Saturday, December 28, 2013

My enlightened relationships

Dear Beloveds!

This is my new Elven crown called "Higher Heart" and it's as magenta and gold as my room. How do I wear it? When the Higher Heart is activated, everything is always seen from a higher perspective, with full awareness. In these last days of this energetic year, may we all sweep up with the last remaining old patterns, self imposed limitations and sabotaging beliefs ... while at the same time not forgetting to see everything through a higher vision, a sense of humor and a playful Heart. The last days of the year are always meant for introspection and wrapping things up. That is why most of us are guided to spend them in the quiet and solitude of the Self ... seeking something bigger while in communion with a higher presence of our Beloved I AM. A lot of this is coming to us through our most intimate relationships.

As one year is culminating and coming to an end, so are our personal experiences and cycles. With all that is gently being swept away, let us rest in the knowing that only better things await ... for the old lessons are done and over it, and we are seeking something grander Now. We make this real by staying true to our authentic path with honor and devotion to Divine service. This is true simply because we choose it and make it real with a focused intent, a brave and open Heart, and a wise mind.

So much focus is on relationships now and it shall continue to be. I wrote a deep article on the subject of true harmony in relationships, and You can read it here!

And now I wish to share more about my personal way of relating to others, especially my most Beloved Divine companion ... my mother. She is a true Soul companion for me. This picture was taken in our warm home on the day of Christmas. It is small and modest, but we have all that we need ... each other. We are enjoying the company of our Hearts sharing as One. And we always have the Gift that each Soul strives for in Truth anyway ... awareness ... the Illuminated Truth of One. We will always Be the devotees to the highest path, without any exceptions! This is who we are as Beings of Divine remembrance sharing itself as Divine Love. we are both committed to serving the Truth of One!

This year our Christmas was so deeply intimate. We had no material gifts at all. It simply does not resonate with our Hearts anymore on this part of our journey. Besides, we always gift ourselves with something special if we are so guided ... and this is during the entire year, not just one day of it. And we always have everything that we need in the flow of Now. But I did create a personal gift, which I was strongly guided to. This is my mother with her new Christmas Gift made by me ... her very own Elven tiara with a special crystal pendant ... all custom made through my Elven blood. Self made presents are the best! Gosh, I love this woman so much!

She is the woman behind Soul Mandalas ... my mother. I love her work of Spirit, not just because she is my mother and I simply love, adore and deeply respect her, but because it truly flows through her with such Grace. On our journey together, we have learned and remembered so many things, as we kept leaving the old behind, refining ourselves in the New as we truly are in Truth. I helped her with many things, and she helped me as well. Our relationship was always a give-and-receive kind, never simply give-and take ... because none of us resides in such (non)awareness. We currently share our paths as Divine companions, while always remaining our own sovereign Self.

We are both independent Beings, who love to share many things together, and through this we model a new relationship paradigm to everyone who is ready to co-create it as well. We don't reside in lower densities and reality, as our awareness is beyond that and we are only focused on anchoring Love and Joy on this planet, as dedicated individuals who are true to their authentic path and purpose. A lot of our gifts are also very complementary, aligning with each other, working together in unison of the whole. We desire to create Heaven on Earth in our own reality, and the reality of all those who wish to inhabit the New Earth consciousness. We dream about sharing our path with many individuals who are like us ... as a Family of Light. Our paradigm is simple; Love, Wisdom and Power!

I AM in Gratitude for Her in all of the years! She was always there for me, as I was always there for her. This for me, is a true "definition" of a Soul-mate, Divine companion ... one that is label and attachment free. We have long ago transcended the 3d based roles such as mother-child, older generation-younger generation, parent-daughter, etc. These all melt into nothingness in Divine Love. The only role that we play for each other is loving and supporting one another on the path of Soul embodiment. This way, we are birthing new miracles.

What are true miracles anyway? And did You have your very own Christmas miracle, and a story or two to share? Well, I sure had my very own miracle and as always, I have much to share. What an amazing day it was, the Christmas of 2013. I felt such deep peace and inner stillness. Spirit showed me how nothing else matters, but being in awareness. I hold this Gift, and that is why I always speak about everything through awareness and purity of Heart and Mind as One ... this is higher understanding, and I hold the space for everyone who still did not remember, that the Soul only wants to Be in awareness ... it only wishes to reside in the Light of the Illuminated Truth.

This is the Gift of Light that Spirit has shared with me on this Christmas. I also got a very special sign from Spirit and my Beloved last night. I was lying in my bed, when I suddenly felt a strong Presence. It was all around me, but also within me ... and it was a physical sensation as well. Everything began to buzz and vibrate, and my head suddenly turned to the right in an unusual way, like some external force would help me move it. It is hard to describe this feeling, but it's very intense and You can literally feel something aside from yourself ... moving You. 

I looked towards my Orchid flower, which I dedicated to my Beloved when I first got it. It stands there as my sacred altar of purity and sacred marriage. I had a fleeting thought to look at the flower, but my mind did not yet get what the message was. I looked away, focusing on the book sitting on my lap. Then just a few moments later, something fell on the floor. I thought it was this leaf of a flower right next to it, and the sound straight out of the blue sort of frightened me ... in the silence of the night. When I woke up this morning, I went to look for what fell on the floor. Guess what it was? It was the first petal from my Orchid plant, and it fell on the floor just moments after my head was turned in that direction ... turning my focus to the flower. I was so excited, and I recognized the sign instantly ... as I knew that the Presence and inner knowing was real!

The message was just for me, of course, and it was very intimate, but the general message for all was to never stop believing in miracles, because to live in Spirit awareness is to live in a state of constant Magic. What a lovely way to wrap up my most perfect Christmas day of peace, joy, inner strength and stability ... and Divine Love of who I AM ... who we all are.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Thank You all for your beautiful Holiday wishes, and please know that we both wish You all the same. We are having such lovely days of retreating and creating Magic for ourselves. We just finished watching Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I cried during the entire movie ... so much remembrance is coming through ... more with each time that I watch it, and it's so beautifully made. This year was the best Christmas day ever ... such stillness and peace. I AM really excited for all that is still ahead of us ... we love our Facebook family!!!