Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My planetary role & fellow Ascension Pioneers

Dear Beloveds!

As You might know, there are many "volunteer Souls" on this planet Now, answering the call of the Divine, in order to assist within the grand shift that is occurring on this planet. They are all Souls who are in Divine service, answering their inner Soul callings and feeling like they have a higher/grander purpose on this planet. This is a planet where one comes to master the lessons of duality, and move into the realms of understanding the true nature of polarity and the Principle of Creation called the Principle of polarity. This is activated when we remember and integrate our general awareness about all Creation being built through the principle of opposing polarities. Many who are now incarnating in this realm of Existence already know this. They don't need to learn it, and it's nothing new to them, because it's in their Soul awareness already. These are the "New" Souls, the ones who came here particularly at this very special time, when a mass shift called the "Ascension" is taking place. It is very important for these Souls to activate their Soul codes, which lead them to living out their Divine purpose in a fully empowered way.

What I will share from here on, is a mirror version of an article published on my web page for Ascension Pioneers! I also share much about this in my videos here (Star origin & Soul purpose) and here (Rays of consciousness within Creation)! And of course, I will continue to share more about this. One of my key roles on this planet is to assist other Ascension Pioneers with their own Divine remembrance, so they step into their Self empowerment and Self mastery. I do that not only by sharing my awareness, but by showing them the Way through my own example, paving the way and inspiring them along the way. I so love all of my fellow Ascension Pioneers, and Spirit always showed me that there are others like me out there, and I AM to gather them together and help them remember ... and so we travel as One, always serving the One.

So ... Do You know your unique Soul signature? It is not within the labels ... it is within the Core purpose of your unique Soul. There are many "younger" ones connecting with me, remembering who they truly are ... as very powerful Souls of an "indigo type" vibration, if I choose to name it like this. It is never about the name, it is about the vibration behind it. As an Ascension Pioneer, it is very important to understand the vibration of what You are, meaning the type of frequency that You bring and hold on this planet. It is about what You are seeding here, and is therefore about what You empower here.

Knowing your unique Soul signature can help You to empower your Soul purpose and amplify your unique energy signature in this realm of Existence and experience. As You do, it ripples out in very strong potent waves of the New. This is what You are ... You are the Hope of the New, the bringer of Dawn ... the Way shower of the Way of One, which is all about the Illuminated Truth. You carry this deep within You. It is engraved within your Soul, and it is something so essential that no one or nothing can take it away from You. You were born with it, and You were born to lead in your very own unique/personal way.

So knowing your Soul signature is all about remembering your Divine purpose, which when empowered ... activates the purpose of others, who are fellow Beings of benevolent Light, sharing this path with You ... in their own unique way. When You know yourself as a unique Beloved that You are, You send out powerful ripples of Divine remembrance, which help others remember as well, and together You then walk an awakened path of Divine Love/Divine service.

I will share an example of knowing your own unique signature for myself. Many people have called me many things, including a spiritual teacher, warrior of Light, etc. But I never felt right with any of those, as they just did not resonate deeply enough. On the surface, we are all One and we are all Love, but the deeper we move into our uniqueness and individuality, the closer we come to the Core of our Being, which is always there ... eternally waiting for You to remember. So the question was never "Who AM I", because it was always "What AM I"?

For me, the main frequency of my Soul purpose is a Way shower. All I need to do is Be the Pillar of Light that I AM, and share whatever I feel guided to share in the moment, as everything comes for me in Divine timing ... through the perfect manifestation of Spirit. When I say Spirit, I mean the Holy Spirit, the Light of the "Shekinah", the Divine Mother frequency of All Creation in All That Is. So no, I AM not a spiritual teacher or leader, and I was never meant to be a published best-seller or an author of many books, for example. I love sharing what I do publicly, but I still love to stay in the background, humbly holding the space for Higher Truth.

My purpose is not to address the minds of Humanity. My purpose is to address the dormant/awakening DNA in the Hearts of those who are on the path of Ascension, by activating the Higher Heart frequency ... which is the first opening that needs to take place on the path of conscious Ascension and Self Mastery. My purpose is to embody all of this myself, and serve by Being and walking as a living example. This is what I mean about knowing your unique Soul signature. Our purpose is not what we do, but the frequency within the Divine Light that we all serve ... as Children of the One Sun, the Great Central Sun of all Life in Creation.

This is what true nature of purpose is about, and when we understand/remember our own, so many things on our Ascension journey amplify and we begin to touch the lives of many others as well. This is what Purpose is all about. Being our purpose by feeling it and sharing it in simplicity, as we create Divine Beauty in everything that we touch and encounter upon. This is who we truly are as Beings of Light who serve the Divine Love ... the Divine Mother of all Creation.

This is all very much connected with the Rays of consciousness within Variation of Creation as well, and when we know the Ray on which we travel, we know our purpose, because Rays of Light represent our dominant purpose. For me, this is the White Ray of Purity and Unity consciousness, and it is connected with the White Ascension Flame and Oneness. This is my path, and all I have to do is become it ... and then share it in whatever way or form that I AM guided to in the Now. This is how I build upon the strength of my inner Light, and the Light of All That Is ... for it is One. We are the Source Self.

It is so simple, and all we have to do is remember it, own our Light and walk it in great Self confidence, Self empowerment and Self mastery! This is the way of true Divine service!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn