Monday, June 17, 2013

My Soul journey

Dear Family of Love!

Many times in my life, I have experienced people idealizing me. Many times I have seen them put me on some kind of pedestal. Why? Separation, of course. Because of such awareness, many times people have thought that I have it easy, and it's such a privilege to live like I do. To be free and to live as I choose to, not being trapped in victim consciousness. I have also heard the statement: "Lucky You," so many times. But this is simply not the Absolute Reality. How I live, is being created by me ... and through me. There is no other way! Nothing is a given in my life, and I have worked very "hard" to be where I AM now. I have "earned" my freedom through becoming Self empowered. I still experience challenges, and I always will. This is what always brings us to the next level of our expansion. What is important here, is the way I go through them (as passing my Spirit initiations). I have always been a very strong and persistent Spirit, and many people in my life have admired me for that reason. But in Truth, I did not come here to be admired ... I came to inspire ... to uplift and to show the way! 

My life is constantly challenging me, but in a neutral and loving way. Our Creator is a benevolent One, and our Soul intrinsically belongs to that Source of pure benevolence, which for me is Divine Love. I always continue to ascend to descend, as I constantly climb the highest peaks and have the most profound experiences of bliss and magic in order to later ground them in the physical. I know who I AM, and I know why I AM here. I AM blessed for remembering. And even though I tend to forget sometimes, for a very short moment in space and time ... I never remain forgetful. And I AM not to be looked upon or put on a pedestal, it is not why I AM here for. Many who have done this before, have only remained disappointed. That is what happens if we have such high expectations and hopes for someone else ... or something outside of us. I AM here to show the way of transcending the challenges and to reach higher in our Divine-Human experience. I came here only to Be me and to show the way of how to be a Self empowered individual. I did not come here to please others, as this is simply not possible anyway. I came here to serve my Spirit within All That Is. I came here to reach for my personal shining Star, in order to show to everyone, how simple life can be and how we can flow through challenges with such Grace and humility ... while constantly remaining open.

I had my share of ups and downs, and I AM always going through that as I AM anchoring the energies of the New awareness here on Earth ... serving as a pillar of Divine Light. I also had my moments, when I did not see things completely in a neutral way, and when I have been saying to myself: "This is not fair, this is not how things are supposed to be." But I have never remained stuck in that consciousness. I have always moved on. All my life, I have been a Phoenix of Creation, and the Dragon of courage ... the pure power of Spirit! And I have seen that only through direct experience, we can remember again ... and once and for all, truly master ourselves in this place of Existence and reality. For that is why we are here anyway ... all of us ... there are no exceptions. We are not here to look up to others. We are to each become our own powerful lighthouse, as we are all Divine companions. We can all guide the way ... I AM simply one of those guides, who is here to share about such an experience.

Many times, I have been too hard on myself as well ... pushing and pushing, doing and striving. Many times, I have cried. Many times, I have missed my true "Home" ... only to remember again, where this "Home" truly is. It is inside of me, wherever I AM and wherever I choose to go next. The passion flames of the Divine have always been burning strongly in me, and this has left me feeling so blessed, for I have never truly fallen. I have merely had a glimpse of how "falling" looks like ... to experience the contrast through which the Soul remembers. To see what Humanity is going through on that level of experience. Each time, I have remembered ... and I have remembered a bit more. It is time for a new way. It is time for a New reality!

And I AM here only to remind You ... that You can always do the same!

You can see my simple nature in my first Mountain video about Heart desires!

Within Divine Love, Polona