Friday, July 19, 2013

The Magic and Wisdom of the Elves

Dear Beloveds!

This is my short automatic writing and blog about the wisdom of the Beloved Elves. I AM deeply connected with this Realm myself, and You can be as well. The more You will be with Nature and the more You will feel Unity, the more You will feel this yourself. I would like to share some of the things that are associated with this to get You started ... and more will be shared at a later note. So if You wish to know more about the Magic of the Elves and possibly desire to receive an invitation and initiation into their Realms of wisdom and higher Truth, this is one way how You can start! They are just one of the Beings who are here for us during the planetary shift.

Yesterday I found myself sitting in one of my favorite magical places by the water, in an enchanted region here in Slovenia where I intend to live. I was sitting by a water stream, when all of a sudden I started to sing an Elvish song (and melody). It was definitely of the Elves and I felt like I was connecting to them more and more. The song was about the water, the flow of life and the blood of purity running through their/our veins. All of a sudden, after the song was finished, I needed to run to my deck chair in the sand, to write something down.

They have told me that we are the "ancient" wise Ones, the shining Ones, the Illuminated Ones ... the Ones who understand and operate by the nature of Creation and its Principles. I usually referred to this as the Realms of Illuminated Truth. We are the Ones who are meant to pass this sacred knowing/wisdom to the Humans who are rising up to the frequency of the New Earth - Nova Terra - during this shift of the planetary body called Gaia. We have been here during the major planetary shifts, because just like many other Beings, we are associated with the planet in our own unique way, assisting with our own "field of expertise" and understanding, so the awareness that we "possess" on a Soul level as One Group Soul. There are many different kinds/groups, just like within all other types of Beings within Variation of Creation.

We have been keeping the ancient (eternal, actually) wisdom alive, during all the important planetary periods/shifts of ages, including the most solitary ones (seemingly dead with consciousness), where there seemed to be no life of higher awareness. This wisdom was being stored in the etheric Realms, where the Elves actually reside while working with the Humans from there ... mostly those who are now shifting in their vibration and way of Being. Of course, as all other types and forms of consciousness, many of the Elven Realms are incarnated here as well. That does not mean that they don't also exist as true Elves in etheric form, for we are truly all multidimensional in Essence, and it takes a shift in awareness to understand this. We can often see them as the energy/archetype of the High Priest/Priestess.

Usually the Ones from the Elven Realms are very active, outdoorsy and love to reside in Nature most of their time. They do not just love Nature, but they deeply know that they are Nature themselves, knowing about the deepest Truths and the most profound secrets of the mystery of Life in Creation. They work with the consciousness, the planetary and Cosmic leylines, Vortices and Gateways. They are holding the space of the higher dimensional awareness and way of living ... so higher Existence. They are bringing this awareness to Earth from other planetary systems, and their energy feels very non attached, neutral/calm, peaceful, loving and wise ... some might confuse it for a very serious kind, but it's just deep awareness that they hold.

They are just showing the way ... nothing else. That is all that they are meant to do, besides the energy work that they are naturally involved with. They do hold a high level of responsibility due to their knowledge and higher understanding. They are aware of this, so when incarnated ... they will work with their Divine remembrance in a very humble and careful way, because all knowledge is power and it can also be abused, and it used to be abused before ... time after time. They are making sure this would not happen again, and that is why they only participate within the Divine Plan of Perfection ... within the great Divine order.

This is just a short introduction to the Realms of the Elves, and it's barely scratching the surface of things. But since I AM feeling really magical and connected to them in my sacred Mountain space lately, I AM called to address them more often.

More is to come soon! So to be continued!

You can see the video about it here:

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. Look at the image and notice the golden glow of my Elven Star magical pendant! It is alive with consciousness! It was discovered today, and it shows how deep my connection with them truly is.