Thursday, June 27, 2013

What is retrograding?

Dear Family of Love!

There has been quite a huge shift in energy today. Do You feel it? There was such pressure "in the air" lately. Not to mention the heaviness of the Full Moon in Capricorn that was accompanying us at the beginning of the week. But I felt a huge relief after yesterday's release. We are moving inwards with our intentions and Heart desires, to refine our needs. Mercury went retrograde, Jupiter changed signs for one year, plus we have a huge coronal hole on the Sun right now with strong Solar winds ... so it's all quite a rush and all occurring at once. 

I felt this slowing down lately, but although we are in the retrograde right now, there is a push forward now, and I can strongly feel it since today! Please know that our shifts are daily now, they might even be momentarily. Everything is unpredictable right now, as there is a lot of energy stirring up in the background. Sometimes this will feel like the stormy ground, because we are in a time where we need to revise and review everything that we are working on. We are working with the energy of "behind the scenes" now ... and we are only retrograding in a sense that we go even deeper within. Retrograding does not mean that there is no action on our behalf ... this is simply not true.

This also doesn't mean that we cannot sign under anything right now, as this awareness is coming from the lower ... from separation consciousness. It just means that we will be receiving new information about the things that we are manifesting for ourselves. It also means that if we are observant and aware, new opportunities will present themselves to us, and it will only take our rational and objective sense to feel what is going on behind the scenes. Our Heart will help this objective state with its neutral feeling. We will know, when the time is right. The retrograde period does not mean that time comes to a strop now and that we cannot create anything new during this time. This simply means that everything that we will create and manifest during this time, will take our extra attention and a detail-oriented outlook. But in the end, it will be totally perfect for us and in harmonious Soul alignment.

I AM quite the researcher myself, and I put a lot of devotion into everything that I do myself. Today I was guided to create a new intro for my Ascension Pioneers videos. I AM creating everything brand new now, for it's new life that I AM entering into and I AM taking charge over being Self responsible and Self resourceful. A Mercury is a good time to do this!

Besides, we are not to let anyone tell us what we are not to do when Mercury is retrograde ... as long as we remain vigilant and observant, all is good! I just signed a contract with Fullscreen Inc to become a partner on YouTube through them, since this is not optional in Slovenia. I was also working on this new video intro all day, and all the changes that come along with this new way of sharing. Whoever said that retrograding periods cannot be busy and very productive? We just have to know what we want and read the "fine print" to see the bigger picture.

And although some days may feel more empty, non oriented or we might lack clarity, this does not mean we are not on the right path. It just means that something is being processed behind the scenes, and we have yet to see the bigger picture!

At this time, we are to avoid seeking for external advice, and fully trust our Heart instead ... it is always our best guide! So let us not rush into any sudden decisions and take it one step at a time ... guidance after guidance! Listening and acting!

Here is my video about what is truly retrograding:

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. And let us not forget that Love never retrogrades. It's always time for Love! And now Venus is moving into Leo. Everything is constantly shifting. It is time to express our inner Love in all ways!