Monday, June 24, 2013

My Divine companions

Dear Family of Love!

So many are speaking about how to know "God" and about ways how to get there. Well, in Truth ... we are always there already. We are direct descendants of Source ... we are each a unique Source spark, so how can we not know "God" by our nature? We are never separated. This experience is natural to all of us. It is merely the perception of this separation that keeps us from experiencing it. True Source can only be felt ... it can only be experienced directly through our own individual experience of Divine Love, which is always personal. There is just One Source Truth of Creation, but endless ways of how to remember it and how to come into our own Self embodiment.

Do You see how Spirit is everywhere ... and in everything in Creation? The Magic comes from within us ... don't You ever forget it! The most observant Soul awareness sees Magic in everything! I wish to share more about the magical synchronicity and examples of it in my own life, and then I wish to share about some of the Divine companions on my journey as well. I AM sure You all experience this as well, but it's all being created by us and for us, through our own magical Self! In Truth, we are co-creating with other magical Beings on our journey ... always intrinsically connected through Spirit synchronicity!

So many times, we have forgotten about the Magic. What is it truly? What does it mean to live a simple and profound life? How is it to see everything with the eyes of innocence? How can life be if we imagine to always live it in wonder and awe? Can we connect to that deep and beautiful space of our true Self ... and to our wild magical Essence? And how does that inner knowing change us? When we fully remember who we are as magical Beings of Divine Love, this profound and yet simple knowing will change us forever. We will never be the same again. Everything that we look at, we will see with different eyes. Everything will feel magical, and our life will become a series of enchanted events ... as we are gathering them on a string of Light. Come join me on my own magical journey!

At the beginning of June, so much higher dimensional energy has been anchoring on the planet. I felt it in everything! I felt it in the shift of the weather, I felt it in the energy being anchored through the constant storms here, I felt it in the air, the wind, and even the smell. Synchronicity is a constant companion now! Life is so magical, when You gather all your magical companions and You will see ... You are never alone ... there is so much life in everything! To feel this, we need to know how to tune into the consciousness of All That Is, while fully present and anchored on the planet. When we can feel ourselves as an anchor point between pure awareness and matter, we will feel amazing things, if only our Hearts are open enough to feel. It is all about feeling, and Spirit cannot be seen ... it is felt ... with every Heart beat, with every pulsating moment in the Now. Everything is alive with consciousness!

My biggest Divine companion, if I can even call it that ... is Nature itself. Every part of it reflects my sacred space, as I AM a simple Nature Being myself. I love being everywhere in Nature, but mostly I enjoy and adore the Mountain space.

I AM a guardian of the Mountains as well. Nature awaits us every single day. She offers Her unique gifts in every moment. She is always radiant, Self nurturing, Self resourceful and Self observant, just like our Higher Self is. She invites us to visit Her every single day, so let us respond to Her lovely song of this invitation. And let us then share our own gifts with Her as well. Let us smile for Her, let us be playful, sing songs of Love and enjoy expressing our unique authentic Presence to Her. She will most definitely love it! We are One ... and when we feel this, we are connected and can feel as She does and vice versa!

So let me start with the Divine companions on my journey now ... on all of our journeys, actually. The most important Divine companion is the Divine Light. It is in everything. It shines through all Life in Creation. The more open, aware and present (alert) that we are, the more Light we can see within and around everything. We can also see it within, when we close our eyes and everything is magically twinkling right before our eyes. This is how I see through my internal Light vision. The image shared here is that of Magenta Pink ray that I keep catching with my Pink photo camera on my Nature trips lately. Some people confuse this ray with the Violet ray, but they are not the same. Magenta Pink is all about the Higher Heart, Christ Consciousness and Divine Love ... our Essence.

I will describe all variations of Creation now, not bypassing a single one. They are all equally important, just as we are all multidimensional as well.

Let me begin with the crystal companions first ... the mineral kingdom! I "own" (take care of) many of them, and usually I AM guided to play with my crystals and create a crystal grids quite often ... especially during the Moon cycles or energy Gateways. The last one I created was a spiral of Creation. I thought it will stay at that, but it did not. I was guided to add more and more crystals to it, and I know that it's all squeezed in tight, for I don't have much space on my tiny shelf. But the crystal grid ended up being a whole sacred journey of Cosmic-Earthly experience as One, and only I know the entire/deeper meaning of it.

But if You connect deeper with this image and its energy, You will feel that it's full of Divine Principles of Creation. It carries a unique energetic signature, and I feel I will adjust it in the upcoming days, for we are still in an intense purification cycle, especially those of us who are Pillars. I thought I will finalize it later, and modify it, but I was somehow guided to leave it at that. We just had a Super Full Moon, so I will probably create a new one soon, because I already dismantled this one ... as I always put my crystal companions on my balcony when the Moon is full.

They can also be shaped like something You wish to create and manifest in your life. In the winter time, I gathered my crystals into a tiny house, because I was manifesting a new home for myself. This vision is now becoming more solid every day, and my physical move/relocation is very close. Our guidance is ever more profound, and we are receiving new directions constantly. If You are creating crystal grids yourself, all You have to do is remain open and trust what You are receiving for yourself and the highest good of all.

I also love taking my crystal companions outdoors with me ... and meditate with them, if I get a chance. Sometimes I find myself working with them more, and other times I just let them be and leave them alone. Crystals are like that. They will either call You to work with them or not. Always listen to your Heart and the voice of their little devas inside!

Oh, and don't forget to work with regular stones as well, as they are minerals as well. Working with them helps to increase our own body mineral structure, as our blood codes are all about silica .. one of the most important elements for us ... all is crystalline in nature. You can also create many wonderful things with stones of all shapes and sizes ... I usually create mandalas or sacred symbols, representing sacred geometry. You never know how You help to raise the frequency of Nature where You create them ... on that corner of the world.

Now about the plant kingdom. The plant kingdom carries within it the codes of the Solar logos ... our Sun. Plants receive and reflect the Light of the Sun, and they are not just here for the reason to gather Light and respond to it ... they also help to anchor and reflect great Divine beauty. They show us the beauty of Creation ... in all their infinite colors, sizes and shapes. There are so many different kinds, and it's not just all about the flowers, it's all plants that carry and store powerful Light DNA. Although I must admit that I love and admire flowers the most. I see them on my Nature trips, and I always pay great attention and detail to them. I always make pictures of them, I talk to them and tell them how beautiful they are.

One time, I was also "channeling" them when I made a funny video for someone. They can be quite mischievous ... You will not believe it until You experience this yourself. The more open You will be to plant life, the more Light will be activating within yourself. When your awareness rises, You will be opening more to all aspects of Nature ... of Creation. Notice these subtle changes happening inside You. Feel how your Heart is expanding. For example, the flower essences especially help to heal and expand a "broken" Heart. They can instantly uplift and raise our vibration ... just by looking at them, and especially when working with them.

We should not forget about our friends the trees as well. They are so powerful and wise. This is the image of a double Twin Soul tree that I discovered this year, and I came under its shelter quite often. When I wrapped my arms around it, I felt a very soft and soothing energy, almost like something is caressing my skin. Wow, such shivers!

Let me continue with the animal kingdom. I wish to dedicate these words to our little animal Divine companions. The kingdoms and the elementals are a very important part of our Ascension journey, and it's so good to connect with them frequently. Whenever I AM our in Nature, I always have a wonderful animal experience. One time, this little lizard was sunbathing directly under my leg. Usually these creatures are quite timid, and they run away rather quickly, but this little buddy did not. He also kept looking up towards me with his tiny head. He was just the cutest company to have! The lizard represents death and resurrection (like the passage from winter to springtime), it brings Divine wisdom and good fortune. Because they are quite timid and avoid danger, they represent this attribute to us ... to avoid that which is not for our highest good. Their attributes are: adaptation, variation, flexibility, quickness, shrewdness and introversion. They also like to come to sunbathe on a hot stone, so they also show us to take some time to relax and just Be every once and a while.

All the animals are messengers of Spirit, and they carry a Divination meaning for us when we come across them, especially if we see them more than once. All of them, from the smallest insect, to the biggest animal ... is a totem for us to explore and connect to their energy from inside out. So, what other creatures was I seeing a lot lately ... and what do they represent? Lately I keep seeing snails a lot. I even saw a few on my most recent Mountain retreat, and they were open and alert, not just in a shell. They represent slowing down, slower pace in our life and observing the beauty along our journey ... so that our life does not pass us by in a hurry. One time I went out into the forest, and I saw a cute tiny frog, which I was chasing ... because I just adore frogs. She first wanted to escape, but then she totally surrendered and she rested in my hand, not even wanting to jump off of it. She was just so adorable, and I was telling her how much I love her and how beautiful she is with her orange glow. I recorded her on a video, but I did not make a photo of it. Frogs represent healing, emotional cleansing, getting rid of the old and all of that stuff, which we were engaged in so often lately!

I also have many beautiful experiences with dogs, who usually come to say "hi" quite often, especially this very ancient dog Soul in a body of an Alaskan Malamute. I just so love that dog! It is just so amazing, because You can see how they sense your peaceful energy and Presence. It is the same with birds, and now they rarely even run away when I pass by. They were singing like crazy this Spring ... I AM guessing they were celebrating the new energies! My personal favorite bird is the buzzard, and we have so many here in Slovenia. Their symbolism is much like that of the hawk.

We are becoming more Christed in our embodiment, and animals can feel this now. Some of us often carry "Assisi like" energy, and it's just so beautiful to continue to evolve in that direction. Let us cherish all Divine companions who continue to walk with us on this planet as One! Yesterday I was hiking on a beautiful hill, and when I reached the top, a beautiful light green bug flew on me. He looked like he wanted to build his fortress in my sweater. He flew towards me like I AM his target, and he did not wish to leave at all. I literally had to show him the "door" when I wanted to leave.

A bug (beetle) can represent many things, as there are many different types, so observe the type and their color as well. For me, it was green, and green is all about healing and something fresh and new. They do have some common denominators and they are: time, strength, structure, creativity, recycling, cleanliness, adaptation, community, uniqueness, metamorphosis, transformation, resourcefulness, etc. It is important that You feel the message as it comes for You, because it will always be personal and unique. Pay attention to what is happening to You in that moment ... then the message should come really clearly ... as long as You are fully open and receptive.

For me, the bug brought a message of persistence, the kind of strength that is unlikely or underestimated. I found this online, and it says: "Specifically, strength that is unlikely, and underestimated. Have you ever had helpless thoughts like: "I have no influence or sway upon outcomes in life." Or, "I can't change the world, I'm just one person." The beetle has no truck for that kind of talk. Although they come in an infinite number of sizes, compared to people or elephants, beetles are mostly tiny creatures. Nevertheless, they are capable of moving mountains in their small worlds." It is funny, because I was just saying this myself that day, after a powerful Full Moon releasing, that I cannot do everything alone ... that I simply have too much on my hands and sometimes I feel like I will break down. So thank You, tiny bug!

Once You get the message, feel the animal, bless its presence on your journey and thank it for the message. You can also wish it a blessed journey. But what is most important is your deep appreciation for it, and this can only come from your pure Heart. What happened with my bug yesterday was actually quite funny as well. When I was just about to leave, he kept flying into me again, and he tried like 3 times. Each time I bounced him off like with a racket. It did not work, so my mom had to bounce it off at the end. What this means is that the message wanted to come through really intensely, and that I should pay extra attention to its meaning in my life now. It also shows great persistence and devotion, which is also the attribute of the Capricorn, the sign which this Full Moon was in. And my Moon is in Capricorn as well, so no surprise ... my inner Self empowerment is increasing and I AM expanding!

Enjoy your magical journey and all your Divine companions ... we share the same space under the stars!

Within Divine Love, Polona