all already in You! Nothing is personal, for all is free. Embrace this Truth of your Being! Welcome Home!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aura Dawn

P.S. I love You! And all of Life in Creation (Nature) loves You ... Nature is my first playground!!!

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