Sunday, January 25, 2015

The "Age" of Aquarius & Self mastery

Dear Beloveds!

We recently had a New Moon in Aquarius, and another one comes in February. This energy is always about the freedom of Being in the New, and so we are Now given the chance to truly expand before we enter a new astrological year in Self mastery. At the end of the last year and continuing with this recent New Moon in Aquarius, we had repetitive New Moons in 0 degrees. Now these two Aquarius New Moons are almost like an invitation into the Age of Aquarius where the focus will be Self mastery and synergy in Union. These are also our initiations into the freedom of Self expression, where we no longer use so many words to communicate, express ourselves or over analyze things. We are moving into the simplicity of Being in deep Presence.

We are also moving through a Mercury retrograde at this time, which is assisting us to embrace more of those traits from deep within. This cycle of super Moons will last all the way until the Full Moon in Virgo on March 5th, and we will also have the last Grand Cardinal square/cross in March, which will truly catapult us into Self empowerment. This time is so important, and yet it's also very important to allow it to unfold as naturally as possible. Remember that Ascension is not about forced control, dates and numbers, for we are each experiencing it in our own waves and the uniqueness of our Soul Self.

In the New we desire more simplicity, freedom of Self expression and standing in our power when it comes to our inner creativity. When we know our Divinity, we know how to stand in it, and we feel less more need to over explain it or defend ourselves. Any lower communications or relations as such are leaving those who are consciously choosing to empower the New. It is time to express our Love in a more simple way and become empowered from inside out. This is the space of higher vibrational Essence.

This first Aquarius New Moon came with a message of dreams and visions, freedom to expand and create. This is bringing us a new sense of freedom and expansion. We are ready to work with Divine vision which comes to us without any control or projection. The images of the Divine simply translate through our own spark of I AM, as we live our life in full observation and Presence. The potential of All always exists, and we are simply tapping into it and using it on our own path of Soul expansion. We are simply ready to start noticing things that we haven't seen or realized before, which will initiate us into a new level of Being.

The New Moon also reminded us that with each vision also comes a sense of responsibility for our unique co-creation of it and the contribution that we make to the Whole. Nothing just happens out of nothing, although in Truth, the Great void is the space where all has the potential to become manifest.

Therefore we must embrace the inner Magician that embraces the void as a powerful tool of Divine potential and co-creation and then the responsibility to create with it as well. Simply daydreaming is not enough to make things real, as well as simply focusing on the actions without proper vision of the Higher Mind called "Gnost". When we learn to observe how Divine guidance flows through us, we will see the difference between imagination and true Divine vision.

This is my video on how to create as Masters of the Self:

We had another powerful energy shift, and we were able to move even deeper into our feeling/Higher Heart center. New revelations are coming! We also had some new Solar flares, which are always working with us in unison. There might still be things coming up for us, and yet we feel everything much lighter now, as we expand and focus on our inner Self mastery. Integration is even stronger when we focus on its simplicity, rather than thinking that Ascension is some complex process, which just keeps us further away from Truth. In our true Essence, we are the magical co-creators and only we decide how all things will play out.

There are repetitive messages of new visions and imagination for greater purpose all around us, since this is a year of inner Magician ... the Alchemists that makes Divine things real. We are guided to take a look into the concept of void and how we actually create everything from a very still and void space of nothingness, which actually holds the potential for everything.

We are invited to play with the void, which is the infinite space of Divine imaging. As the Nature empties out, She also creates a vacuum space for the New. In this space, the potential for just about anything exists. Even when things seem to be still or sleep, there is unfolding ... and there is blossoming. We can create anything that we can imagine with our Divine insight. The more imagination we have when in the void, the brighter the colors will be when all is ready to shine through and become manifest in form. We are to remember and cherish the importance of the void and let it fill our Hearts with magical awe and insight. What a blessing of the Divine!
A true Master of the Self is a dedicated Being who has a strong focus on the New birth. Lately I keep seeing the symbolism of babies and children everywhere, which definitely signals a new birth for us, which is a new level of our self that we are birthing through the "I AM" Self. We are becoming true overseers of our Divinity made manifest in Human form.

This is an invitation to what we create as our Master Self. A true Master knows that there is no other fate but our own destiny that we create through our choices and focused paths. This Being has such a great focus that nothing can come in between it and its creation. Sometimes we might feel pulled in other directions or swayed by other people's focuses and choices, and yet our path as a Master Soul is to pioneer through always choosing our own Way without any compromise. It is easy to stay in our center as a Master when we are only bathing in our own energy, but what about when we blend in with others or the general crowd? Do we still know how to stay sovereign and true to our Being?

Our challenge and focus at this time is to continue to choose our own path of Mastery, and allow it to naturally blend in with others and their own paths, without needing to compromise our own. When we learn to be this sovereign and free, we will always be able to create anything in any kind of circumstance or condition. Our Beigness will become purely unconditional and it will radiate on its own, without any distractions and disturbances.

This also speaks about devotion and commitment. If we decide on something, we also need to learn to go through with it in our own way, which includes mature responsibility through devotion. Devotion does not only mean to worship something on the outside on a regular basis ... it truly means worshiping our own Divinity through walking in our own I AM. A true Master knows when and how to create without feeling distracted or giving its focus and power away. A path of a Master is always devoted and directed, through the Great Power of Source flowing through every word, thought and deed.
What about Self mastery through discernment, wise observation and how much energy we disperse or give away when we are not within our own inner focus? This means having a clear vision and devotion to all the details that surround it. I received guidance about this in my sleep, and as I was waking up, Spirit was showing me how distractions keep us stuck in the old, where we continue to chase our own tail and never move on.

A huge part of our Self mastery is learning to stay centered in our Being and not get pulled into many directions that often distract us from our own focus. Spirit message was very clear and it said: "Do not let anyone or anything distract You on your Soul path."

When we master the law of discernment, we will be much wiser and we will feel into what seeks only our attention, and what seeks true and honest devotion through a mutual reception in Divine Love. Then our mastery will lie in learning to observe and determine what is what, and where we will also engage with our own energy, and where we will continue to focus on our own creations, instead of being pulled in so many different directions. Our creations need to always come first, and we cannot fully create without focus. When our energy is dispersed, it is not clear, and without centered energy nothing can truly be created, for there is not enough Power behind it.

Master your Self through mastering your focus!
Let us become the true Creators that we are!  
Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn
P.S. Here is my video on different types of Cosmic "servants":