Monday, July 1, 2013

My inner shifts

Dear Family of Love!

As Ascension Pioneers, we are not separate from the world and what is going on around us. We are in the world, but not of it, but sometimes we have to plunge very deep into the abyss. Sometimes we are dealing with matters that are very physical and dense in nature. But no matter what it is, we are always asked to bring more Light into any situation that we are in. We are here to shine the Light, and we are here to always find a way to reconnect with a sense of inner Joy and Magic, no matter what surrounds us in that moment. That is how we transform things in higher awareness ... by bringing Magic into it ... and by seeing everything as an opportunity and the entire life as a giant playground of Creation.

No matter how challenging something might seem at the moment, our Light can always make a difference. We are all very resourceful Beings, and even though we might not feel the Joy and Magic in a particular moment, we can always take a deep breath and let it all go. There is no need, only surrendering to the feeling of the Now moment. After the letting go phase, we will always be invited to find something that fascinates us in order to reconnect with that inner sense of Bliss. We can do it, it's not something difficult, because this Magic already lives inside of us. We hold the key to that lock, and by finding something that inspires and uplifts us, regardless of how simple it is, we are right back in our personal vortex. Remember, if there is no flow, it means that it's just not meant to be, and that fascination is to be found elsewhere. And when everything flows, it just does ... and all doors are open!

I have been observing this in my own life lately. I took another Nature trip this weekend, but it wasn't a hiking trip. It was more of a research trip. I went to see this potential new home for myself, in one of my favorite Mountain areas and resorts. The place was really nice, and I found a coin for 1 cent on the floor right after I parked my car in front of the place. I so rarely find a coin, since feathers are more my thing ... it's how Spirit communicates with me. This was the first sign. The second one was not very pleasant for me, as I lost my silver necklace with my pink angel pendant made of rose quartz. This was really strange, because another crystal was lost at this same place when I came here for a one week Spring retreat last year. I was sure there was a reason for this "loss," and that it must mean something deeper.

But here is the main thing that I observed! After all the intense work of the previous week, and plunging so deeply into the physical things, I was really mentally exhausted. My inner Spirit was just not stimulated. I decided to stay there one more day, but I was just not guided to visit the Mountains the next day. I rather observed them from afar on this lovely hill. Lately there were so many intense feelings and challenges with this move that I AM creating for myself, that I simply did not really feel like myself the entire weekend. I asked myself what this is, and I did not really get an answer. I was surrounded by beautiful Nature, and yet the feeling remained. This is how it is in Truth ... the Magic truly comes from within, and never from the outside world. So we can be surrounded by the most beautiful places, the most interesting people or situations, but if the inside is not aligned with it ... none of it truly counts. The Magic can only be found within!

I asked myself how to shift and how I can switch. But this is also a "no go," as we simply need to surrender to our feeling in such situations. If something is purging through us, we need to allow it to happen naturally, as we observe ourselves and create a new flow of Magic somewhere else. This is always the Key ... finding something that fascinates us. For me, this is usually Nature, but this time that was a difficult nut to crack. The second day I invited myself to this enchanted wooden lodge that seemed to be quite abandoned ... no one was there for quite a while. I went there to record a video, and I was finally able to feel the Magic again. I did something new ... I tried something that I never did before, and it felt good. I pretended like the house were mine (if only just for a little while), and I was enjoying the spectacular Mountain view. I realized that all that was truly missing, was me not allowing myself to have enough alone time. Downtime yes, but I needed more time to be alone with my own feeling side of life.

You see, I AM a very simple and yet complex Being. I feel the best when I AM in the company of my own Spirit, because my Spirit is always joyful. With so much going on externally lately, and my reactions to it, I emptied myself out a bit, and this balance needed to be restored. Not to mention all the intense Solar activity, and the intake of sun rays in my body as I was sunbathing ... but the main thing was still my inner Silence. I need to be alone quite often, to truly hear my Spirit without any distractions. If I create too much activity, I cannot hear this voice very clearly. And if I do not, I AM not a happy child. Sometimes all we need is to sit down with our Spirit and just breathe. And my trick is always to be of service. The moment that I recorded a video, I was being of service to others, and I started to feel uplifted again. I felt like myself.

And even though I felt like this, there were signs all around me. I had Divine companions all along, I just needed to notice them and feel their message. Besides meeting this man and chatting for quite a while, I had everything from this enchanted house, coins, flowers, animals, strawberries, water full of life, my Mountains, butterflies that kept sitting on me, and so much more. I AM leaving You with some of these precious moments.

Here is my new video about this that I recorded out in Nature, surrounded by magnificent Mountains:

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. When I was driving back home from my favorite Mountain place, I was not feeling sadness for the first time ever. I surrendered this longing and I felt how the Home is truly within ... and only inside of our Heart!