Monday, December 30, 2013

My full surrender into the path of Self

Dear Beloveds!

Do You ever find yourself complaining about your path, your purpose, or question the fact that You are here on Earth at this time? Many individuals don't feel like they belong here, and some even wish to escape this reality because of a strong longing to go "Home", but please never forget that everything in Creation is complete Divine Perfection, and since everything is of Source ... everything is Divine, including You/Me/everyone being here. Instead of questioning yourself and your path, remember the oath that You made before coming here ... the oath to serve the Truth that You know on a very deep Soul level ... in your own unique way. And by serving it, You honor it ... and You honor yourself and all of Life in Creation.

You can read more about these deep topics in my latest articles. The one about embracing our authentic path and the perfection of everything can be found here! The one about opening to true Source intimacy can be found here! Recently I was initiated a step further on my own path of embracing the uniqueness of Self as well. I felt some triggers coming through, and through deep self reflection and expanding awareness, I went deeper into my Self ... embracing my path just as it is, without wishing that it was different. Honoring my oath and fully integrating the honor of my own Divine service.

During these days, I was mostly focusing on my Soul Essence vibrational Art, and I only wanted to merge with Source. As You know, we are the closest to Source when we create through our sovereign Soul. And I can't believe that I already created so many Elven head pieces in less than a month! I created my fifth one yesterday, and I continue getting more and more ideas what to make next. I don't have a drive or an ambition behind the process, simply the Joy of Soul merge when I AM creating my Art. 

I don't even know how this all came into Being mentally. It just did. All I know is that I saw these crystal crowns one day, and I wanted one. A Divine companion was meant to bring me one of them for this new year, and in the end that didn't come through. Even when I still thought that I would receive that crown, I was guided and determined to create my own, with my own Elven energy signature and design, with the flow of Soul Art straight through my Star Origin of Pleiades. But then all of a sudden, I no longer wanted that crown, so I created those circumstances for myself. I was not meant to receive it. I was always meant to begin creating my own.

It was just a push in the right Soul direction for me. Sometimes things like that happen as blessings on our unique Soul path and discovering our Soul gifts and abilities, and they are always created by us and for us! When I created my first tiara, and when I first put it on ... I had this strong feeling that I only want to wear my own from this day forward ... and so it was. I began to expand in my Soul Art, and now I see how many options and infinite designs of Divine Beauty there is. It is limitless like I AM. When I AM guided to create one, I just feel this strong urge, like a Heart desire ... and I see a slight vision of what I want to create. Then I fully surrender, so that my Divine Self works with me through my vision and my hands. It is absolute flow, and it's also teaching me to embody patience when it's in process of making. But it's like this rush ... because the moment I begin to make one, I just can't stop. It's the same with all of my Art, and it's because I completely merge with my Soul and it guides me all the way. I hope You have some amazing stories of your own personal creations as well!

This Elven tiara/circlet was the first one I made. I wanted to create my own, because all the other metal circlets which I bought, were either too heavy and my head began to hurt while wearing them for too long, or I was unable to place them on my head properly. So I felt guided to create my very own piece, with my unique energy signature and Love that comes straight from my Heart and Soul. My tiaras are the only ones that I can truly wear all day long without any consequences to how my head feels. They are absolutely light (literally and figuratively speaking) and a pure delight for my senses. They makes me feel great, and I can wear them constantly, even when going for a hike ... like I did today. They also fit perfectly and I can wear them in any circumstance.

So these lovely pieces of Soul Art came out of me by the guidance of Spirit, and I AM very proud of it. It is nothing glamorous, but I was always a lover of simple things. The moment I first placed it on my head, I knew that it was perfect for me ... light, sparkly and elegant. I felt tingles all over my crown. It also has an Elven (Pleiadian) 7-pointed Star in the middle, with two sparkly gems, and it spirals around the head in 8 loops at each side, which look like the infinity symbol. Spirit showed me a vision of how to create it a few days before I began making them, and I know that I AM meant to create plenty of them as days come to pass.

This is my second Elven tiara creation, and it was made as a Christmas gift for my mother. It has the Essence of feminine wisdom and power through unconditional Love. There is a triangular crystal pendant in the middle, which is a symbol of Love, Wisdom and Power.

This is my third Elven tiara creation. I made it for myself, and it has the Essence of the Higher Heart. It is Magenta, Gold and Violet, so perfect for transformation work through the Higher Heart Wisdom. There is also a crystal pendant in the shape of a Heart in the middle with some amethyst pieces embedded by the side. These tiaras all have a tiny comb at the back, so they fit perfectly, and can be worn without any additional accessories ... plus they are as light as a feather, and therefore suitable for even the most sensitive heads!

This is my fourth Elven tiara creation. I made it for myself, and it has the Essence of feminine beauty and creativity. I was inspired to make it with a new design after watching the LOTR trilogy again, and it's like it just flew through my fingers. I wanted to create a turquoise one, because I love this color a lot, and it always brings me into creating through my inner truth. It has green pieces of fluorite crystals as well. A very extravagant head piece!   

This is my fifth Elven tiara creation. I was inspired to make a more crown-looking tiara, and when this crystalline one came through my fingers, and I finally put it on my head, I felt like a Galactic Princess ... so I decided to name it like this. When You wear it, You really feel like a Galactic Being, or someone who plays a part in the Star Wars movies. This tiara is so pure in energy, and it causes instant head tingles.

On the first picture You can see me wearing my latest Elven creation, the Galactic Princess crown. These look completely different when You wear them than on a photograph on their own. I also make matching earrings with each creation. We also did this experiment today, to see how people would react to the crown. I decided to wear it outside when we went grocery shopping. Naturally, everyone was staring, because people are so curious when they see something different ... something that doesn't fit the norm. It's like everyone notices them and their uniqueness. This was not my intent, but I feel how these tiaras bring people's attention to You, and then your Light can begin to work with them as they establish a link with your energy. The crowns have shown me that many times. How amazing! I AM so excited about this expansion of Soul, and infinite creations that I can do in the new year and beyond.

The only important thing for all Ascension Pioneers/ascending Souls within our further Self empowerment on the journey of the Self, is our unique purpose/Divine potential. This includes everything that is important for our Soul purpose, and it begins with the Rays of consciousness within Creation, on which we all travel with our uniqueness. It is the merging with that uniqueness and discovering our true purpose that matters on our journey as Ascension Pioneers. We are here in Divine service, first and foremost! The question that all Great Ones ask themselves is not "Who AM I," but rather: "What AM I? What vibrational Essence AM I to seed here and in all of Creation ... in order to birth new Life as a co-creator Self?"

I love my journey, because I see and create Love everywhere and in every detail ... for Source is always in the details. I cannot experience what I do not create myself, so there is no true Love in the outside, if it doesn't also come from within. This is the Truth of our Beloved I AM! The Truth of One is so simple, so easy and natural ... and yet many have shut their eyes and closed their Hearts to Divine Nature in everything ... within All That Is. Many still search for Love and Truth outside of themselves, instead of becoming it on their own. It is when we do, that no matter where we are, that Love is always reflected right back to us ... through us, in the Light of our Beloved I AM!

I love to play with my creations outside in Nature. On this particularly amazing hike and while in the forest, I was playing around with my new creations as well. I loved capturing the Light of the Sun through my new Soul Essence necklaces. One is mine (pink), and the other one (blue) is my mother's. It was a total blast! Lately I kept receiving stories of others who are inspired by my own Divine creativity. I AM truly happy to witness this, and may the wave of Divine inspiration and creativity never end and continue into 2014 and beyond.

The point of Divine creativity is not the product/destination itself. It is the awe and magnificence of what we can create ... it is all about the journey and the Light released through the process. When this comes first and we open up to spontaneous playfulness without any expectations or goals, the product/creation becomes important as well ... always through Divine beauty. The point is the process of making/creating, which opens our Hearts and channels our Soul into form ... creating Divine Beauty through it. When the creativity and creation as merged as One, we have finally got it! There is no one without the other, as Source is both the Creator and Creation.

Apart from the tiaras, I AM also creating Soul Essence stones, lucky charms (pendants), Soul portraits/paintings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings ... including Elven belly dancing necklaces! I was busy with expanding into my Art through creative explorations and breakthroughs, so that I will be stepping into it even more powerfully in 2014 and beyond!
I hope that this all inspires You into your own creativity!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn  

P.S. My Art will soon be shared in a vibrational Blog! I will begin to work on it with our entry into 2014!