Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Spirit guidance

Dear Family of Love!

I wish to share about how there are daily messages all around us. When we are waking up from our dreams, we are already receiving them. If we forget what our dreams tried to tell us, there will be other messages during the day. There are signs and synchronicity in everything. And so it goes on and on, as we are always guided, protected and taken care of. The purpose of my entire Blog is to assist others in awakening to their inner Magic and to open their eyes and Hearts to true Spirit guidance. Spirit is in everything ... in every thread of Being. The more in tune we are with our inner Magic, the more alive we feel, and the more Joy we are generating. This is assisting us in raising our vibration, and that is the whole purpose of Divine guidance anyway. We constantly grow and expand through it and we are constantly shifting, for we are infinite Beings of expansion within Creation. It is the biggest gift and blessing when one can live this way ... in constant connection with the Divine, and in utter Spirit attunement.

Here is one of my most recent examples of how I tune into the energy of my own Spirit guidance. I was returning from my run today, when I noticed a dead mole with a corner of my eye. I simply could not pass it by, so I needed to go back, pick it up and carry it to the nearest tree to bury it. The animal was without a head, so I had to release my fear of looking at and touching a dead body. I put it in the ground and made a short prayer, while calling the Spirit of Nature and the Angels. After that, I saw how neutral I was about the whole experience, and I instantly knew, that there was a message in it for me as well. Animal totems are a big part of our life, and so are dead ones, apparently. I was browsing online, and this is what I found: "Symbolic keywords I would assign to help interpret a symbolic 'dead' animal sighting would include: Revolution, Transition, Evolution, Recycling, Cycles, Choice."

Animals are naturally connected to Source with no ego interference, so they can move from one experience to the next one easily, and they can just "flip the switch." Obviously, because I was the one who was strongly guided to pick the little guy up and bury it, I was also the recipient of its message. If You look at a mole, they are such diligent creatures who work all the time. They represent the underground and working hard for the "goal." They live "downstairs", so below the surface, which can represent the shadow and the hidden. This can mean that something hidden is being revealed, or that there is a dropping of the shadow aspect, since the animal was dead (ending, transition). But we also need to know, that they often climb up to the surface, and this is how this little creature met its "end" anyway. So after all that hard work, there is a light at the end of a tunnel.

A mole can also represent grounding, so this can mean that the matters that need a very grounded/physical approach are coming into culmination and fruition. Because the animal was without its head, this can also represent that the mental approach (so dealing with things through the mental), simply needs to die ... and it has died. I also found this online: "The mole teaches expression of nature and sensitivity one surroundings, alertness and awareness of what is happening around you, aids in self-introspection. shows how to find hidden parts of your spiritual being, teaches to listen and feel carefully while using intuition. Mole teaches lessons of grounding and working toward a goal. Are you truly listening to others and circumstances? Listen beyond the obvious, trust your intuition on this. Are you eating right?"

When the animals die, it can simply mean a transition to a different kind of life. Sometimes even the most unpleasant things have the most blessed messages for us ... as long as we stay open to them and see beyond the surface of things!

Now here is another nice tool and example to help with the Gift of intuition and foresight, when we are looking beyond just the surface of things. Today I received a very special Magic crystal ball as a special gift and I wish to share its Magic. I saw that it's also a fireball. Why? Because it gathers and reflects the Light of the Sun and acts as a magnifying glass. I was getting to know it out in Nature, and I received guidance on how to use it. I channeled the ball's guidelines, which are as follows:

1. Never expose me to direct sunlight, as that is how powerful I AM. I work as a cleansing tool this way, because I can create fire, and fire has that raw Spirit power of transformation.

2. Always work with me through immense gratitude, humility and a deep respect. I AM not for everyone. I always end up in the right hands, with the right caretaker.

3. I AM always with You for a proper amount of time, and only as long as I AM truly needed. And then I move on, if I AM needed elsewhere. This is felt telepathically and through the Heart connection.

4. I can work with the caretaker in many ways, and I can especially work wonders with increasing the ability of foresight/inner knowing (increased intuitive and psychic skills), and I also assist with the Higher Self connection. I always work only on the level of awareness that my Divine caretaker is coming from, and that is how they are to use me. If one that is beyond the third eye sight (clairvoyance) wishes to receive psychic vision and insights this way, this can simply not be granted. One needs to work with me in full honesty, Divine integrity and Soul alignment/awareness. This is how the results can be truly amazing. This is how the connection between us both is the most optimal.

5. Always use me with pure intent, a prayer of the Heart and the expression of gratitude after You finish working with me. Keep me in a special, valued and sacred place.

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. I hope You found any messages for You here as well, and if You receive some of your own, please pass them along!