Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My 12-12 experience

Dear Beloveds!

Oh my gosh, I was moongazing yesterday, and this Full Moon in Gemini is absolutely amazing! It is so big and bright, with interesting Star alignments/positions accompanying Her. I put all of my crystals outside to charge on a cold winter night before the Full Moon, and I was unable to turn my eyes away from it, so I just stood there on the cold air and watching it ... it is that gorgeous ... with crystal clear skies, crispy winter air and white Mountains in the back. I felt just like in a movie set ... and one can only dream of such an amazing eye candy and Divine beauty. Did You know that this Full Moon falls just between the 12-12 and 21-12, which makes it even more special and intense? It is one of the most intense Full Moons for me, and although there was lots of body cleansing accompanying it, it feels truly good within as well. 

Something amazing about this just happened! For two nights in a row, I AM noticing a beautiful Star formation ... while gazing at the Full Moon. It is exactly like the formation in my favorite crystal, that of two opposing V's, the chalice and the blade ... the Divine feminine and masculine. I did not even mention this to anyone, and all of a sudden a fellow Divine companion asks me if I had noticed the Twin Star formation around the moon. I was all in goose bumps, as that is the same guidance that I received as well ... the Twin Stars, as they mirror the energy of the Star of David, our perfected state of Oneness/Grace within the masculine-feminine polarity. I AM so excited right now ... yesterday I was asking myself about it, and whether I AM just imagining, and then Spirit sends me a confirmation through a powerful synchronicity today. I love it!!! P.S. At the same time I was also on YouTube, listening to a song, and it had two opposing V's in it as well, and in the title there as well ... powerful messages always come in threes!

How did You spend your full Moon in Gemini (plus Uranus going direct) today? What an energy rush!!! I was moongazing last night, since I went to bed as late as usual, and it was absolutely magnificent and crispy clear. A lot of people speak about ceremonies, but that never really resonated with me, because I already live in ceremony/sacredness/purity constantly, so I don't need a special moment for that. Well, that's just me, and I can only speak for myself. 

For me, the most sacred thing to do as a ceremony is to be my Self and engage in something I most love doing. What I do is gather all of my crystal companions, put them outside to bathe in the moonlight, write a thing or two in my personal automatic writing diary, and that's it. I love simplicity! True ceremony always takes place in our pure Hearts, and it's Divine Love that works the Magic. I AM hiking around the local hills a lot now, because we have sunny weather for weeks now, and it's so beautiful to be outside in Nature. 

And what a powerful and absolutely amazing 12-12 day I had! Whatever we experience as a part of clearing/unveiling is nothing in comparison to the Joy and the Magic that we feel when we shift right into the blissful Core of who we are ... pure Divine Love. And when we embody it more and more! I have allowed myself to have a completely carefree and childlike in the past couple of days, and it guided me to a beautiful wildlife path above a cliff, where I recorded a video, and then I was guided to just drive ... and I discovered a magical labyrinth and I walked it. Woohoo!!!

Every day I AM in Gratitude for the sacred space where I live. I AM surrounded by majestic Mountains, the purest streams of water, luscious forests, turquoise blue lakes and magical/enchanted paths that never end. There is so much waiting to be discovered and there is so much pure delight to activate even the most closed off Heart! Today I was recording a video on the edge of a forest cliff, overlooking the Sun and the almighty Mountains, and I almost felt like in one of the Twilight movie scenes where they are overlooking the town from the top of a huge tree. It is pure awesomeness! Each time mother Nature brings me a new Gift, and I humbly receive it ... and then I AM guided to pass it along ... to share it with all of You! May it open your Hearts ... just like it opens my own!

And this is the labyrinth of Life and death (so it says on the sign), which I walked today. I didn't even know we have labyrinths here nearby, but then our neighbor mentioned it last week, when we invited her for a visit. I have been seeing signs of a labyrinth for days now, and it was just culminating until the labyrinth found me. After my Nature walk today, I felt compelled to take a drive somewhere, and it led me straight to it ... there are no coincidences, only synchronicities!

I have allowed myself to have a completely carefree and childlike day, and this state of Being brought me to a discovery of this magical labyrinth and I walked it. What a powerful synchronicity to be guided to it exactly on this powerful portal day of 12-12! Another old me was dying as I walked into the labyrinth all covered up in snow (purity) ... and I exited it as a brand New version of me ... purified and reborn! I was deeply feeling it, and as I came back to my car and turned it on, the song that keeps ringing in my head for days now was on the radio ... and the clock showed one of my power numbers.

What a magical experience! Sometimes we just have to allow ourselves to be taken away by life itself ... without thinking about anything at all. This is just like walking the labyrinth ... the ego might refuse at times, not knowing whether we might get it right and wondering if we will get out of it, but we do it by simply putting one feet in front of the other. Being fully centered and present in the Now is the only way to go and all time becomes "internal time" from now on. Nothing else is real ... only within! Did You ever walk a labyrinth in the snow before? I feel this to be such a rare and unique experience. 

This week is already different in energy, and it feels more grounding, with lots of inner integration. Yesterday I went for a really long run/walk, and as I was returning, I bumped my right foot in some branches really hard ... right in the soft/sensitive spot. When we have such "incidents", it's always our Soul trying to give us a message. What was the message/blessing in this for me? My body is integrating so much of the New at this time, and my Soul was once again letting me know to slow down. Sometimes I rush myself too much, but my body needs some time to catch up with my hyper Spirit. This happened to me last weekend as well, as I tripped over some roots and fell on the floor. Back then it was my left knee and my right elbow, and now it's all about my right foot. Feet are always a symbol of moving forward with our life, boldly walking into the New. This is another message to not fear the upcoming changes, but to do only what brings us Joy and not rush ourselves into anything that does not.

There was kind of a sense of "Light surgery" at the beginning of this week, and sometimes intense things and situations happen just before a very potent/powerful time. It's not just about the powerful gateway between 12-12 and 21-12, but there are other alignments in the mix as well. Of course, all of these are truly One, all assisting our further Self empowerment and awareness of the New. Today is certainly one of those times, because we have Uranus moving direct/forward again, and the Moon became full in the sign of Gemini. What does this mean for us? Of course, all time is truly cyclical, and retrograde/direct periods are only experienced from a certain point of view/perspective, so we need to go deeper into this with each cycle. But the far off planet Uranus going direct again can definitely bring us a gift of the unpredictable, unexpected or innovative, with new ideas/lights going off in our head. There might be some fun times ahead, especially with the support of the Gemini Moon.

We are also asked to explore what seeds we planted with the New Moon in Gemini back on June 8th. What we began then, is now coming into culmination/completion, and this is what the real meaning of cyclical time stands for ... infinite cycles of expansion, which are never linear. They always rotate within the evolution of the spiral of Spirit. This is how Life in Creation is set up and how it all fluctuates. This time is also very good for establishing harmonious relationships and connections with others, because Gemini energy is also about relationships, sharing (not going at it alone) and brand new intellectual energy. We might receive new awareness about our relationships, and how we can co-create something beautiful and unique. But remember, these alignments can only assist us if we are ready to step up and embody more of the New.

We need to be willing and open. Everything always takes place within us, where an actual shift truly takes place. Are You ready for another wave of the New? It is already here, so all You have to do is welcome it with open arms ... and don't say no to new opportunities and blessings ... they are always for further expansion into the New!

We are truly receiving so much Light at this time between the 12-12 portal and the December Solstice, which acts as another gateway into the New. During this time, our bodies are processing and integrating much of the New, so You may receive guidance to move away from all the hype and go deeper within ... yes, regardless of the Holiday season. The key words are: purification through the sacred Violet Fire, harmonious relationships, inner balance through peace in the Now (inner time) and retreating within when necessary. Observe your body at this time, because it's sharing many messages with You now, and dreams are more intense and vivid as well. We are receiving many messages everywhere, and that is why "inner time" needs to be anchored, so that we may hear and process them through awareness/neutrality.

Due to all of this, I was also guided to take a few days off, and I continue to be guided to share through more gentleness, and only when truly guided. I was guided to take some time just for myself, away from the online world ... in order to retreat in Nature, do some hiking, discover some new trails and blaze away! I feel it's very important to ground the seeding Light that is pouring through us at this time ... between 12-12 and the December Solstice on the 21st. Enjoy the ride as much as You can!

A devotee to Divine service always gives its 111%, and that is why I always share everything I receive through Spirit and give my all ... but even the most hyper ones need a break from time to time. I was focusing on spending more time with my family (my mother), because physical relationships are very important at this time. So much is being integrated through consciously living them in day to day reality. I was guided not to feel the need to constantly do something, but instead focus on the Divine feminine principle of receptivity and nurture ... pure Beingness. 

I was retreating into Nature, observing Nature phenomenons and feeling like a magical child, watching some magical movies and creating my magical jewelry. This way, I was practicing how to stay in the embodiment of "inner time" and Divine creativity instead of following the limits and restrictions of external (artificially imposed) time. So many times we are not even aware that we are "running on a clock" when indeed we are. It is only in the slowing down, that we will notice this ... and we might even notice some of the things that we would otherwise miss ... because we were too much in a hurry to get somewhere.

What if there was no goal, no destination, nowhere to be, nothing to accomplish or achieve, nothing particular to do, and no special place to go? What if there is only the beauty of the Now ... where our highest Divine potential can emerge? Try merging with this awareness, even if just for a little while, and notice the difference yourself. When we create more of the space for the New, more can be planted. This is a time when our new ideas and inspirations are being planted through new seeds of awareness, so that they can flourish in 2014 and beyond.

I was really enjoying my short break from the online world and Facebook community. My body is currently seeding a lot of incoming Light, and I felt sleepy/dizzy all weekend, but I went for daily hikes anyway. I AM working with the Violet fire a lot these days, and I AM focusing on my own inner strength through the power of Grace. Oh ... and spontaneity and humor as well!
And since I already mentioned the sacred Violet Fire, here is one personal example of how to use it. This picture was taken on a hiking trip this weekend ... after speaking the Sacred Violet Fire decree out loud 33 times ... in a poetic duo! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. After speaking our decrees on a beautiful hill top, we also spread the Violet Flame Light everywhere from deep inside us. First the Light went into our every cell and molecule, running through the blood stream as well ... and then spreading out into the sacred Earth and up through our crown into the air. We imagined how this sacred Violet Flame is spreading out in a toroidal field ... in concentric circles. It went all the way out, spreading from where we sat ... to all the local hills, places and villages, into entire cities and regions, and through the entire country of Slovenia. It spread out through all the "borders" and through entire countries, continents and oceans ... until this toroidal field and the toroidal field of Mother Earth were One. Then all of the Earth was engulfed in the blazing flames of the sacred Violet Fire. The feeling was beautiful and peaceful ... the image says the rest. 

And now for some Nature messengers! No, these are not crystals. These are snow-ice crystals, and they totally made my day today! I don't know what is it with me and all things made of ice lately. I guess they remind me of the crystalline Core Nature of Purity that we are in Truth.

It is also time to play the "1, 2, 3 ... what can You see" game again. This is an Auralite 23 crystal, overlighted by the Light of the Sun on the portal day of 12-12. There are many special messages hidden in this crystal. They might come to us instantly, or after looking at this piece of crystal for a while. It does not matter, Spirit says ... what is important is the Soul message that is inside ... and what we see in it will reveal that message, whether in an instant or not.

I saw a Maltese (St. Germain's) cross and the opposing V's, which are also related to my Spirit Essence (Aurea-Aureon), comprising of my Divine feminine and masculine. There are also many other things hidden in this magical image. We may look at it at a different time and see different things ... which is also perfect in the Now moment! 

I love You all ... be blessed during those wondrous days in between 12-12 and 21-12!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. If the term "the New" is still too conceptual for You, then just move deeper and try to feel it, not think your way through it. Ask your Soul about what the New means for You personally, and be open to receiving it.

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