Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My infinite Trust

Dear Beloveds!

I would love to share one beautiful example of how Divine Trust works through surrender and letting go. This example is about a Soul painting which I agreed to do for someone who ordered it for her office a while ago. It is a Soul painting called "Divine remembrance" which I created for a Divine companion who approached me with this request: "Hi Polona, I appreciate all of the guidance and insight you share; it's so wonderful that you're sharing your journey; thank you! I am contacting you because I am a therapist at a rape crisis center in Kansas City, Missouri. I get to work with children and adults who have experienced sexual abuse & assault. I'm interested in new art work for my office and would like something that is high vibrational and meaningful. My intent for the painting would be something to the effect of helping them remember, "you're whole and perfect," despite consciously forgetting their truth, which brings them to my office. If at any point in time this service feels right to you, I'd love to purchase a painting that you create. I appreciate you. Thank you."

Of course I agreed to do the painting, and later my friend from Canada was also guided to send this lovely Soul companion some free Auralite 23 crystals, in order to make her office truly highly vibrational. When I sat down to create a sketch for the painting, it instantly came to me. I knew that the title was to be "Divine remembrance" and that it needed to capture the Soul Essence of simplicity, purity and childlike innocence ... in order to activate those who have decided to forget who they truly are for a while ... to remember yet again one day. I saw this image of a boy and a girl holding hands, standing happy under the rainbow. They would reflect innocent Love that is untainted and free, sharing friendship on the Soul journey. If You look at the painting closely, it has the message of the first Humans, kind of like the story of "Adam and Eve" before the fall and a state of forgetfulness. This image can access the dormant codes and help the Souls who chose a rather challenging journey of Divine remembrance.

I was guided to paint the couple standing under a rainbow, with huge Mountains in the back, because Mountains always symbolize higher awareness, while the rainbow symbolizes a state of Divine joy and inspiration ... the 7 rays and chakras as well. There are not only 7 rays in this rainbow, because this is a higher frequency rainbow, symbolizing a higher frequency and the New Golden Age that we are co-creating again, step by step, with our journey intertwining and sharing within Divine Love of our Source Self. They are standing in the golden ocean, so the painting has the energy of both; the ocean (ancient energy) and the Mountains (the New energy). The couple is in full Divine remembrance and embodying their Angelic Selves, which is what their angelic wings represent. The girl's dress is Magenta, which is the energy of the Higher Heart activation, and the boy's shirt is green, which speaks about the balancing of the spiritual Heart within harmony.

Together they emanate wholeness, and reflect it to those who have had experiences within duality and forgot about this natural state of wholeness. The Higher Heart activation through Magenta energy is also emanating from the rainbow, along with the sacred Silver-Violet flame of purification and the white-pearl flame of purity and Unity consciousness. I was guided to use extra glitter to make it even more sparkly and truly highly vibrational. Yes, the art itself is rather simple, but it's not about how it's made ... it's about the energy that it carries and that is embedded in it. I can feel it deeply in my Heart. For me, the painting absolutely shows how Human Beings were created and who they were always meant to Be in the beginning (embodying God's Love), and how to share this in Union and harmonious partnerships. Its frequency might also help those who have forgot ... to remember again one day.

Also, the story of this painting is so funny. I never slack off and I always deliver my personal services as quickly as I can, but this time I was just somehow not guided to create this painting so fast. It was a few weeks until I got to it and I had many creative breakthroughs in the meantime. During the time when I was not yet guided to paint it, my friend from Canada was guided to send her some Auralite 23 crystals free of charge, and I created a Soul Essence stone for her as well. Later I was also guided to make her my Soul Essence lucky charm as well. Yesterday I had a talk with my mom on our walk about why the painting was not yet sent, and we both agreed that we are guided to send her a Soul mandala called "Transformation" as well. It just came to us out of the blue. It's just how it was meant to be ... and this lovely Soul will now receive the whole package!

We were exchanging e-mails yesterday, and she completely agreed. She said that she was never impatient and this whole time she stayed in the attitude of Gratitude, and so the Universe showered her with all of these Soul gifts that she was not even expecting. Isn't it amazing how Divine guidance through Spirit works? Everything is so simple and it flows, if we only trust and keep that fire of trust ongoing. Sometimes we might not get it. We need to trust anyway. Sometimes we will doubt ourselves. We need to trust anyway. Sometimes we will feel like we have failed. Guess what? We need to trust anyway. It's that simple in Truth of Divine Love.

I shared this story as an example of Divine guidance! It is not always cotton candy sweet, but it is always real and we need to listen to our gut feelings/inner knowing. The mind might not always know, but the Heart does. May this sharing inspire You to trust your own guidance as well!

I love You and I AM encouraging You to be as authentic as You are in your unique Truth. Don't listen to what others tell You about You in their opinions, as they don't really know You. Those who truly know You, don't need to tell You anything as such. They only stay in Love with You, and share with You through the Heart. In the following days I AM guided to create my own personal line of Elven jewelry. I already have the necklace, bracelet and earrings, and now I will also make the Elven circlet/tiara and a belly dance ring for my dancing costume. I AM really excited about this, as I AM already receiving guidance about it, and I now finally have all the proper tools and material as well. Joy, oh Joy!

Do You truly love the uniqueness and beauty of YOU?
Then walk the path not yet walked before.
Discover and remember your Self,
And Be the Love that You are!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. I really love how our paths intertwine and how we make a difference in each other's lives.