Monday, June 24, 2013

Spirit messages & synchronicity

Dear Family of Love!

The means of Spirit communication are endless and come through everything in our life ... physical and non physical. The Divine speaks to us through numbers, patterns of Light, symbols, angelic feathers, coins, songs and melodies, repetitive words, etc. Everything around us reflects our state of awareness back to us! Because I spend most of my time outside, I often see interesting things everywhere.

Just recently I had an amazing Spirit synchronicity with feathers! I just pulled the daily card for the Ascension message, and it was one with angelic wings and full of white feathers, when suddenly my mom walked in the room. She just returned from her daily walk and she held a big white feather in her hands. It is a very rare specimen to find here. I was astonished, as I was just about to write my daily message, and she showed up with this feather out of nowhere.It was a lovely confirmation and a beautiful start of the month of June.

And I had a beautiful Spirit find on one of my walks myself! These are feathers from my favorite birds here ... buzzards, which are powerful messengers of Spirit and wonderful Divine companions who carry deep Spirit messages. This entire day was totally Angelic/of Higher Presence, and these two feathers only confirmed that. I saw them on my way back home from Nature, and I almost went pass them already, but my eye caught them and I saw they were a yin and yang couple. I picked them up and took them home with me. They came just after I lying down in the grass and observing a single buzzard who was making its usual circles in the sky. It was an amazing experience!

Yesterday when I was hiking on a hill (before having the bug experience), and after my crying/releasing moments of intensity, I found three feathers as well. But the one on the picture here was utterly Divine. It wasn't a regular black one, its color is actually deep blue and it shines. Its reflection is just so beautiful, and I got tears in my eyes the moment I found it. I was thanking the Divine for this upliftment and encouragement. "I can do it, I know I can," is what I felt after seeing this feather. The last one was found my my mom, and so we had a family of three of such kind. From the big one to the smallest one.

The whole of June was also very magical in regards to fluffy things, because the air was full of white puffy thingies, which were flying all over and they felt like Angelic presence, so one could almost feel like in Heaven. If I have my camera with me, I always try to capture all these special moments.

What about numbers? I wrote so much on this topic already, and I keep saying how numbers are Divine triggers/Cosmic generators. They are also Light encoded and reflect the state of our awareness back at us. When seeing them, it's not just about the repetition of a certain number or a sequence of numbers ... it's more about the energy that they carry. You might have many numbers and number sequences "following You." That is how many people express themselves. But they are not following us, they are actually being generated by us.

For example, the meaning that we feel for a particular number, will always come to us through that number. E.g., 55 means change to me, 77 means the right spiritual path and direction (and I always get these via license plates), 33 is Self mastery, 44 is angelic presence, 11 is waking up, being alert and keeping our thoughts high, 88 is about infinite abundance, 99 is about completion of a particular cycle, etc. These are just my own personal impressions! It is the same with oracle cards and other messages. So the important part is for You to find out (not through analysis) what they mean for You. Each of them is unique, and You won't find all the answers in the "Angels 101" book on angelic numbers. And it's not enough just to say: "Oh, Angels are with me now." How about opening up to our own angelic Self? You have to go deeper and look within! That is where your answers are!

Let me share one of my own examples of numbers and synchronicity to give You a better idea about this. On one of my most recent Mountain hikes, I found a beautiful black feather on the flow, and it was right by the borderline pillar (with Austria). The number of the pillar was 22, which for me is all about keeping the faith and trust. The number two is also about relationship energy and union of two Souls. Well, the funny thing is that I found the second feather just a few steps away, so the energy was all about two. An even more wonderful surprise was waiting for me on top of the Mountain.

My Divine Reunion that is always with me (within me) is 27. It is like living in a "twilight zone", but I've got used to it by now. Everything in my life is always about 27, and this matches my own Divine resonance perfectly. So when I got to the top, the main pillar there was numbered 27. And there is no surprise that the state number of that region is 427, which is the number I also kept seeing lately. How everything makes perfect sense. 27 is the resonance of "Home" for me, and this pillar confirmed to me, that this region is where my new physical home resides. I did not go into researching this with the intellect, but it just came very apparent to me through my inner knowing. This is called deep inner feeling/knowing. I was confused for a while, where I should live next, because I knew it's mostly about the perfect location (for now, of course) ... and I was trying to "find it." But I needed to surrender and allow it to find me. It's just how it is. And all of these numbers were a part of my own internal Divine guidance. How grateful I AM for this ... especially being aware of it!

I also receive many messages through my oracle card companions! I have numerous amounts of them, but lately I AM truly drawn to the Faery oracles. I have two new ones, and it's not just the cards themselves ... their books offer such amazing descriptions and explanations as well. They triggered a lot of my own Divine remembrance. When I was hiking in my Mountains, I felt a strong connection to my Faery family, and I usually do when I AM outdoors. They are Beings who are constantly here to remind us of Magic ... they whisper, and it's up to us to hear them. I AM so connected to this frequency, and I was really excited to receive the gift of these oracle cards. I might incorporate this in my Spirit messages as well.

At the end, I AM just sharing some L-O-V-E. The clouds are speaking to me again ... in many different shapes and forms, in Hearts and letters in the sky. How magical and mysterious life is! The Divine also communicates with me through the messages in the clouds quite often. I did not go to bed this night, and I AM happy I did so. I created a beautiful night for myself, and since I work so much lately and always get to bed so late, I also wake up quite late ... and so I never see the morning sky, the glowing pink hues and hear the first birds singing. Well, today I did! And I was amazed by what happened. What a surprise! When I took a moment to step outside, there was a beautiful sign in the sky. There was a word L-O-V-E written with beautiful letters! It is like I got my special note from my Higher Self ... I created it with my own Presence. The Magic continues!

Here is my video about how to live through the awareness of Magic:

Within Divine Love, Polona