Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Goddess speaks: Be yourself!

Dear Beloveds!

This month is leading us into a strong Goddess Essence, which is the embodiment of pure delight in Creation. The Way of the sacred feminine is that allowance of the Self through deep pleasure and passion of Joy. We may feel more inspired by the Goddess than ever before, which definitely means that we are moving into a more feminine way of Being, surrendering the need to control everything and trusting life in its simplicity and natural guidance. Everything else is always in alignment when we are guided to simply create and focus on the Joy of our passionate Soul. What is deeply calling You at this time? Trust that calling!

 Here is my latest Ascension update about what is currently taking place:

A short while ago a Divine companion visited my humble abode, and we had some magical moments together. We were learning from each other's differences and mastered the Art of full acceptance.

We have just celebrated a Full Moon in Leo, which was symbolic for the deepening of our inner Cosmic womb of Creation. The sign of Leo is all about the Heart, and this is where all of our manifestation comes from in the New. Leo cares deeply and speaks passionately, and yet there is not just compassion here, but also a deep sense of passion. 

The perfection of this Full Moon is that it lies right in between the two Aquarius New Moons, which is a very rare occurrence. To have two new Moons in the same sign is already rare enough, and for them to be in the sign of freedom loving Aquarius is truly a Divine blessing ... a Cosmic opportunity of a new start in all matters of the Heart. All those who love truly and purely will benefit from this energy and the Cosmic alignments taking place at this time. Our Heart pursuits are paying off dividends, so to speak.

Those who do not yet live in the fulness and playfulness of an open Heart might experience a sense of stagnation, so passion of the Heart will really become a deep longing to take into consideration. It will only get louder and louder. Passion is the Cosmic fire energy that lives in all of us, and the sign of Leo (ruled by the Sun) is truly bringing this out of us. 

There might be things that we have been neglecting in the past, and Now our Soul is guiding us to bring that back, in a new way or form. We are asked to cherish the passionate Essence of our Soul through everything that we do, which means that we consider all of our reality as a sacred ritual, not just when we create specific ceremonies. Our Life is becoming a sacred ceremony in itself already. The Magic lives inside of us at all times, not only on special occasions.

The first Aquarius New Moon was at zero degrees, and the second one will be at its final degrees. So what does this mean? It means that we Now truly have an opportunity to completely free ourselves of anything that we feel as an obstacle or limitation. That is also why Mercury is retrograde at this time, as the Divine knows exactly what needs to take place and how we need to "spin." 

And what about feeling overwhelmed or drained by the outside? In Truth, we only take in non authentic energies when we don't fully accept what we are coming into interaction with. The archetype of Aquarius loves both freedom of Being and belonging in the Community of all Hearts as One. So there is a sense of deepening our boundaries within Soul uniqueness and belonging to a greater Whole. This does not necessarily mean that we need to join groups or participate in global events. It simply means that we embrace our loving Hearts as a part of a much greater collective of all Hearts ... and imagine dancing as One.

We are unique, and yet we breathe as One Cosmic Heart of Divine Love through the sacred fire of our Soul!

Recently I had an interesting dream in which I was going through my videos, and in the end of the video which I have watched, the last sentence that I said was: "The Way of the Feminine!" What is the Way of the sacred feminine? This doesn't have to do anything with gender, but the Essence of Creation that is completely feminine in its Being (Self expression) from our personal experience and perspective. That part of Creation is full of Life and it creatives through simply being open to what is and what it can be. That part considers all the potentials that can form Life anew, and then it simply magnetizes the truest and highest potential to come into experience and form.

Did You ever have an experience when You came from two different ways of being, and results were totally different each time? The Way of the Feminine shows us the law of non resistance and simple magnetization through the Core of our Soul in deep freedom and Joy. When we fully surrender to the Way of the feminine, we will be inspired in a new way, like possibly never before. We will see that we don't have to struggle so much to create things in our reality. With that integrated in our Being, we will flow through Life much more easily, but with greater focus and clarity. We will know exactly what we wish to birth through us and why, as our inner senses will be deep and sharpened.

When we only choose to create through the masculine principle, the constant drive cannot leave an open space for magical synchronicity through surrender. When we only create from the feminine principle, we don't always have that proper drive for action which will set the foundation for new birth. When we come from both perspectives and parts of Creation as One Whole Essence of Divinity, we co-create through balance and harmony. The Way of the Feminine is very important Now, because it is that inner intuition that feels things before it brings them into vision through focus. The masculine principle is all about focus, while the feminine principle is all about surrender. The masculine inseminates while the feminine receives through the Cosmic Womb of All. We need both to Self sustain from our inner temple, the chalice of the "I AM" embodiment.

We are mastering ourselves through learning how to balance the counter polarities and merge them into Unity consciousness, which is the Way of the New.

A great opening is taking place at this time, as we cosmically move into a new chapter of our ascending lives. The Divine Womb of Life in Creation is calling us back to our Core Creation Self.

Enter the Womb fearlessly ... the New awaits! 

There is such Beauty of the Yin and Yang that are intertwining and dancing together in our lives. Many Beings have become the ultimate chalice for the feminine and masculine married as One. The Way of the true Beloved Essence is to embody the Beloved in true Love rather than making something happen on the outside. The manifestation of the living Beloved frequency in form takes place naturally as we become Whole and complete in our Creation Self. 

Here is my video on embodying the consciousness of the Beloved:

Are You ready to embrace a new cycle of Life in which You constantly revitalize yourself from deep within? This time is leading us into a strong Goddess Essence, which is the embodiment of pure delight in Creation. The sacred creative flow of constant Life in its deepest Essence can create such Magic through us. The Way of the sacred feminine is that allowance of the Self through deep pleasure and passion of Joy. 

We may feel more inspired by the Goddess than ever before, which definitely means that we are moving into a more feminine way of Being, surrendering the need to control everything and trusting life in its simplicity and natural guidance. Everything else is always in alignment when we are guided to simply create and focus on the Joy of our passionate Soul.

Allow the White Lady of Creation in your Life! 

When my Divine companion was visiting here, we created some truly magical moments of the sacred feminine and we also had a Goddess party ... who said Ascension isn't fun? 
We are invited to play more often than work, until we merge them as one. In the New, there is no separation, and we learn a lot through a playful approach to all that we are opening ourselves to. This is a time to be open and receptive of all ideas and visions, and not negate the Self in any way or form. Not much good comes out of that. We are reminded of the importance of play time, as we put the "feel good" activities on our list as a priority. Looks like this is an ongoing theme for this month. When we play, magical guidance can flow through us, and the more time we spend doing that, the more we feel connected to the Divine Source, and merge it with our experiencing self.

Our experiences all carry the potential of new Soul expansion, and if something no longer brings us Joy, we need to recreate something new and go play "somewhere" else. This is how we expand and try out new things, and through that process, we engage our inner Magician who always works with imagination first, before making things real and raw. 

Dreams will be important this month, and the dreamy energy of Pisces in all ways will bring us many new opportunities. If we allow ourselves to open our minds to higher creativity, we will see that even visualizing and daydreaming is an important part of the process … before stepping into a new astrological year next month.

This is an important step on our current Ascension journey. And this is what will guide us this month ahead and beyond. 

More Bliss is ready to enter our life, and this simply means that we are ready to live in a more blissful way, where our work becomes play and our play becomes a beautiful co-creation with the Divine. The more we ascend in our bodies, the more our Spirit of the I AM descends into it, and the more passion and pleasure we desire to experience and co-create. This is a time where we can completely revitalize ourselves and begin a whole new routine. This begins Now, as always all the energy focus needs to be anchored in the Present moment. We already live our highest attainment in the Now, and there are no goals and destinations, only what takes place naturally through our expansion. With this in mind, our Life force is growing and our kundalini is rising.

No wonder that we will have a planetary alignment of 5 stellar bodies in the sign of Pisces this month, with a pentagram forming in our skies at the end of the month. This means Love in action, in its highest creative expression of the Divine, especially since Venus and Mars are dancing together as Cosmic lovers, bringing the harmony and beauty of Pisces, and aligning it with action in their conjunction in Aries towards the end of the month. 

There is a new rebirth at hand, and the Divine Mother is with us, igniting our true Soul passion from within. No wonder the Great Goddesses were always associated with children and viewed as bearers of Life. This is the ultimate bringing of Spirit manna into form, and this month is perfect for more of that. 

We can be guided to spend much time outdoors, engage in many activities that enliven our spirits and body, and alchemize our Soul in form. I sure AM! 
And this one is for my fellow Divine companions who have come to this planet to pave the Way to a new Way of Being, a completely new Existence! How often have we been afraid to stand out and shine too brightly? How often have we stood in the back while hiding our Light? This ends Now, with the embodiment of our Soul who knows no separation and boundaries. Now that we know that these restrictions were all falsely created, we can be and emanate anything.

Spirit recently asked this question: "If we can choose and be/radiate anything, what would it be?" There is much more than we ever thought of behind the veil!

Don't be afraid to stand out and look at yourself in the mirror quite often ... for You are becoming the embodiment of your Soul!

Together we stand United ... divided we fall.

Recently I was co-creating with the White Lady, which is an archetype that I AM embodying myself. I created the White Lady Elven wands and Elven jewelery set. The White Lady lives inside of me and She inspires all of my Soul Art as the giver of Life. She is the White Priestess who understands the very nature of Life in Creation. The word "Elven" means full of life in Spirit, so full of pure living consciousness in Self mastery. This is also the energy Essence of Purity of intent within the Heart and Mind of One. The White Ray brings the Essence of devotion to Ascension and Self mastery through understanding its very dynamics in awareness.

This is my latest Soul Art expression, which radiates with the Essence of the White Lady. When we honor the White Lady, we honor all particles of Creation as One, and have an understanding that all is primarily created through the Divine and then it is meant to expand and expand.  
It strongly began to emerge for me with Queen Aurea. She was my first Galactic portrait, where a new Soul Art technique was revealed to me. I was guided to use charcoal and then paint over it with metallic/shinny colors. Then I added extra sparkles and some crystal nuggets.

I AM still pondering on whether I should also offer this as a personal service. What do You think?  

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn