Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mercury retrograde: Winter came

Dear Beloveds!

We have a Mercury retrograde until February 11th, and this is a slower moving energy that is moving us further into the New. In the New, we see and feel all Divine alignments as One and equally important for our Soul's expansion. This particular Mercury retrograde is such a blessing, because it helps us to embody more freedom of Being, paving the Way for the "Age of Aquarius." The archetype of Aquarius is the Water barer, and yet it is also an air sign. We are therefore merging our Sword of Truth (air) with the Cup of Life (water). We are becoming more aware of our telepathic Self and flow as One with all Life in Creation.

I wish to share my own example about how Divine alignments work in our New lives and how to benefit from them instead of viewing them as an opposition. In Truth, there are no oppositions, only Divine opportunities. At this time of Mercury retrograde I was working on my new Web page more than ever before, but the actual work began a while ago as an idea, and all work begins as the Divine seed/vision at first. As it begins to crystallize, we make it more and more tangible, trying different things and ideas. It is almost like sculpting a masterpiece. 

At a certain point we will be guided to take a short break to view our creations from a deeper perspective, and this is a very important phase in our journey. This is when we use the energy of retrograde movements, which are slower in energy, but they always deliver in perfect Divine timing. Our work does not only mean the actual end result, as there are always many phases in between that make-up the whole masterpiece. When we understand the process of Divine Creation, we will have a deeper outlook on our ascending reality. We are the Master co-creator who is always guided by the "I AM" and therefore only needs to trust in Divine order of things. Enjoy your creations and let them be a Joy, not a burden!

Mercury symbolizes the Air element ... and we are Now guided to learn how to work with and master our own inner Sword of Truth. Here is my video on this topic:

This current Mercury retrograde is rather intense! At the time being it's snowing a lot here, and again we find ourselves in the midst of slowing down, as Mercury retrograde is deeply felt in all ways. This is reflected in Nature and in our Hearts. We might feel a deeper longing to slow down and relax. If we won't take heed, then usually our Soul will create a situation where we will need to surrender and let go. The more physical aspect of Mercury retrograde can cause machines breaking down and things going on in a rather bizarre way, and yet that is also a part of our experience in material realm. We simply need to learn Divine trust, and once we do, we will respond to all those situations differently. We will master our responses and move with the flow of Life.

Mercury retrogrades are also good for bringing up old things and energy dynamics of the past which we need to bring into wholeness/Self fulfillment. If there are feelings or old habits coming up for us, we need to ponder on the energy dynamics taking place through awareness of the Soul. We need to allow that awareness to take us into what is rather than "what if", so knowing where we are Now and then simply transformaing that through inner Power. If we feel any sadness or stagnation during this time, we need to transform that sadness into Joy of the Soul by allowing ourselves to feel anything that needs to come through, for that is what inner freedom of Being truly means. Sadness is only a state of unprocessed feelings, so when feelings are not in full flow and we resist something that wants to make itself known. Therefore we need to treat ourselves with great objective neutrality, and be like a wise ancient parent to a child. New guidance and directive will come as we do so.

How are You experiencing this current Mercury retrograde? I AM experiencing technical difficulties in all ways at this time as well, so I cannot share my material as I would like to ... waiting for the technical help to arrive!

But on the other note, this current Mercury retrograde also speaks about some kind of renewal. This is how the energy of February feels, and we will have quite some interesting aspects, especially Venus and Mars dancing in Pisces and creating a beautiful sacred pool of Divine creativity from pure Spirit.

There is an opening taking place. But remember, abundance does not only mean money and other physical matters. Abundance in plain terms means the freedom to Be and do anything that our Heart desires through our Soul guidance. In order to live that way, we need to free ourselves from all that we feel limits us on our path of the Soul and accept a new way of Being. When we do that internally, we will always be supported and provided for externally. It is our inner awareness that creates our living conditions.

A Master in awareness knows how to create abundance by focusing on selfless service, which is not the same as being a servant. This means that when we focus on the highest good that comes through us as a Soul Self, we are always supported, for all the rest takes care of itself naturally when we devote ourselves to higher causes and Divine creativity.

The more creative we are, the more abundant we feel!
And speaking of the New ... a new energetic month has arrived ... welcome, February! January was rather intense, and although it served our Soul expansion in this body, we are already looking forward to new adventures. A certain part of our journey is coming to an end, and a new chapter is beginning ... a bigger one. We might feel that Now is the time to go deeper within and establish firm roots within. The message of February speaks about an arrival, a journey ending, establishment, building and settling. There is something new that we will be guided to commit to.

The month of February is bringing us a sense of deep longing to return to something precious and sacred to us. We have all been exploring many things and possibilities, and yet eventually we always come back to that which is most authentic to our Soul. Our journeys serve us to gather certain experiences that we will need and utilize as a part of that uniqueness, and yet we always remain the same at our very Core. This Core is symbolic for the pillars of Creation, holding the ground for solid foundations. We are invited to swim with the tide and ride the Cosmic waves with ease and Grace. Coming back "Home" internally is what our Souls desire on the journey called Ascension.

We will be working with the Angelic realms more during this month, and I have been seeing 144 more often than usual as well. Creation Angels and all other leagues of Angelic kingdoms wish to co-create with us for the betterment of this planet. We will all receive "Home-based" assignments and move deeper into the Core of what we came here to create. A lot of individuals still ask themselves on a regular basis: "Why AM I here? What is my true Divine purpose?" We all do many things, but our true Divine purpose can only be known at the level of our Core Creation Self, that first individualized Spark of Divinity that became us.

That level of our Being holds all the knowledge of who we are on a Prime level, as a Being of unique Soul expansion. We have yet to find out much new about ourselves, and yet we also have much to create. These two processes are not separate, for one births the other. The more we know the Self, the more we can co-create with that Self. February will be intense as well, but in a different way than January was, for it will bring lots of Prime creative ideas and visions which we will finally need to pursue, especially after Mercury goes back direct. Venus and Mars will be perfectly dancing in Pisces, the sign of spiritual Love and Divine creativity!

Imagine how it is to receive a whole new blank slate! How does it feel to start completely brand new? All of the old is left behind and You are fully free from inside out!

If You could be/radiate anything at anytime ... what would it be?

We are all being called back "Home" to the Self!

February is also known as the month of Love. Its numerology of 2 speaks about partnership of all kinds. This weekend I created a sacred Love/Unity grid which holds the space of Divine Love in embodiment. I always create my grids in ceremony completely through Spirit, and then I meditate upon them, receiving the proper guidance and understanding of what they represent. It is all about intention. This one is comprised of five main parts, which all show different levels of Soul attainment. As we bring Spirit into matter, we move through many different levels of Being. Here is the message that the grid brings!

After creating this grid I also asked to receive some additional Love messages, and this is what came through! The messges all speak about the need to be daring and bold as it comes to true Love, for great Love will always come with great risks, which will continue to expand us in our Soul. We simply need to know that Love is also the natural agent for change, and that change in itself is also Love, for it is meant to create the New. Our relations will only be as expanded and Divine as we will create them. There is great Life force available for all those who Love truly, and it comes from inside out and can always Self sustain.

Body sustencance is also very important for our Ascension & the Rainbow body configuration. Watch my video on that subject here:

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

P.S. In the meantime, I will be focusing on making my new Web page possible. Because of all the changes taking place, my personal services are not officially available (online) at this time of my shift, but You can still work with me. If You feel guided to receive a reading or have a Skype session with me, just let me know and we will make it happen!