Thursday, August 1, 2013

Soul connections & Divine reunions

Dear Beloveds!

I was away for a while from this sacred Blog space, although I have so much to share ... the timing obviously isn't right, as there are so many other things going on. But I AM guided to share something really beautiful. Just recently I have been receiving guidance about Soulmates and Soul connections in a form of new partnerships, and I did not know what it applied to. I also felt kind of "distanced"/isolated from everyone lately, since I AM going through very personal things alone through my inner Spirit initiations ... mostly in regards to my physical move.

So I asked my Soul for a deeper sense of Magic and connection. After that, I received another oracle message about a Soulmate connection. And what happened then was, that this wonderful Soul wrote to me and gave me this beautiful and simple Soul message. Usually people cannot give me Soul messages, if they are not members of my extended Soul family. And I will always feel if a message is Soul based or ego based. This happens for me so rarely, but sometimes it does and I feel truly blessed. It is as if the Soul knows You and feels You on the most deepest level. When I was reading the words in our energy exchange, I felt it immediately and I knew it was a Soul message.

Why can only members of our Soul family give us Soul messages? Because they share the same Soul awareness with us, and it's easy for them to tune into us, because we are tuned into One Group/Head Oversoul. The thing is, I ended up having one of the most beautiful Heart exchanges ever, and it made me feel really valued, honored and respected ... especially understood for who I AM and what my purpose is like. Many times I wished to address this topic, but it feels even better to share my direct experience with it.
I often hear about how we are scattered all around the planet as true "volunteer" Souls, because we are planting seeds of Love and awareness everywhere, and how it needs to be so. But sometimes connecting this way can make our Heart sing, and we can access our inner Magic even more deeply ... and this is how it was for me today. What I asked for, I have received, and one of my pure mirrors came my way. I AM truly grateful for that Gift being shared with me today by the Divine.

May You honor all of your own Soul connections! Once You feel how deep and profound they are, You can never take them for granted and learn to treasure every moment that is shared in Unity. There are so many sacred connections, from a Soul group, to extended Soul family within the Head Oversoul ... to that one true Beloved, who is our Divine counterpart ... our Twin Soul. Although Soul reunions are happening on a grander scale, a lot of Twin Souls are coming together in Unity right now.

The guidance that I have received is the following. The times we live in right now are very intense and we are each shifting in our own unique way, but there is something we are never to forget no matter what. There is something we are to always carry in our Heart and think about at least for a moment every day. There is something that is such a deep part of us, that no Human initiation can override, if we are consciously tuned into it through our awareness. What is that, You may ask? I AM talking about the Beloved energy, of course. And lately I keep noticing everything in two's, in coupling.

I AM talking about that one true Beloved within us and all around. I AM talking about that deep intimate bond with the Self which can also be expressed in a sacred relationship that manifests as a Divine partnership. I AM talking about the physical manifestation of a sacred marriage within, the complete balance of the Divine feminine and masculine. So many have suppressed this longing due to the fear of not being "spiritual enough" if they desire a physical reunion and a sacred partnership. Others have denied it because they have been convinced that we are all One anyway, and they don't really need a partner in their Soul journey ... and that it's not important to remember our uniqueness and our Divine Beloved counterpart that is always One with us ... always deeply rooted in our unique Soul awareness and signature. And many others have suppressed it simply because they think that they can do it all on their own.

But let me tell You this ... our true strength lies in our vulnerability and the ability to remain completely open at all times. This is where our true inner power resides ... in sharing and co-operation. Together we are stronger and 1+1 does not merely equal 2 ... it amplifies in greater potential than that! Human Beings were never meant to be alone, for they were always meant to commune and co-create, but they were also not meant to be in a non-resonant partnership. They are meant to be in a partnership that merges the Soul and the body, Spirit and matter. They are meant to be in a partnership that touches their own Heart Essence every single day and awakens their Spirit in each Now moment. They are meant to co-create in a sacred Union that mirrors true inner wholeness and completion. They are meant to live by the principle of "as within, so without!" And they are most definitely meant to be in a partnership that reflects the marriage of the Soul.

Of course, all of this is true for them, if they so choose it, and if they are consciously willing to take this path of the Beloved Self within and that one true Beloved without ... for the purposeful merging that is for the greater good of All That Is ... and serving all Creation ... as the energy of One becomes amplified by infinity!

So, do You choose this path of the Beloved? Are You willing to be pleasantly surprised and welcomed back Home?

Here is my video about Soul connections & messages:

Within Divine Love, Polona