Saturday, February 21, 2015

True Beloved Union inside out!

Dear Beloveds!

We just celebrated St. Valentine’s day, and there was an amazing integration of Heart’s Passion taking place. Now Venus and Mars are dancing together in our skies for a few days, forming a fierce connection in a fiery sign of Aries, which always ignites our passion and new beginnings. As our Hearts are opening more and reawakening to the inner Magic, we might be more drawn to contemplate on the nature of true Love. True Love corresponds to a deep God/Goddess Presence that awakens our inner male/female. This will begin to anchor the Essence of the Lovers/Agape Love and the Truth of the Beloved.

Here is my latest video on this topic:

The questions to be asked at this time are: "What does the Beloved mean to me? How AM I living as the Beloved incarnate? How do i radiate the frequency of the Beloved in order to magnetize a Beloved Union into my physical reality?" In order to live a true Beloved Union, we must first treat ourselves as the Beloved, live all of our passions, desires of the Heart and Soul gifts as if there was nothing externally that could fulfill us more than we already do from deep within.

As this becomes true for us and how we live in the New, we might be surprised to find ourselves walking with someone who has activated and integrated the same level of awareness in their own reality, as our realities will eventually collide and co-exist. As we go deeper in this embodiment, many things may come to the surface, and we are therefore still purging some of the old patterns and beliefs that prevent us from becoming the true Beloved. A true Beloved Union is not a wishful thinking process, for it's a process of merging with our enchanted nature and birthing it in this reality step by step, just as we are blossoming simultaneously as well.

There might be surprises in store for us when we fully surrender to the Way of the Beloved. I have been receiving guidance about the word "surprise". First it came to me one night before falling asleep, as the words of Divine guidance whispered to me: "We have a surprise for You!" And then I kept spotting this word everywhere and it all confirmed what the guidance was showing me.

The message was clear and simple. When we live in excited anticipation, we see everything as magical and so we are more potent to making Magic a living reality. This way we have the potential to transcend anything that might hold us back in our true Beloved desires and manifest becoming that true Beloved first to ourselves, then to all others, and then in Divine timing, to a Divine partner who perfectly mirrors us in our awareness ... if this is our desire, of course.

Remember that a Divine Union is a sacred devotion, and so it can never be taken for granted. We can only live it by putting all of Heart, Soul and Spirit into it. This way we will be moving away from desiring relationships in our life to desiring true Union within our Self first, and form true Divine partnerships second.

In true Divine partnership, two Beings who already know how to overflow within themselves constantly flow with each other and learn to overflow within one another as well. This is the true nature of the Beloved, and we are being challenged to really raise the bar and sincerely ask ourselves do our current circumstances and relations truly reflect what we know in our Hearts, and what the desire of our Soul is.

Are we ready for a change in the outside as well? We have done much inner preparation, and yet sometimes also comes a time when we need to let go of the idea of preparing and being perfect for another. It is all about the Presence that exists and overflows in the Present moment. When two Beings of sameness in awareness meet and merge, they will always go through challenges anyway, and yet they will stand in them together. The idea of preparation can Now be let go of, and we are still releasing the old this way. With this release, we can create more space in our life for that special someone who will share our path of Ascension with us in Divine harmony and equality.

We don’t need to control this process. And yet, sometimes we think that we are ready, and yet a part of us is so full of "stuff" that we actually need to make more room for that someone to actually enter our lives. The question to be asked is: "AM I truly preparing, or AM I simply prolonging the inevitable by putting things on a pedestal or pushing the timing away into the indefinite?" We will never be fully ready from that perspective of false perfection, so it needs to dissolve and make room for a new one.

That new perspective can be born out of freedom and Joy of the Soul, and all we need to do is say and feel that we are truly ready, and that there are no obstacles or external fate that governs us. When we surrender to Life, Life will never cease to amaze us and we will live in complete Divine synchronization with all Existence. We need to take charge of our destiny and head on. This is a perfect time to vocalize our desires fully, even if we simply journal about it in our diaries or paint/draw/sing them. Our Souls are perfectly guiding us.

We are definitely in a relation-based energy. Together we are stronger, and so we need to forge true Unions and partnerships in the New. The old ways are no longer productive and creative and it’s about time to enter into a new chapter. A true Divine Union is specially potent and blessed, for it has an amazing Power in this reality when reaching its fullest potential in form. Each of us is in a different stage of this Beloved Union, and yet all is unfolding perfectly for us in every moment. There is no comparison, for our missions are unique, and yet the Love at its very Core remains, and it is that Prime Divine Love that we truly serve as the chosen Beloved.

We are becoming true Beloveds of the Ultimate Source!

Here is my sacred altar to anchor the Elven marriage in its utter Purity!

And here is my sacred altar for walking through a new doorway and saying "YES" to the New!

We are all Magicians and we can create anything with our pure Focus!
I also experienced a beautiful Miracle this week, as I was returning from my hiking expedition. All of a sudden something pulled me to look towards the sky, where a big letter "F" began to form. I have never seen such a distinct cloud! The letter got bigger and more distinct, and it didn't leave the sky for a very long time. Towards the end, a tiny triangle joined it from the left, and then it became bigger and it grew to a rather big size as well. It was a perfectly equally sided triangle, and together they both stayed in the sky for what seemed like forever.

The triangle speaks about Unity and inner Wholeness, completion. What about the letter "F"? What does it mean for You? "1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?"

I was also celebrating this unification by painting a Self portrait of Cosmic Masters who are one in their I AM, the embodiment of their one Soul and Divine purpose. The painting was unfolding in many steps. This is my first canvas portrait painting, which I had in mind since last Autumn. The conditions were finally ripe, and I just got a new painting easel a while ago. I was making this one all week long, step by step!

These two Cosmic Masters share the same I AM Presence which runs through the Three-Folded Flame of their unique Divine Spark, emanating from their individualized "I AM." They are strong in their God Presence and they embody the perfect balance of the Divine masculine and feminine. Their Auras are white, and they serve the White Ray of Unity consciousness, together with the Seventh Ray of Magic, Miracles and Soul alchemy, the decree of the sacred Violet Fire, and the expansion of the Higher Heart through Divine Love/Magenta Ray.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn