Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stepping into true Joy & overflowing

Dear Beloveds!

Living in the New is all about Joy and creating magical experiences from deep within. This week we had a New Moon in the last (critical) degree of Aquarius, which then turned to Pisces only a few minutes after. We went through a cusp ourselves as well, as the water spilled over the cup and the energy of overflowing spoke to us, if only we were truly open and Present. Our mystical experiences might deepen at this time, but we need to create enough room in our awareness in order to be fully receptive.

The gentle waters of Spirit invite us to spend some time where the Holy Spirit dwells, which is in all Life in Creation. Blessed are those who find the simplicity of communing with Spirit. Instead of seeking it in books and scriptures ... always outside of ourselves, we truly find Spirit where there is always life. What better way than outside in Nature! Blessed are those who remember and live as One with the living Life force of Spirit ... always Self sustaining!

Speaking about Joy! This year we had such an amazing Valentine's day! We made some really good treats for ourselves, and then I convinced my beautiful mother to try out something different with me, and so we put some chocolate organic goodness on our faces as well. Self care and laughter is best Valentine's treatment ever!


This whole Valentine's week I was getting messages of Heart Passion and later when I was making my raw Valentine's day treats by inner guidance, they came out with the same energy Essence of passionate/fiery Red!

In our journey of personal Ascension it's very important that we balance our external engagements with the inner realms of our Soul. The deeper we go in our Self, the more our Soul gifts can emerge, and the more we can feel connected to everything that is external and lives outside of us and accompanies us on our beautiful journey.

The more we are Self connected, the more we also feel connected to everyone and everything else in our Life and Creation in general. It is time to go deep within to deeply entwine! 

For me, the week begins with weekly Spirit guidance, when I look into the highest potentials and how to realize them here and Now. But Now I also began creating sacred altars to anchor the energy even deeper and play with it. This week began with the Essence of Holy Spirit, the Beloved Essence and the Love of the Divine Mother! 

Holy Spirit is Life itself! We are Now also invited to spend some time in Nature, creating a sacred space of Joy, and rippling out those wonderful emanations of Life that travel through the Core of our Being through our body, reaching the bodies of all other awakening ones. We are asked to more deeply notice the Beauty of that process, and to not allow anything to dim our Light, not only for a second. The moment when we let something external come between us and our Soul, which is the root of our Joy, we give our Power away.

When we stay in our Power, we are also susceptible to all the Joy that is treasured in our Being. When we allow ourselves to dance as One with the Stars, the Water, the Wind, and the Earth, we will create an unforgettable Essence that works and co-creates as One with this beautiful ascending planet. This is our eternal Presence. We are raising frequency at this time, and yet it's even more powerful when we do this more consciously.

See yourself as a Magician working with Joy! Let the Essence of Joy fill everything that You are creating! Speak and sing only Joy!

How do we make our dreams a reality by focusing on inner Magic that creates them? It all begins with creating something meaningful and Soul based, and not seeking that meaning or validation outside of ourselves. What is meaningful to us as an internal Soul value might not be as equally meaningful to someone else, so we can never work to create in order to please another. How do we know that we are creative? Even when we don't feel like we are creating, we are still creating, but it's not as conscious and obvious as when we really dive our hands into our inner magical ingredients in order to bring something that never was before to the surface.

We already have all that it takes within us. Sometimes we don't consider ourselves to be talented or gifted with something that could make our dreams a reality only from our inner state of Being. We don't always trust. But when we hold the intent and just do it, we are learning to bring everything to the surface just by being focused and present. It is never wise to tell ourselves that we cannot do something. There is a difference between thinking we can't do something or simply not feeling guided to do it in Soul. We can all actually do anything if we are truly focused and know what we desire to do. This focus will call in our inner Soul Essence to do its magical work of Soul alchemy. Sometimes we might do something and as we finish we go: "What? Did I really create this?" This is because we hold reverence of the Soul that worked through our body, as we merely allowed it to work its way through and create what was needed.

This is a time of renewal of our thoughts and how we take action on the ideas that we are Now receiving. We have just entered a Chinese new year of the Goat, which will be a little more soft and compassionate in comparison to the intensity of the last year of the Horse. At the same time, we had a Super New Moon in Aquarius, which occurred in its last critical degree. This brought a total renewal of Spirit and a physical rebirth of some sorts. What is also taking place is Venus and Mars dancing together and forming a conjunction in Aries, coming really close together for a few days. This is influencing our relationships and how balanced we are in them, beginning within our own polarized Self in Unity.

These alignments all speak about a new beginning of embracing ourselves as Beings of pure awareness, rather than just physical, emotional and thinking Beings. These celestial movements are bringing us back a deep memory of our androgenous nature, beginning a year of the "Pentagram", and so we are all undergoing a "mental makeover." But this makeover is rather an influx of new Divine ideas and inspiration.

We might not always know the answer to everything, but all it takes is being open and knowing that even old questions might Now receive new answers. We are moving from old and rigid perceptions into the awareness of our individualized Spark. That Spark always guides us through the marriage of the Head and Heart, the Divine Love and Logic. When Mars and Venus dance in such a way, they remind us to unify in our own polarized feminine and masculine and unify them as One.

Lightning bolts of Divine inspiration are around us Now, but we also need to learn to cherish and honor every idea as it comes, and not to make something else of it. Sometimes our mind would get involved and want to take the lead, and yet we must be willing to surrender to a greater knowing, which includes all aspects of us, none of them excluded. This means to let all things remain as Pure as they are.

With this pure awareness, we will be making new choices and approach old things in a new way, as well as opening new doors to something we never even saw coming ... or possibly not even recognized up until this point. New things are making themselves known to us, and it is about time to open that door. Let new Light enter!

Our inner child is a part of that process, a very important one! How well aware are we that our inner child always needs a regular dosage of fun and play? Our inner child is not just about fun and play, though. Our inner child is the root of what we give birth to in Creation. When we harmonize in our inner masculine and feminine, a new level of our inner child is birthed. Mars and Venus are dancing a special dance in the sky, as they are almost touching each other in a conjunction. This brings us a deeper balancing of our inner masculine and feminine, and as this dance is being played out, a new level of our inner child is emerging as well. This is a very playful and flirtatious energy and to flirt is only to make love to Life!

As this takes place and unfolds perfectly, we are being inspired by a new level of creativity. When our inner child is lacking attention, it becomes needy and emotional. When our inner child is honored and nourished in balance and equality, it only creates and enjoys these creations. Sometimes we begin taking life too seriously. Heck, we even begin to take our personal Ascension too seriously. As we learn to slow down and take a breather, we will see that after each deeper union of our inner masculine and feminine, our inner child also begins a new level of integration. At that time, we are offered to not just go about things as they are a very well known routine, but also relax and enjoy our creations for a while. What use do they have, if we never take the proper down time to enjoy them?

When we stop taking everything too seriously, and rather take everything as a Divine devotion, we will see that our Soul will naturally guide us into each step of our Ascension journey. Whatever we will need will be shown to us to acknowledge and integrate. Our Ascension is not just a process to go through as a "schooling" process. It is also supposed to be fun, creative and joyful. It is supposed to make us feel like as happy spiritual adults who are mature enough to know how to take care of their children, inner child included. The right parenthood begins with our inner child and how we bring ourselves up. It is time to take notice of this alchemical process and enjoy this ride ... not just for a while, but always!

We know that we are truly Present with all of Life in Creation when we can notice subtle details in everything and learn to speak the language of Love. Keep your Heart open! All who have the eyes to see ... will see!
Nature holds so many gifts for those who have the eyes to see and the hearts to feel. Today I noticed how the snow on the ground reflects the Mountains in the back. This was a perfectly clear message that simply everything has its polarized counterpart and together there is always wholeness and perfection of the Divine.

Spirit speaks to many in many ways and forms, but mostly through Nature and Divine Principles that make-up all Life in Creation! Photography is one of my favorite ways of Self expression. I finally have a good camera for the first time in my life, and Now my photography Art can expand as well!

What is yours?

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn