Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy St. Valentine's day!

Dear Beloveds!

This whole Valentine's week was amazing indeed. We are opening to a whole new level of abundance! We are truly learning/remembering how it is to always overflow. At the beginning of this week I was guided to start creating sacred altars and post them daily on my personal Instagram page. This serves to anchor a particular Essence that is being revealed to us, and then create a sacred water ritual. In this ritual we receive directions on how to embody that Essence, and then we bless the water with that Essence and drink it when the altar has served its purpose.

Here is my latest Ascension update video:

These are intense Soul expansion times!!! We are receiving miniature clues and insights for the next steps to take since Mercury went direct this week on the 11th, and yet the time for new initiatives will truly come after March 3rd and culminate around the time of the Virgo Full Moon on March 5th. At this time we might be guided to develop something new or design something and master research on many topics and ways of sharing that will guide us into the New. There can be lots to work on, but it is all very exciting when we do it through Joy. We can do anything when we know how to focus on it with great clarity of intent.

We are also receiving dream guidance with messages at this time, for our dream time reflects our awareness, and recently one of mine was to get a passport, since I don't have one and it implied expansion in travels and networking. If we are too busy during the day, our guidance will reach us at nighttime. There is lots of expansion and change coming this year, so let us begin by simply welcoming in this new energy into our lives step by step, as we are creating a new and solid foundation for the New. A house made on solid grounds will be a true Divine Pillar!

Today is St. Valentine's day, and I was guided to share about passion. Did You know that this year Valentine's day happens to be a 6 Universal day, and 6 is the number of unconditional Love, of selfless service and of Venus, which holds the portal of the sacred Heart and Agape Love. Agape Love is also being lively and passionate about Life in general.

Watch my Valentine's day message video here: 

When we are passionate about something or someone, we are only being passionate for that something or someone because we are passionate about ourselves. We are always that first recipient of the "I AM" Light that flows through our unique Soul, so whenever we hold back in any way, it's not just others who are not fully receiving ... we are not as well. The deepest passion is when we can be so open and so free in Being who we are, that our Heart Fire fuel is infinite and never runs out. We are Self sustaining and we are in flow with creative Magic.

When we trust that Passion of the Soul guides us and our choices, we will always stay in alignment with what is taking place. We will trust our inner Magic and no longer seek validation of our experiences on the outside.

Be the passion Flame of your burning Heart! Happy Valentine's day!

Here is my St. Valentine's sacred altar. It shows the Essence of a strong King who is loyal and just in His choices and partnerships. This also shows a powerful throne of stability and inner security, which asks us to build everything on a solid foundation. This might sometimes take longer than we would like to imagine it with our mind, but it will have greater effects and influences on the Whole as well as our personal Bliss of the Soul. This reflects the Essence of true Divine partnerships. 

What is the Essence of a Divine partnership in Soul Union for us? What is it in Truth? Why is that important to know? So that we know what we are inviting into our sacred space!!!

A while ago I had a dream guidance where a Being asked me: "How did You know that Arthur was the genuine King when You handed Him the Sword of Truth?" This relates to knowing what kind of Beloved will we surrender to and share not just our Love but our Power with as well! It is not enough just to have Love for each other, we also need to align with each other in genuine integrity of Soul in awareness. Let us ask ourselves this simple and yet important question at this time, rather than seeking something externally ... outside of us.

Are we loving ourselves like we are the center of All Life from our own unique/individualized Soul perspective? Knowing true Love begins with loving ourselves unconditionally. We are born out of Oneness, and yet becoming perfectly unique in all that we are and the Divine potential that sleeps within us. We are so amazing, but often we forget that inner adoration and seek Love and validation outside ourselves first, before living in a state of inner wholeness and completion. This utter Self Love is also Self adoration, and when we are amazed by our unique Presence, then the whole Universe rejoices, and others seem to be adoring us as well, seeing their own Divinity reflected in our eyes and felt in our entire Presence.

Remember that those who desire true Love, need to be willing to stand strong in their desires and never make compromises. To make compromises was a teaching of the old, but in the New we become masters of creating our own Heart desires through Soul alchemy. When we know exactly what we desire, we also have to be willing to make the necessary steps towards it, which often include intermediary steps that will assist us along the way. All of the steps are opportunities, even if they seem challenging or "not right."

Often we also meet the kind of Souls that help us with integrating greater Self Love, or better understand what we desire in partnership. When we move from relationships into Divine partnership, all of our partnerships will reflect the Self back to our self. They will be formed from inside out. That is how simple it is, but we need to first find a space of our authentic Presence and honor it in every single way and detail of life that resonates with us. We need to become aligned with our inner integrity and propelled by our higher desires, which always steer us in the right direction.

I have a question for You. How are You going to spend your own St. Valentine's day? The whole point of this celebration is to treat ourselves how we wish to be treated by others, magnetizing only true Love into our ascending reality, without any compromises. Whatever it is ... do it with Passion!

How do You choose to honor all Life in Creation by honoring your Self? Seek always within first! 

How do we work with the Essence of manifestation, expectations of desires and offerings in the New? We are activating and anchoring a new level of abundance, which truly comes out of our precious Soul. We were so used to getting things done the hard way in the old, and although we learned many lessons of self responsibility that way, this no longer serves us. Once the lessons are learned, we can open up to a new level of Being, where new doorways open up and a new level of manifestation is called for. This way we will truly learn to work with the magical alchemy of our Soul moving in the body and creating natural changes in our personal Ascension.

In the New we create through inner Magic, which is all about creating a sacred ritual to manifest abundance with intent. When we know why we are generating prosperity and have a specific focus in mind, we work with energy more directly, and so it knows where it needs to flow through Spirit. Let us say that we have something very specific in mind, and then we put all of our focus into generating all the support for this vision.

You are Divine royalty, so treat yourself like one!

We then need to let go, for if this vision is for our greater good, abundance will flow naturally anyway. We don't need to struggle, save up or be cautious with money, when we have the awareness of generating and using it with Soul awareness. When our inner connection to Source is humble and thankful and our visions are aligned with our Soul, all the forces of the Universe will flow.

We don't need to create our desires with so much earthly means, such as throwing coins in the wishing wells and so on. Our desires already lie in our Soul. We simply need to be honest with ourselves and scan our conscious awareness to see how much we still filter those desires, and whether they truly reflect our Soul in all of its Purity, or do we add other things to them, making them denser as they truly are, and so create much of unwanted cares and worries?

We need to get really clear with our Self. When we simplify our lives, we will see how much all that we need already comes to us when we are humble and genuine. Whatever suits us in the moment will always come to us. Sometimes individuals attach themselves to something very specific, and then feel stressed and worried when it does not come. That is already a sign ... maybe it's not meant to be, or something greater will come, but we need to first recognize this in awareness and align ourselves with it.

This new level also formulates a question. Are there any new wishes arising within our renewed Self? We might receive a new vision or an idea at this time, so we can take that into our inner sacred altar, write it down and treasure it ... and then allow the external support (including the money that we might require as an energy exchange) to come to us as we take the steps towards making our new idea a dream of the Soul to be lived here and Now. Sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith!

"1, 2, 3 ... I allow my deepest wish to reveal itself to me!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn