Monday, February 9, 2015

New breakthroughs & renewals

Dear Beloveds!

Last week was amazingly intense for sure, and for each one of us this probably came through in different ways. Personally, most of my week was about dealing with technical things, setting up my new computer and learning about new computer implementations and such. Boy, what a week! Especially for someone who likes to live on a more natural side of life. But Mercury retrograde had its own plan in mind, and this in fact turned out to be quite a blessing. I was getting deeper insights into how I can expand through sharing in new ways, which is also an aspect of that Aquarian energy of pure freedom and telepathic transmission. I was absorbing new knowledge like a sponge. This step is needed for many Pioneers so that we can step further into our new expanded Self. Of course this doesn't mean that we completely plunge into the world of computers, so to say (in my example), but we merge what we have to share with ways of how to share it and being more "user friendly" in a way.

As a result of this short time period, my new computer is now finally set up to work properly, and new beginnings can start taking place. A clean slate??? As another result of this, I AM Now going to be sharing myself in some new ways as well. From Now on I AM on Instagram, where I will be sharing my daily inspirations through photography messages, and on Pintrest, where You can learn more about what I like and value in my personal life. Maybe some of it will inspire your own creative imagination.

My vision is to create a collage of images from my Soul Art! Every day that I can I will post a sacred altar to anchor a certain Divine Essence. I hope You can join me as we co-create with the aspect of Divine Beauty in form! The whole point of being on Instagram is to also be available for those who use phones more than regular PC's. And guess what! I don't even own a phone, and yet I have managed to find my way around this and I downloaded an app for my new Windows 8 operation system to be able to upload my photos through Instagram as well! Spirit always shows the way to those who are eager to change and move the energy forward! This is what being a Pioneer actually means.

It is also time to have some fun! I still managed to "escape" to my Magical Elven lands at the end of this week, though! Boy, it was beautiful ... and I also had some fun with powerful exercise ... cross country skiing is now back in action as well! And some sleigh riding too!!!

My weekly guidance for this week was very long and supportive of this process as well!

It's been a long time since we last played our "1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?" This weekend I visited some Mountains and I felt inspired to share their walls to bring us all Divine messages.

But it wasn't like this the whole week ...last week brought many things to the surface.

It all comes down to pure Trust. How many times do we say that we trust in everything, and then a shadow of a doubt appears? These doubts are all important keys to understanding our subconscious and what seemingly still holds us back. Sometimes doubt is only there because we are still used to the old ways, while already knowing how the New feels like. The key is to focus on the New no matter what, and the New is all about creating from our inner Magic.

Sometimes we all feel without any inspiration and the void of our inner exploration seems too big to handle. And yet, that void is getting us into a new place of our sacredness. This new space is our renewed holy place of the Creative Self, So whenever we may feel uninspired, we can always go into our eternal magical place of the "I AM", which knows no limits, time or boundaries. Everything is possible there in Spirit where the pure potential of All always exists.

When we go to our magical space, whether internally or a known magical place in Nature, we can re-create that "I AM" feeling and create with all the potential first, before stepping back into our reality and remember that all this potential always exists Now, so all the desires and longings will eventually be fulfilled, for they would not be felt by us otherwise. All that exists does so for a reason. We are simply learning to truly let go and trust the inner Magic of the Self to do its work naturally.

Notice the subtle and yet profound miracles every day, and the blessings of Life will amplify!

Why is it important to have enough time/space to reflect and ponder? When all the elements are merging, we still need to bring in the balance between the ideas that we get and the proper actions to take. Things are all about Divine timing, and if we are too slow we might miss out on opportunities, and if we are too fast, we might miss out on important details that those opportunities bring.

Whenever we are goal oriented, we can quickly forget about the pleasure part of our Soul journey. When our Souls are expanding, they are also experiencing, and if we are only fixated on outcomes and how things are unfolding for us, then we might miss out on all the important synchronicities that lie in between. The delight of Soul always lies in between processes and when new understanding is being born. How are we to notice these delights, if our heads and hands are always full?

All sides of the equation are important, and yet what lies in between are all the colors and fragments, so both the bigger picture and the tiny details that matter. Our actions (fire energy) need to perfectly reflect our thoughts (air energy), so that we truly do live our Soul's guidance and know what our focus and priorities are. When we take some time to ponder and reflect, we make sure that this alignment is always in tact.

On another note, this week brought up a lot of emotions as well. Spirit encouraged me to share a short message of upliftment and the cards seemed to have captured this wonderfully as well!

At this time we are moving through another "butterfly" cycle, where things are seemingly falling off in order to make room for the New. These things are not always physical, for they begin as thoughts and feelings that no longer serve us. This message is an encouragement and an invitation not to give up and give into situations, because things are never as they appear on the surface. When we are releasing layers of density, many old thoughts and feelings begin to bubble up, creating a feeling of retrograding, although we are just allowing them to come up to the surface and letting them free.

There is a strong need to remain positive, focused and directed. We always navigate our course from our level of Joy, and often situations can bog us down, because we don't yet see the big picture and we are left only with the surface of things. When we give into situations, we often forget who we are as a Being of Light/Love, capable of anything that we set ourselves to do. When we forget, it's hard to stay in that center, but we can always remember who we are again and allow the new energy to ignite us and raise our awareness yet again, creating a flow of Joy rather than stagnation. 

One idea on how to always move the energy forward after a cycle of the void is to create something new, magical and fun. I was recently guided to share myself in a new way, and as I did so, I got many new ideas and insights. One thing triggers another and ... One of them was to create a daily altar with a specific Essence and then also "program" ("divinate") the water with that Essence and drink it after the offering has been made.

There are new announcements and anticipations before us, and the way at hand is that of Joy. Joy is our steering wheel, and when we never lose a sense of our inner passion, we always create Magic on the inside, rather than waiting for something to happen on the outside. When we tell ourselves that nothing new ever happens, we create an overall mentality that begins to support that creation. All true Divine happenings are first born into form through our inner directive which gives orders through Self mastery. To feel disheartened is normal sometimes, and yet it is only one minor step in the grand Divine equation of all that we are!

There is a trinity of Spirit, Soul/Heart and physicality/matter inside of us. When we balance ourselves as a Being of all and accept all things as naturally Divine, there will be more flow and harmony in our lives. When we lose our sense of Joy, we are guided to pursue angelic Essences through activities such as music and arts, and often Joy will fill our Hearts yet again, because we have opened to a new flow. It is okay to feel anything or even to grieve, but sooner or later we realize that even pain itself is an illusion and our joyful Soul full of Divine creativity will wish to sing a new song.

Things are happening, sometimes only in the background ... but there is always Divine unfolding, and therefore something is always happening in all of Creation!

Remember that all is well and jump of Joy just for being You!

All else comes in its time ...

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here is my video on how to master this as empathic beings: