Sunday, March 8, 2015

Living in 5th dimension

Dear Beloveds!

What is true Joy in Divine remembrance? It is when we fully (not partially) remember our reason for being here on this planet at this time specifically, and awakening every single cell of our Soul's purpose, while fully rejoicing with others who are our fellow companions on this journey of co-creation. So many individuals Now talk about moving into the fifth dimension, and yet many don't even know what is the nature of fifth dimensional consciousness, which is the purpose of our experience of it.

Fifth dimension is all about Joy and creativity. In astrology, the fifth house also corresponds to creativity, fun, children, romance and adventure. These are all main attributes of the fifth dimensional experience as well, and we most simply attune to that consciousness when we for instance think of dolphins, as they are the perfect representation of that simple Joy. When we remember the main attributes of this experience, we can simply anchor them by reminding ourselves that when we are in the New, we are in Joy. We become like magical little children.

Just this week I found a stone that fully represents a higher/refined form of creativity, through the Essence of turquoise and two colliding spirals/worlds/realities. A powerful Big Bang is formed!

This state of true Joy is a simple state of Being that is formed from within, and not at all bound to external pleasures or luxuries of the materialistic world. When we remember our own joyful nature, our focus will shift to a more simplistic experience of Joy, and we won't seek it outside of ourselves. Things will flow to us through nature and the beauty of natural surroundings. Through that, we will begin to create new living environments for ourselves, which will be more attuned to the fifth dimensional experience as well.

We can also most easily anchor ourselves in this new dimensional existence that our planet already rooted itself in through the nature of higher vibrational sound. Pure sound is almost like a gateway into these higher realms. That is why those in "control" have placed a distorted sound/frequency grid around the planet eons ago, in order to prevent us from moving into this higher dimensional experience. But this is no longer stopping us. The sound waves have changed. Earth is centered in the New grid. Now all that is left is centering our bodies to that same New experience.

When we discover our internal Soul signature, we awaken the sleeping codes of our Soul's song. When this unique frequency comes to life, all of Life surrounding us will reflect that to us as well, for that is the very nature of fifth dimensional experience. Everything becomes our pure reflection, and so we will always see and know whether we are slipping back to the old Earth, or whether we are experiencing within the New Earth. From Now on, it's all about our conscious attunement to it, for it all already exist. We simply need to attune ourselves to it through our own frequency of Joy in Soul embodiment.

Lately there are strong messages of Nature and spending time outdoors. Recently our planet has been receiving very important attunements for a 5th dimensional platform, and it was centering itself into this frequency. There were many stages of this process, and Now it's reaching its culmination. As we spend time outdoors at this very crucial timing, we will be attuning to that same Essence and structure. Our bodies are one with the Body of the planet, and as we truly create a sacred space to feel that Truth, we become that Truth. Our bodies are changing their resonance, and we might feel more sensitive at this time, but this is because something major is taking place in a higher scheme of things.

There are great planetary shifts at place, and whenever the body of the planet feels that, so do we. We are in transition. The first Ascension wave will be feeling that most strongly, and that is why we need to take the proper amount of time and focus to anchor that Light and nurture it ... get acquainted with it. When we allow the energy to just flow through us freely, we give it room to expand in our body form, so that it will anchor itself in its highest potential.

Conscious breathing is very important. This is because our conscious Presence is needed with that process, and preferably working with the Essence of pure sound, color and sacred geometry. Everyone will find a proper attunement that works out best for them.

This is my Dolphin frequency altar with the focus of pure Joy!

Anything that is not pure Joy will be leaving us, and our bodies will be Self healing more and more. Here is my video Light activation for this process:

So ... to sum it up ... what does it mean to fully live in the Aquarian Age, or better said ... to experience ourselves in the Age of Aquarius? When we come to each Age of the zodiac, that Star constellation rises on the horizon in the East. Through this process, the energy of this particular Essence influences our living experiences. And as this is so, we begin to collectively experience ourselves as Humans belonging to that particular cycle of Creation and experience.

