Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Creating my reality

Dear Family of Love!

This is me looking at my Beloved Mountains. The view below me is a fantastic and majestic one. I AM focused on my targeted intent and I stand my ground until the very end. I do not leave its sight for one moment, as it's always within me. It never leaves me. I AM one with it, as my Heart's desire is who I AM. There is no separation between me and my Heart's desire. A Heart desire isn't about the goal or a destination. It is about an utter and complete wholeness and Soul alignment.

We are nothing without infinite trust, so we need to trust that we are always on the right path, as the word "wrong" simply does not exist in Divine Love. Lately I was hiking in the Mountains, and I received all the guidance that I need on the next step of my journey. I AM on target, I AM aligned and I AM receiving everything through great clarity. How do You know that You are within clarity? Well, for starters ... You will feel electric, ecstatic, and in great feeling of magical joy. There will be synchronicities everywhere and You will see how all life speaks to You through signs of Spirit and deep Heart knowing.

We are entering a time of the water energy now. Just today, the planet of knowledge, understanding and Soul expansion - Jupiter, is moving from Gemini into Cancer for a period of one year. This is a marker of moving into our Heart space even more. We can no longer deny our deep feelings that we often buried deep inside. We have to open up to them, embrace them and enter the feeling side of life. We can no longer rationalize our feelings or put them in a box. We are starting to understand how to truly bring things into physical manifestation through our Heart Essence. This is the dance of the feminine and the masculine, as the feminine creates, and the masculine manifests. It took me a while to remember and anchor this awareness as well, and I AM still mastering it daily ... it never ends. We are always shifting, and therefore our creations are becoming more profound as well. We are remembering, and the more Divine remembrance there is from within, the easier all flows to us ... through us. All is actually created through Soul Essences on this level of awareness ... when we live from the Heart, always fully centered in it. In this space, we do not feel guilty if we do nothing for a while, as we are not Human doings ... we are Human Beings. We are here to apply the natural balance of the feminine and masculine, the action and non action ... to merge Spirit and matter.

At the same time, the messenger planet Mercury also goes retrograde in Cancer. For me, this means going within in the area of how we communicate through our Heart space. How can our life and all our communications be more Heart filled? How we can build more flow in relationships, and how can we deeply commune with our own Spirit Self? Once again, there is great opportunity for deep introspection and Self reflection this Summer. Use it wisely ... and with great Joy! When Mercury goes retrograde, it does not mean that everything in our life needs to come to a halt, and that all that we are creating we need to put an end to. Now way, this understanding is way too trivial for an aware and Self conscious Being of Divine Love. We can go deeper and see the real meaning of such planetary alignments and feel how everything is connected and how all of this energy is assisting us on our Soul journey. We need regular retrograding periods, to assess and create from a renewed state of Being.

Let's take the example of this Mercury retrograde and how it can assist us in creating through the Heart space! Because Mercury is a communication planet, and it is now going retrograde in cancer (a water element of family, the feminine and Nature), it truly shows us that we need to shift in the area of how we communicate and create, so that it can be more aligned with our Heart space. Every retrograde period is an opportunity for us to go deeper and see the bigger picture ... to move to a next step ... a new level of Self awareness. Oftentimes, we have been trying to create something that was not fully aligned with our Soul. And how does that make us feel? Quite heavy, actually. What is aligned with the Soul will always flow smoothly, easily and effortlessly. So a lot of letting go and surrendering is needed in this period. Only through this deep surrendering and transformation through the element of water (loosening the grip and going with the flow), we can actually get to know our Soul and see what it truly needs ... not what we would want.

I also wish to share a bit about how we manifest things in layers, and step by step. Sometimes we will receive some sort of guidance, and when we will take an action step in that direction, it won't always turn out to be the final destination or our true goal. That is because in Truth, there are no final goals or end destinations ... we are always shifting and starting new chapters in life. So one step will lead us to another, and so forth and so forth. When we take the step A, we will come to a step B, and from there on ... our horizons will be expanded and we will be able to see the step C more clearly and objectively.

That is why we are receiving guidance in sequences, for that is how we are building the puzzle of our life step by step, with conscious decision making. We cannot see the destination C from the point A anyway, as there might be some trees along the way, or it's still too far away ... so that is why the step B is a necessary one to take. It is kind of like a stepping stone in between A and C. Especially now, when the non-linear energy is being activated within us all, this is becoming strongly apparent to all of us. When we are moving from step A to the step C, D, E, F, etc., we are coming closer and closer to what truly resonates with our Soul ... and it doesn't really matter how many stepping stones there are in between, because we need to enjoy the ride, not focus on the "final outcome," as there simply are none anyway.

Let me give You an example from my own personal life. As You might know (or not), I AM creating and physically manifesting a new home/physical relocation for myself. This change has been going on in my life since this Winter, but actually ... it's been happening in the background of my own psyche for a while now ... a few years, actually. I have been feeling this burning desire to move closer to my Mountains, and the closer I AM to the right Divine timing, the stronger this desire burns inside of me. Of course, this desire has nothing to do with being attached to a certain outcome. So all the steps that I have taken in that direction until now, have led me closer to my "final" relocation. I have investigated many options, I have learned many new things, and I was getting closer and closer to my "end result."

But there is also a catch! Spirit has recently showed me something. We cannot truly manifest something, if we are not grounded in the very Now moment. It is from here that everything is being created. So if we have a distant dream or a vision, that might not be on our Soul path as of yet, and we will continuously focus on that, instead of what is needed for our Soul journey in the here and Now ... the real deal with not become manifest! So the key to manifestation within Soul alignment is to be very real, devoted, focused and grounded ... and feel/know what is needed for us now ... which is always that for our highest good.

For example, there might be a home that I would truly like in regards to being out in Nature, all alone, surrounded by nothing but forests and Mountains. But on the other hand, this home might not have other things that I also need for my Soul purpose now; like internet connection, organic stores in the near proximity, or other proper connectors and requirements. The home that is for my highest good is the one that can offer me all that I require on my Soul journey right Now ... not in some near or distant future. That will be taken care of then, for it is the Now that is truly important and that we must tend to. In this current cycle, I have researched many options and I kept expanding in the direction of what is needed for me ... not just what is wanted on an egoic level.

I AM 111% sure that my Soul knows what is best for me, and that She is always guiding me in that direction. I just have to follow the subtle hunches and intuitive whispers. So for example, if I go see a certain potential new home and it doesn't end up being what I need, I always receive something from that experience ... it's never in vain, for the investment of energy is never wasted. Why? Simply because all roads always lead us in the right direction and because we keep expanding through seeing what we don't want. This is how we often come to realize what we do! So if You are experiencing this yourself, don't get discouraged easily and don't be disappointed. And mostly ... don't give up! Everything carries a message for us, and it's all flowing in the proper direction ... always! And most importantly, drop the perfectionism of the "final outcome," because that continues to push our manifestation in a distant future ... somewhere far, far away!
In the end, what is important is that I AM in love. I AM creating my new sacred space through my inner Soul Essences. Are You in love with Life? What and who does your Heart beat for here and Now? And how will You make this dream your only reality? Let us never settle for less than who we truly are! Let us not chase our dreams, but instead ... let them find us on their own!

Let us continue to surrender to the Higher Presence that knows best!

Here is my video about the inner strength that pushes us forward, and the balancing of it through our inner masculine and feminine:

Within Divine Love, Polona