Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Solstice experience

Dear Family of Love!

Happy Solstice, everyone!!! The Summer season has officially started in the northern hemisphere yesterday, although "Summer" is just energy, and I have felt it for the whole week. It was amazingly hot here. Solstice is the longest day of the year on the northern hemisphere. As an Ascension Pioneer, I always celebrate the June Solstice and the energy was just incredible ... all week long. Remember that this is a Galactic doorway. I could barely fall asleep the night before the Solstice. I was watching the Moon on the balcony, and it was so bright. It enchanted and hypnotized me with its Magic, as I just felt something really profound and not explainable with words ... like it's the start of something new and beautiful. I was retreating to Nature for the rest of the day and celebrated my Solstice this way. I always celebrate in Nature, just by being aware of it and sitting in Gratitude.

This is our final and ongoing Ascension Gateway, and I have been hearing/feeling the word "Summer" for a long time now ... do You remember? And now here it is! This Summer is bringing us a lot of anchoring of the New, especially in the physical. I feel like I will be moving soon and start many new things, as I AM aligning my New life by my highest Soul potential. What about You? I AM living in the constant flow of the Beloved energy and I always experience such Magic from within ... this is my new path and purpose! I hope You enjoyed the longest day of the year and the most enchanted night! I was observing (and meditating with) the hypnotizing Moon from my balcony before bedtime! It sure was enchanting and it continues to be all the way until the Full Moon this next week.

How was your Solstice (Soulstice) experience? I was experiencing mine all week, especially during my Mountain getaway, when I was all by myself in perfect solitude, peace and magical joy from within to without. Do You feel this immense sense of New, and how the old ways are simply naturally falling away? I used to overwork myself quite often, or I used to push myself a lot. Now I just let it all Be, as I know that I can only do as much as I can handle in that moment. The rest is taking care of itself naturally. And I AM only truly responsible for myself and my own inner happiness. This has strengthened for me a lot during this Solstice week. There is also an expansive sense of huge new beginnings, and it feels really good, but non attached or including any sort of expectations ... just letting it all flow!

When I was away on my retreat, I had intense experiences, not only with the Mountains themselves. The first night when I slept under the stars, I had experiences of nightly visitations (or ET contact), which I intended on before falling asleep. I kept seeing blinking lights, but I was so exhausted from all the hiking in the heat, that my eyes kept closing, and I soon fell asleep. I was "awoken" in an altered state of consciousness later, surrounded by many Beings which for some reason, I did not want to look at. I was hiding in my sleeping bag, and they kept watching me. It was a very bizarre experience, although I felt good about it when I woke up. I instantly remembered my "dreams," which were not really dreams, but a midnight visitation in an altered state of sleep. The second night I rented a room and I had a profound dream there as well. When I woke up, I instantly remembered it again and I knew what it was all about. I got even more insights about it when I spent my day next to the Mountain river stream, relaxing and just Being.

The dream was as follows. I was with this guy who was more like a child. Then suddenly I asked him where he got the scars that he had. And he first said, that he does not wish to tell me. I told him that he needs to be honest and tell me about it. Then he told me that he got it from parachuting. I instantly had this feeling of how immature he still is, a boy in his "searching for himself" phase. I instantly had this knowing that he is not for me and I said to him in great peace and self confidence: "You know, I don't think we will be together anymore." He looked at me all astonished, and then I just walked away. I tried to enter my apartment building, but it was closed, and there was no key. I could not get in. Then some people came, and they led me to another entrance, and there was a whole other place there. People even had gardens there and it was something new. When I later returned, the guy was still waiting for me outside. I asked him what he is still doing there, and he said: "It will be so hard to get over You, I don't know if I can do it." I said to him that he can do it, and simply walked away unattached and in great serenity. I felt neutral and I felt nothing. I moved on.

The dream carried a profound symbolism of my personal maturity and moving beyond my childish patterns. I no longer need to be in a relationship that is not in my Self alignment and non fulfilling for my Soul. I also no longer have the need to go into an experience because of other people's feelings, because I need to consider my own first. Many times in my life, I have cared "too much" about others, and I prioritized their feelings and words over my own. I carried their stuff and their "burdens." I no longer do this. I have stepped into my adulthood, especially during my Saturn's return this year. I have to allow others to experience whatever they wish to experience, but I need to choose my own experiences, and only those that suit me. The dream was so peaceful and so loving, as I had no difficulty in saying "No" and walking away. The other segment of the dream about the old doors being closed showed me that a huge chapter (as big as my apartment building) is ending, and a new one is beginning. There was a new doorway, signaling a new entrance, a new passageway. I AM creating a completely new experience for myself.

I hope this sharing helped You to decipher your own dreams and visions, which are always symbolic and guided by your Soul. There are signs of our initiations everywhere ... and this June Solstice is truly propelling us into a whole new experience ... our ascended life within the New!

Open sesame, we are ready!

Here is my video about getting out of our comfort zone of the old: 

Within Divine Love, Polona