Even though this is so, our individual experiences are still going to be unique, for it all begins with our internal Soul awareness, so the evolution of our own Soul. Source individuality is particularly stressed in the Age of Aquarius, for it's here that we begin to further develop our own inner Genius, the individual that we are on a level beyond the collective. Aquarius represents the freedom of Being, and there are no balanced and Heart centered communities before we fully develop ourselves as the true Core Self that we each belong to in our individuality.

Watch my video about this topic here:

Things are always expanding and on each new level there is new culmination, resolution and a feeling of things coming together for us. 

Expansion of Soul is all about transience and shifting our perspective. What is transcendence anyway? Often we think of it as something so far reaching and unfathomable, and yet we always transcend when we expand. There are many different levels of transcendence, but the utmost form of pure transcendence is when we fully enlighten our physical form through Divine remembrance and Soul alchemy. Whenever we truly feel a sense of pure Divinity in our own body, this will translate a little bit more into our physical form, and so we will experience transience through raised awareness. When our focus is always on awareness rather than just physical experiences and occurrences, we become nothing but pure awareness, and all Life is perceived from inside out. We begin to radiate the "I AM."

There are also spirals and waves of new incoming energy present with us at this time. They have always been there, but as Galactic timelines are merging, we are feeling them more and more. Rainbow healing Light of the New is here, and each time the Sun erupts (like it did for the past few days), a new form of liquid Light reaches us.

The question is, will be move deep enough to absorb its maximum potential? As we do so, we also transform our inner potential and we are peaking towards our own inner eruption and maximum. This is beginning for us, as a rapid acceleration wave is racing through this planetary Existence. Things have sped up, and even certain events that were predicted for a certain time, are already happening Now. However, our focus should rather be on our constant inner transcendence than on physical events themselves.

The events are only the natural part of change in conscious evolution. The events will always come and go, but our inner development is permanent, for awareness just Is. What are we transcending in, and how does this feel in our deep in-bodiment?

We are asked to spend as much time outdoors as possible! 

We just had a Full Moon in Virgo, the Divine Mother aspect, and each Full Moon brings more resolution. It came with a message of wholeness and unifying with our Creatrix, the Mother of all Existence. When we do so, we understand that as we are embodied, we experience the same cycles and fluctuations as our Mother planet. We might feel more sensitive at this time, because we are receiving further "wam" frequency attunements, which are aligning us with a higher frequency that our planet has centered in. This higher frequency is assisting our own personal transition in Soul embodiment, and as we get deeper into the body, we may feel the energy of other life forms streaming through us as well, We are in communion. We can ask to be feeling that connection with All Life in Creation more deeply.

The deeper we connect and feel, the more we will be living in a natural state of resolve. To live in a state of resolve means to not seek answers or healing outside of ourselves, but letting that occur naturally, as we simply connect to the infinite Life stream of Creation itself ... the living Creatrix of all that is pure Love in motion. The "wam" frequency is the natural grid of Light made through Divine sound of Creation which all of Life consists of.

The more we are in tune with that natural sound of Creation, the more all of our healing will be spontaneous and natural, as we learn to live in a state of pure harmonics. We may be then guided to produce pure sound waves ourselves as well, internally and externally, and reverberate them out into the Cosmos, in loving co-creation with All.

This is my altar dedicated to the Virgo Full Moon! We are reaching for a new level of spiritual growth and receiving a crown of Roses within the Holy Trinity. This is an intimate inner process of initiation, and each one will experience it differently. Every experience is personal and it relates only to the individual itself. When we doubt out current experiences, we resist this process rather than fully accepting it. The message of the Divine Mother is that we were preparing (and still are) for a whole new level of our spiritual understanding and physical embodiment of Spirit. We are asked to trust and not rush into analyzing our situations, but rather feel them as a part of all that we need to embody the highest Purity. When we truly trust the Divine, we live Life through the magnificence of Spirit and embody the true nature of compassion.

The main symbolism of this altar is the Goddess of Purity and the sacred Rose. The number 5 symbolizes change ... and we are birthing anew!

And this is our latest new project and co-creation. My mother made the mandala grid (flower of Life), and I will be placing crystals on it, creating Light grids. This first one was for the Virgo Full Moon, to anchor the Light of Purity in form, through the embodiment of the I AM! The Higher and lower realms meet as One! A hexagram is formed!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn