Sunday, January 5, 2014

My yearly Spirit reading for 2014

Dear Beloveds!

Yesterday I created a yearly reading, which is a not a prediction, but merely a reading on further opportunities for our expansion into the Self that we truly are ... Now and already. I created a reading composed of 12 yearly messages of Divine Love and awareness, which are all about our interactions with the world and our relationships, as we walk our path. This reading comes from the Love tarot. Then I created additional messages composed of; a general Ascension message, Angelic messages, messages from our Galactic - multidimensional selves, and Earthly-grounded messages about our daily pursuits and creativity.

We all speak of the New, like the New Moon, new beginnings, new year, new day, new Now moment ... but how do we really embody higher awareness of truly being brand New and always open to infinite expansion and possibilities? Many times I notice how we like to say: "I do not do that. I do not engage in that. This is not who I AM." I have said it myself many times before as well, and I know how this works. The more we define, the more we negate. How many times I have said to myself: "I will not work today," and it ended up the most working day ever. This is how Spirit constantly showed me never to define, ever! In Truth, there is only the "I AM" and the deep Spirit awareness that it brings, and this awareness constantly keeps us open and Present. True awareness comes from always living in a state of neutral observation, as each moment a choice/direction/decision might be brand new, as something new and different might present itself. Often we will be given an option! Will we act from a defined state, or a completely new perspective? New opportunities are always here, for the Multiverse is a potent one. The question is, what will we co-create with it? It is not the New that moves all Life in Creation forward ... everything actually begins with awareness first. And then, it moves into infinite choices, which always create something New as a consequence of that expansion. We are both; the awareness and the expansion, that is why we exist in Spirit and in Creation. So be without limits and have no agendas ... this is how pure awareness can flow through You! 

So approach the following messages with your own inner guidance and awareness. Looking at the images can help You receive additional guidance that comes from your Soul at this time, always in the Now! 

This is the overall Ascension message for us, which speaks about the Veils of illusion. This brings our focus to further dissolving what is not of our true Divine Nature, our natural and organic Self. As we walk through those veils, we walk through our personal Spirit initiations (rites of passage), and we master different levels of our Being within the Great Oneness. When we live in complete dissolve and clarity of the Master Self, we live in Oneness with all Life in Creation, including all forms of life and ways of Being. This means there is no separation between any form of Being, whatever it may look like on the surface.

Our decree is: "I AM one with everything." With this awareness embodied, we share Light of One simply by Being that Light in body. We will continue to be asked and engaged by our Higher Self, to dissolve anything that is not of our highest Divine nature and origin. And remember, true enlightenment exists in the Now, it is not a pursuit and it's not somewhere out there. It is not a goal to be claimed, and a destination to be reached ... it is a simple unveiling of what already Is through Self Mastery and attainment.

With this awareness, we continuously and constantly give gratitude and honor to all Life in Creation and we reside within the Perfection of Divine Principles of Creation. This message also shows, that there will be many who will continue to awaken, and only with our fully awakened Presence (not just half awake, half asleep), we will be able to assist them on their journey of Divine remembrance by sharing our own ... through personal and intimate experience with our Source Self ... our Beloved I AM Presence!

This is the overall Angelic message for us, which speaks about focus, devotion and courage ... while always being Love in action. When we are Christ in action ("I AM the Christ in action Now!"), our deeds and words will always mirror our state of Divine perfection. AA Michael is encouraging us to drop away any remaining fears or false illusions/limitations that we have about ourselves and others, and inviting us into true Source/Self freedom of Being. We need to have the courage to boldly step into our Self empowerment, says AA Ariel, as the fierce Lion/lioness aspect is in all of us. Many say that it's easier said than done, but this sort of mentality will not get us anywhere. We need to see that all can be effortless, natural and organic ... if we simply stop resisting. This means that we simply need to Be who we are, without the need to defend what we think we are, and our old egoic beliefs about ourselves and others. Through this awareness, we can embody the highest and perfected version of our Self, and we can always Be Love in action.

This Love has nothing to do with pleasing anyone or anything, and it has everything to do with being honest in everything that we say and do, while always residing in Divine integrity. This is how our actions will speak louder than words this year, and we will continue to perfect and refine ourselves in this incarnation, as our Spirit Self already Is and always shall be. The Angels remind us to boldly and confidently walk in our own Angelic Self, and move through any apparent obstacles with the awareness that they are merely opportunities for further expansion into the Self. When we will express our Love in a loving service to the Divine, our Hearts will expand into a Cosmic Heart consciousness, rippling out and causing great waves of inner/outer change in the collective as well. This is a year of action, so it is time to embody Divine Love, and be that Love in action ... Now. If not Now, when? If not us, then who?

This is the overall Earthly-grounded message for us, coming within the Spirit guidance for our Family of Light. A lot of us pioneering Souls have been giving so much of ourselves (our time, devotion and focus) in times past, but Now we have an opportunity to expand in how we are sharing ourselves and being of service to the Divine at the same time ... meaning that our personal and grander picture are to merge as One, so that our intimate and most sacred personal time/space also becomes a way of serving the Divine. There is no more separation between us/the personal self, as the small self ... and the Divine Self. A sense of requirement and need needs to be let go of, and a new set of Divine Principles can be embraced at this point. We are to become conscious co-creators with our most true authentic Self. Everything that we engage in shapes our reality in the Now and beyond, so we are to become more consciously aware of all that we are putting in the mix, and how we live our daily routines as we are floating through our lives. We need to trust Life in all ways, for only Life of surrender can take us to the next step. Our choices become our reality, and the consequences of those choices become our responsibilities. Now we are seeing, that we don't just serve others ... when we shift in awareness, we truly serve the Truth in our unique and personal way, which is most intimate for us, and it's always between us and Source at the very depth of our Being. This is the Truth that never changes!

We are Now invited to also give a bit of everything back to ourselves, making our personal service a grander One ... one of Divine Will, which flows without limitation and separation. It doesn't just flow in one direction and then ends, it doesn't just end with giving, for it always flows in all directions, and ripples in endless waves. Therefore, spending quality time with our Self and those that we love is not selfish ... it is the very Core of our intimate Source communion and experience, and the more that we are devoted to Being and receiving Divine inspiration, the more we can actually act from that place of Oneness ... not separation and egoic beliefs.

A lot of us have shifted immensely with the latest influx of Divine energy and the integration of the Golden Ray of Christ. We want to be even more authentic, even more real, without any excuses or small agendas ... we are thinking Big! We wish to serve the bigger picture! That is why it is really important to always wait before we act out of impulse ... or the old ways and known conditions and terms. We need to pause before anything that we do, feeling into its true value and nature. Pause, think, evaluate and then act is the strategy best used in the Now, as we rise in awareness and Self empowerment. This year it will be really important to really feel into what we wish to pursue, and ask ourselves, if it truly comes from our Higher Self directive, which is always for our highest good ... and what is for our highest good, is therefore for the greater good of all ... ego free and Divine in its pure nature. We are not to be hasty and impatient (or hard headed and stubborn), for there are always many choices to choose from, and this helps us with Self mastery ... and with patience and great stamina, we learn about the nature of Divine trust ... and that births true Wisdom. It might be time for a road less traveled and brand new, but it's definitely that which has more value for us ... within the bigger picture, of course!

This is the overall message from our Galactic - multidimensional Self for us, and it speaks about Self expansion, the anchoring of new gifts and blossoming. It also speaks about the road less traveled and spiritual pursuits that are coming through our true Soul values and passions. The real question to be asked here is this: "Are we ready to cut our loses (which are not truly loses) and change direction?" Spirit shared with me, that all spiritual/higher purpose pursuits will thrive this year, while that which focuses around business, money, advertisement, profit or certain agendas ... will simply not. All those who are still afraid of walking their surrendered Divine path of service because they believe they will not be financially or otherwise supported, will finally need to let go of this illusion and all other disempowering beliefs of separation.

The path of inner Spirit embodiment is always fully supported, as long as we continue to trust and surrender. If something isn't working out, it might not be for our highest Soul path, or we may be missing important piece of the puzzle along the way. When this is so, we need to be willing to go deeper ... always deeper and with more awareness! Also know that we are not meant to solve pieces of the puzzle for others or control the collective, for we can only truly focus on our own and make our lives best ones ever ... lived in full awareness and Presence.

Those who will shift towards being honest in their pursuits, which are agenda free ... will thrive in a sense that is Self fulfilling and will bring a sense of personal freedom. Personally, I would not engage in anything that feels like a knot in a tie ... I choose either full freedom, or nothing at all. Anything that has a catch in it, even if maybe just a tiny little piece ... is not worth the compromise, and we are better off waiting for something better, while we focus on refining our creations. We are not to compromise our freedom for anything else, and especially not for the fears that are only limiting our true sense of Oneness and Spirit embodiment. When we are firm and stable in our Spirit embodiment and purity, we know exactly what to do, what drives us and what is the purpose of our actions.

This year, it is important to make that shift towards a purposeful life, without asking ourselves: "What is my purpose, who AM I?" It is time to let all the questions go, and just go with the flow and the knowing that each step of the Way is Divine and that all is orchestrated for our expansion. Each step reveals something new, and we always get what we need. So go after spiritual pursuits that feed your Heart, not the ego ... and bring a sense of Cosmic consciousness into all that You engage in. It truly is beyond business and profit Now ... we are all so much more! And know that the material is often a good way to show us what is not in our highest alignment. So when we notice a lack of flow, we can go deeper and see what is not fully aligned. When it is, it all flows without any need or control! We don't need to control anything whatsoever, we just need to Be who we are in Truth ... not some custom/tailor made version of it! We are not the masks of our past or future projections. We can be whole ... Now! And that embodiment of wholeness will create miracles of great value and Essence!

And these are the overall messages for the entire year, which deal with our interactions with the world and our relationships. This is showing us how we can create a new relationships paradigm which is organic and self sustainable, as all Divine relationships are held within purity, mutual self respect, integrity and spiritual maturity. All true Divine reunions are based on Divine Principles of Creation, which is the utmost perfection of the One and All. And don't forget ... only You can create your year within clear and focused Now intent!

January, 4 of Chalices: Here the focus is on news, new information, letters, new awareness coming in, hearing good news, changes and unexpected happiness. Be observant and aware of everything that enters your new reality at this point of your journey. Be the conscious observer and co-creator with the Divine and cherish the Divine in all forms of Creation and Being. We have been preparing for a long time, holding the space within our sacred temple, and focusing on inner integration first. Now a new level of physical materialization can be here for us, and there are slight implications about it in the beginning of the year. No need to be hasty though, as everything happens in Divine timing and Soul alignment.

February, 10 of Chalices: Here the focus is on new opportunities, awareness and important encounters. It seems as all the new information and awareness brings us a few new opportunities for our Soul expansion. Time to think outside the box and give way to something new! There can also be new people entering our lives at this point, and we need to be ready to embrace them with an open Heart. Think about what You wish to co-create with others, who feel like in the Heart and mind. Do You have a mutual dream, a vision or a project, that would work better within a solid co-creation? This is definitely not the time to always do everything alone ... this is a year of togetherness.

March, XX Judgment: Here the focus is on self reconciliation, coming into Truth, forgiveness, clarification, reconciliation with others, patching up of relationships and higher understanding. It looks like all the New is bringing a greater need for more peace and personal freedom in our lives. We are free when we live in a constant state of higher understanding and compassion. We are preparing our sacred space for the some new challenges that will help us be more of our true Self in the long run!

April, 4 of Pentacles: Here the focus is on dissolving the old and all that is behind the veil of illusion, dealing with greed and pettiness, and setting our sights to higher pursuits and values. The ego needs to be let go of. April will be a big month for everyone, for we will have a Grand Cross between Pluto and Uranus, which deals with the hidden, the deep and unconscious versus the conscious, the ideal and the bigger picture. We are ready to birth something new and dissolve the duality that is a self made creation of separation. We are ready to merge ourselves into Wholeness. This is not a curse, this is just another opportunity for greater expansion. Embrace it!

May: II High Priestess: Here the focus is on integrating new spiritual gifts and awareness, honoring our sensitivity, comprehension, the bigger picture, sharing our Soul gifts within spiritual pursuits. After all that we have integrated and all the veils of illusions that we dissolves, new gifts and insights are here for us. It looks as thought we are ready to fully trust our Spirit guidance and be of greater service within that expansion. Remember, your Light is not to be dimmed, only within your fullest Light expression can You shine the brightest, and assist the most.

June: XV The Devil: Here the focus is on passions, longings, magnetism, passionate loves, falling in love, infatuation or temptation. This shows a new opening of passion, and although the heavy side to it can bring over-infatuation and temptation, this can be very powerful, if we know how to walk the middle path through awareness. We can use anything for the greater good, if there is Self mastery from within, and each level of new energy and the chemistry that it brings to us, can be used for further advancement of our Human journey. The Key is to be more Human in a Divine way, so this is what we are all mastering Now.

July, Queen of Swords: Here the focus is on wisdom, experience, intense personal initiations, great charisma, personal identity, clarity of thoughts and focus. We are to hold our ground, be all that we are to Be, and master our Self after the first half of the year. It looks like we are to share our knowledge, wisdom and experience on this part of our Soul journey, especially those who are fully stepping into their power and Soul gifts this year ... those who are not new to it, might step into something completely New, enhanced ... having greater value for us in our service to All That Is.

August, 8 of Swords: Here the focus is on diffidence, reconciliation, evaluation, serenity and peace of senses. Here it's really important that we begin to feel secure on all levels and trust all of Life, that it always supports us. It looks like after the intense ride of the first half of the year, we will want more peace, even solitude, and to pursue those activities that make us feel really good in our own Spirit. When we are in that mode, and often embody the Hermit archetype, we attain new knowledge and wisdom.

September, 9 of Wands: Here the focus is on patience, victory, being free of limitations, being lovesick. It looks as if we are ready for another level of transcendence, and since this is my Birth month, I usually have great initiations into the next cycle of Being here. It is also a time of the harvest on the northern hemisphere, and we will need to hold steady of all that we have gathered and accomplished so far, defend it our of Love, not the fear of loss. This means standing up for what we believe in, at all times, and cherish and protect all things sacred to us. This can bring us many personal victories. Remember, there are only personal victories, for we cannot win over anything or anyone else. All is for us! And when it's from the purity, it's a Victory for the whole Creation as well.

October, 9 of Chalices: Here the focus is on freedom, faithfulness, new romantic stories that are gratifying, desires fulfilled, fleeting romance. This is a "wishes coming true" time, and a time where we rejoice over the fruits of our labors. We are not to give up on something that we feel resonates in our Heart just because it doesn't always happen the way our mind wants it. There is always higher reason and purpose for everything, and those who have been patient, are ready to thrive Now! We need to see the bigger picture and interconnectedness of everything!

November, 6 of Chalices: Here the focus is on commitment, nostalgia, sentimentality, creativity, hesitation in facing important decisions concerning relationships or uncertainty. The key word here is creativity, and so we are asked to commit to something that we desire to create. There will be a desire for more focus at this point, as something of a higher nature might be calling us, and so we need to unburden ourselves from everything that no longer resonates with our renewed path. It might feel challenging at first, for we may get sentimental about it, but we need to simplify and commit. The end of the year is almost here, and another cycle is calling for completion and perfection on that level.

December, 7 of Pentacles: Here the focus is on gifts, success, success in projects for family and common welfare, happy couples, overall well-being. This is the biggest message of this year, which speaks about undertaking higher spiritual pursuits, and focus on Divine service instead of money, personal agendas and profit. 7 is a deeply spiritual number, and this is a 7 Universal year, so the peak of these new spiritually driven pursuits will climax here and Now! We will be able to see just how much is possible, when we surrender and open to the Divine Will to guide is in all ways and always.

And with the New/Now year:

Letting go of old stories for good ... Now!
You are not your stories and beliefs!
Only the Heart truly knows!
You are the purity of I AM!

Be the Christ in action Now!
You are Golden ...
We are Golden! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

P.S. Here is also my new video update about the energy of 2014 and beyond: