Friday, June 28, 2013

My crystal grids

Dear Family of Love!

This is my recent creation ... the crystal grid/mandala representing the balance between the Divine feminine and the Divine masculine. There is a pure crystal-diamond Core of Twin Soul Essence in the middle, spreading out with the Divine masculine (purple crystals) and the Divine feminine (pink crystals), surrounded by a circle of balance and harmony ... also representing wholeness and completion. There are four grounding stones in each corner as well, representing physical manifestation and maturation of this sacred Union in the external reality ... created from within to without!

I have been writing about crystal grids a lot! Here is what I wrote in my article about the meaning and importance of crystal grids: "Crystal grids are a powerful way of anchoring Source Light through crystals that act as energy amplifiers. This is best done through a focused intention. The mineral energy of crystals is neutral, and we operate them through our own consciousness, as we program them with intent, so that they receive a specific purpose.

The main purpose here is to assign the meaning to the crystals that we use in them as we focus on them and their purpose with our pure intent. It is best that we create them in a meditative (peaceful) state of awareness, while completely unplugged and Source infused. If possible, we are to completely surrender to the whole process of their creation. This way, we are creating them through pure Source energy and Divine logic. This way, their power is stronger and they can emanate more pure Light of Source, because our thoughts are clearer and our Heart is purer. The size of the crystals does not matter, and they can also include other natural objects such as stones, wood, seashells, etc. We just have to allow our Divine intuition to lead the way in this process!"

On the day of the December Solstice 2012, I was guided to create a crystal mandala and assigned a special purpose to it. I also put it outside to energize and to be filled with the Divine Light coming in straight from our Source. The mandala holds a special meaning that we sourced from Spirit. In the center of the circle, there is a Twin Flame clear quartz crystal with two rose quartz crystals by its side, which represent the One polarizing into two within One, which creates the third energy matrix. This creates a triangle, merging with the diamond shaped clear fluoride crystal, which represents one Light body, a perfected Light Being.

Ever since the December Solstice of 2012, I AM continuously guided to make new ones, as the energy is always shifting. When I AM called to do it, I usually feel this energetic pull towards my crystals and then I just allow my hands to do the rest. As I AM creating them, I AM placing each stone with full awareness of its position and purpose. And when the time comes for them to be dismantled, You are not to be attached to your personal creations. They are a good teacher of letting go and non attachment to anything physical.

And don't forget to recharge all of your crystal companions out on the air and sunlight from time to time, and every Full moon, Solstice, or other important Galactic/Grand alignment! They feed/source of the same Divine Light as we do ... we are One!

I AM leaving You with some pictures of my crystal grids.

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. Enjoy making your own crystal grids, as You are guided to! Give them your own meaning as well, as your Heart narrates!