Friday, June 21, 2013

All about Magic

Dear Family of Love!

Besides my Divine task of being an Ascension guide, a huge part of my journey is to share myself and my Soul travels in a very personal and intimate way. Lately I AM seeing an even deeper meaning in sharing ourselves through true Source intimacy, not just generally addressing different things and subjects. That is what creates a tremendous ripple effect, as our authenticity actually is intimacy in daily expression. That is why I feel like I AM entering a part of my life, where I need to share in an even more intimate way, and a huge part of this is sharing my own inner Magic. I was always this way anyway! I always lived a simple, but very deep and profound internal life. 

As always, our external reality/personal life reflects this internal state of ours. I feel that a next stage of my journey is to share more about my personal journeys and travels as I experience them myself ... showing the way of a New Earth ... a new world that we are co-creating together ... one that is based on Magic, infinite miracles and abundance through Joy! This is who I AM ... this is what I choose ... and this is who we truly are anyway! This Blog is just one part of this journey, and a nice way to start to share myself even more.

I guess many people all over the world wish to see,
feel and experience more Magic in their lives! What about some magical experiences that I was experiencing all week long? Today is Sunday, the last day of the week, and I have to say that I noticed profound Magic every day of the week. To experience Magic is not a privilege, it is based on noticing it. In order for that, we need to open up to it. Our awareness is mirrored in our daily life and experiences. Our external life is simply an outwardly expression of our inner life. My inner life is as rich as this beautiful river valley and beyond. What about yours? The Magic is not a place ... it is an internal state within! Embrace is ... dare to live it! Allow the Beauty of Creation to reveal itself to You through everything!

Do You feel the Magic surrounding You everywhere? Do You know that this Magic is coming from within You, while being reflected to You all around. For example, if You feel Joy from within, You will see and feel Joy everywhere around You. If You feel inspired, You will notice inspiration and upliftment everywhere! Today I saw so many birds in the woods, and it looked like they were having a party. They were singing like crazy, and they were flying from one branch to another. I have never seen so many of them all at once! It felt like they were celebrating something, or welcoming in the energy of celebration. But surely, they were only reflections/extensions of myself, and they reflected my own inner feelings back at me. When You feel like celebrating, the whole of life in Creation will reflect it back at You. And this is how we are to live in the New after all! The Magic lies in true Heart authenticity and feeling.

Are we truly being of service if we are not being fully authentic, if we don't have any personal boundaries and if we think we are going to save others and the world? No, because being of service to Creation within All That Is (and therefore others, because we are all One) means to become the highest potential of our Soul embodiment. It is that simple. We don't have to do anything other than Be our true Self ... to embody as much Source Light as possible ... to be the Divine Love incarnate. There are so many illusions and manipulations about being of service, and how this needs to be a sacrifice, and how we need to give up our own identity to serve others! That is so not true, because we are truly not knowing (and therefore serving) the Creation, if we do not understand how we are created, and how our only responsibility is to be that Creation ... it is to be that form in great perfection and action! And then, serving is to gently guide the way by our own example and lead the way with our own story. This is how we are truly being of service, by just sharing our authentic Self ... and this is how we truly leave a powerful legacy in this world... with footprints of Love.
Here is my article on Experiencing Magic!

I will share some of my own examples of Magic now. I feel the Magic in everything ... in all of Life in Creation. I always feel such wonder and awe when I AM out in Nature, and when I AM simply observing all that is alive. I also have some things on the list that I really enjoy. Besides the majestic Mountains, one of them are storms. What an intense purification I had a short while ago! I went for a run/walk in a beautiful sunny weather. The air felt and smelled like the "Summer" for the first time. I recorded a video on my meadow, and after that a storm suddenly came. I should have known, because the clouds were gathering all around for a while. But I wanted the experience somehow! It started to rain very intensely all of a sudden, and I had to run back in the rain, as the storm was bringing in new energies. I felt so great, and I was deeply grateful for this Divine experience. Sometimes there is no better purification than a physical shower, especially with the natural Summer rain. What a blessing!  

The next day, I had another similar adventure! I went for a run and after it I spent a lot of time walking outside, playing with my new camera, taking pictures, etc. All of a sudden a storm came again, just like yesterday, but this time it was an even more intense one ... with not just thunder, but lightnings as well. At the beginning there was just thunder, and the old me would already run back home. But the new me wanted to stay longer. I played with the camera, I was taking pictures, and then I intuitively felt when it's time to leave. The wind started blowing harder, and I started to run back home. I felt so amazing. It began to intensify very quickly, and suddenly I was running amongst lightnings everywhere around me. I used to have a fear of lightnings if I was outdoors, although I always loved the purifying and activating power of a storm. It was just me, running, breathing ... and the lightnings all around me. Then the rain started falling, and I was all wet in just a few seconds. The wind started to blow even harder, and it almost left me breathless. At that moment I raised my hands up to the sky and I said out loud: "I AM free, I AM safe and I AM always protected. I AM ascending and I AM fearless." I felt so empowered and free, with this overflowing bliss coming from my Soul surrendering. What a thrill and what an amazing adventure! And this is how I felt that I overcame my old fear (dating all the way back to Atlantis). And I AM happy that I can share this experience with everyone. It left me feeling like a powerful Goddess of Nature that I AM ... One with the forces of Creation!

I AM also sharing a picture that I took a while ago when I took my new fuchsia pink camera for its first trip out to Nature. I was going through all the photos before going to bed, and I discovered this one ... what a beautiful Light showed itself on the bottom! The photo was taken next to my magical double Twin Flame tree. And what a bright Light! Just know that we can always see things with the eyes of an innocent child ... this is the only Gateway to true Magic!

And I always see beyond just the physical sight, although the physical also needs to be seen through wonder and awe to experience true Magic. Beauty is in simplicity. Sometimes the most simple Nature view will completely open your Heart. For example, I could just not believe it when I saw this simple view on one of my walks. It was nothing special, but yet so profoundly beautiful. I just put my hands way up in the air and thanked all of Life in Creation for this amazing splendor, for this Divine blessing ... for the Magic and the Bliss! I felt like in pure ecstasy. Please remember that Nature is neutral as all Creation is, and that it serves as our utmost mirror. I rejoice every single time that I get to be myself in Nature, all alone ... in my sacred Silence ... communing with Spirit ... the Beloved I AM! Know that the greatest Masters always live a life of pure simplicity, and they see what many others do not ... in the tiniest of things and in the deepest of feelings being felt ... in the eternal silence of the sacred breath!

All pulsates ... all is alive with pure awareness!

Here is my video on everyday Magic:

Within Divine Love, Polona