Saturday, February 28, 2015

Taking a leap of Faith

Dear Beloveds!

These are intense times of change, and we are all going to be asked to change something in order to move forward, deeper into the New. Taking a leap of Faith does not only apply to doing something outrageous. We can take a leap of Faith every single day, through the most random things that we do in our lives. Taking a leap of Faith means to live a life of Spirit guidance. Our gifts and abilities of Soul come through us when we embrace the dark womb of Divine Mother within us. The so-called "Black Madonna" represents that as an archetype, which means that we cannot hide or not acknowledge the dark aspect of Creation. When we are unafraid to look really deeply into what darkness is, we might be surprised what it was actually designed for in the Creation of worlds. The mere concept of "dark matter" has entrained and eluded us for Eons at the same time. Magic comes through embracing not just the "positive", the bright and effortless, but also the challenging, the hidden and the dark. Through that initiation, we will grow in the Power of our Being and once again the Divine scales will be in equilibrium again. We are in that restoration period Now.
 March will be an intense month of change. It carries the Universal number of 11/2, and we are definitely stepping through another important gateway, as realities/timelines are merging as One. You can listen to my monthly podcast here! We will have the "last" Grand cardinal square, as well as the Equinox ... and the Eclipse season begins as well!

The main/key theme for March is Perseverance. This also includes how we perceive hardship. Many individuals are going through a so-called "dark night of the Soul" at this time, but they still partially judge it. They are asking themselves how they got there in the first place. They think it's not how it should be, and that they should be better, stronger, more aware. In that act, the gift of true awareness is being denied, for through such a judgment, we cannot see the real cause behind everything, and without that primal cause, the effect will change everything. Perception is everything, because it will shape our reality, so to alter our reality, we need to be willing to go so deep in our Spirit communion that we embrace everything ... not just what we like and what we might want to hear from Spirit, but also that which speaks of something that we would rather hide or push aside. That carries important messages for us and our Soul expansion.

For many Eons, Life as we know it was only based on Source/Light, but the aspect of Creation was denied. Many beings were seeking that Prime Light of All, but they tried to deny the Creation aspect, the pure Existence and all that it carries within it. That is also why the feminine principle and female gender in general were denied for so long, for the memory of this grander denial was reflected in that. We are Now learning to see the Gifts in everything, to restore the inner balance of our Being, and therefore balance and harmonize the Grand scales of Divinity in this Existence.

Beloved Quan Yin visited us in the snow. Can You see/feel Her Presence?

With embracing ourselves through every aspect and every experience, we will set ourselves free, and dedicate our life to setting all Life in Creation free. Once we are on that path, we cannot help but feel something greater than ourselves, committing to a much greater cause and reason for us being here at this very crucial time of the shift in consciousness. We can start today, by honestly asking ourselves which challenges on our path do we still see as bad? Does that help us to persevere? When do we still feel worthless or not good/awake/aware enough? How does that hinder us from simply Being? How can we let that go? It is time to let go and allow the Divine womb to become a natural part of our living existence.

You can see my video about Self sustenance with an energy/Light exercise here: 

We are also being influenced by a Pentagram! It began this week and it will be so this year in general. This is amazing Spirit Essence and path! Buzzard bird is my Spirit guide, and I created the stones as a pentagram. The card in the middle says to shine forth, so it truly represents the Light of Spirit! This marks an important pivotal point. The month of February has set the stage for the important month of March, where a Galactic cycle ends, and a new one begins on a grander scale. 

My latest Ascension update about this can be found here:

For many of us, long term wishes are coming true ... and please know that sometimes the completion of a grand wish first requires the completion of a few minor ones first. Everything is intertwined anyway, so there is nothing that is not important in our journey. Let us not forget to count our blessings and see with our higher vision ... where they are actually leading us! To have Soul desires is not bad at all, as long as we are not attached to the outcomes. Our Soul desires come through our Core Soul Essence, and when realized for the greater good, these desires actually help us to Self realize.

Something wonderful wants to emerge at this time, and this month of February is a strong month of creativity, especially with all the Pisces energy that guides us in artistic ways. We were always meant to explore Divine Beauty and see how we are co-creating it. When we call our inner Angel to work through us, we can also call in other Angels who co-create with us, as they are always here to guide and support. Sometimes we forget that asking for help or guidance is not the same as giving our power away.

We only give our power away when we think that the work will be done by something outside of ourselves and procrastinate or stay passive. Angels are calling us, and we are receiving many wonderful confirmation signs. They are speaking really loud at this time, for the energy of Pisces is also the energy of Spirit connection. Even just nothing the signs is a part of the creative process, and yet Now we are guided to go deeper and stay committed to what we desire to create.

The wishing energy is also with us. Whenever we are creating something it's very important that we don't scatter our energy focus. That is why a good practice is always to have 1-3 main desires in our Hearts, and then trusting that all the other desires are already a part of those few main ones, because they form a Unified Wish that always rests in our Soul. The longing shows us what that is, and being practical means to focus only on 1-3 things at a time, so that we might have a better result in terms of dedication.

The more we are dedicated, the more present and aware we are with what we are doing. When one thing is completed, it naturally builds towards the completion of all the others, for all is intertwined. Our wishes are coming true ... and magical sprinkles are all around us! Believe and persevere!

How about being bold and courageous as we are stepping into the New? In our lives, there is a paying forward, and there is also a paying backward. This means that sometimes we might have to go out on a limb and communicate or do the thing that calls out to us regardless of our mind telling us otherwise. When we tune into our primal inner knowing, we go beyond rational reasons and perceptions. So when we pay it forward, we are in an overflowing energy that can give and share freely and securely, and when we are paying it backward, it means that we take the leap first, and then all the overflowing support comes. This takes extra faith, and yet this is how we learn to live our Divinity beyond our comfort zone. Such a way of living keeps us focused in the Now, but it's important to also be grounded. Taking a leap of faith is not the same as doing something in an ungrounded manner. There is a huge difference.

Taking a leap of faith comes through Divine guidance, so the feeling of doing or creating something beyond the comfort zone will be intense. Doing something without being anchored in our Presence is almost like "shooting blanks", as it has no greater Divine direction and focus. So when we are taking risks that sometimes seem even out of proportion, we need to bring ourselves to our center and make the right choices accordingly. The right choice is the one that feels good and brings us a sense of Bliss, not necessarily the one that feels comfortable or stagnant, without any enthusiasm. It is also not the one that feels only logically correct. Only the mind creates a scale and weighs the pros and cons, whereas our Soul simply shows us what is for our greater benefit through Divine clarity and for that we need to trust completely.

Many individuals are going through seemingly uncomfortable changes at this time, and these consider everything from their living conditions to their relationships. They are beginning to question everything in their life and perhaps even everything they have ever done and experienced. This is actually good. It serves a grand purpose of coming into our true Soul alignment. When we see the choices and experiences that followed those choices, we will be more aware of the energy dynamics playing out. And then we can simply observe and choose again. What will it be this time? Will we continue to play the same old record, or will we change the tune into a higher octave? Whatever it will be, we will need to trust, as Self mastery is all about the trust in our own sovereign Self.

Are we going to take that leap?

There is also so much body integration present Now, because we are going through an energetic upgrade and a re-wiring of our nerve system! This has been a week full of integrating new beginnings for us. Remember that integration means applying what we activate, so it's not passive at all. To integrate does not mean only to wait for something to happen on its own. Integration means pushing the energy through consciously, in a natural way. 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn