Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tuning into energy

Dear Family of Love!

Every day there is a shift in energy. Every moment, we are shifting as well. If You are not aware of this yet, we can all feel the shifts in energy, because we are all sentient Beings who are intrinsically connected with all Life in Creation. It's just whether we allow ourselves to feel the energy or not. Sometimes people say to me: "I AM not as open as You are, I don't have the same gifts." The Truth is, that we are all feeling/sensing Beings, and the only difference is, that some of us are aware of it through our own inner knowing. You are a powerful Being and You can start claiming your inner knowingness, Self confidence and empowerment right Now! 

My purpose is not just to share my own experiences and how I feel the Universal energies and beyond myself ... but also to help You come into your own. Everyone will tune into the energy through your own Soul awareness. My desire is for everyone who is ready, to open up to Nature and all Life in Creation. By merging our consciousness with anything, we can already sense the vibration of it. This is as natural to us as breathing, and it's not just some particular energy readers that can do this ... it's not only for the "chosen ones." Yes, many have forgotten who they truly are and so they are not claiming their Soul awareness, but the shift into Divine remembrance can be as instant as we desire it to be. The energy readers are only those who have remembered how to do this and claimed their personal Vortex back. They are tuning into their inner resources, and You can do the same ... we all can!

We all have a unique way of how we sense energy. Some of us are more in tune with inner knowing through instant feeling, others are more sensitive in their body, while others see or hear. Mostly, we all have a little bit of everything, while a certain way prevails ... is more dominant. But in the higher scheme of things, it is not so much important how we receive ... but the quality of what we receive. Is what we are receiving coming to us through purity? Yes, opening up to our inner senses requires a proper purification of our lower body matrix. When we do, how is the feeling coming to us? Can we recognize it? Do we trust it? It is also important not to hold on to any particular feeling that we are receiving, because our senses and knowing are constantly shifting, so we need to remain open. The more we are in the New, the more we are in the Now.

When we interact with different variations of Creation, like animals, minerals, plants, other Humans, etc., we can feel their energy signature. Can we tell it apart from our own? In the past, we have often given our power away by mistaking our energy patterns with those of others. In the New, this is no longer possible, for we are claiming our inner power. Once You claim your Self empowerment, You are in tune with your own energy structure and your own Soul awareness. When this is achieved, it is very easy to observe the other while not becoming entangled with it. We can be in Oneness with it, while remaining unique at the same time. There are no more egoic projections in this state of awareness. 

Every Being in Creation has its own energy signature, and its energy speaks to us ... while sharing messages with us. The more observant that we become, the more we can read the energy and these messages that every thread of Life contains. For example, while observing different animals, we will see what qualities they express, and so the messages that they share with us reflect those qualities. For example, there are certain animals that are very timid, some are curious, while others are amazingly brave and courageous. We need to observe all of it, not just the general description of a certain animal totem, but also the qualities of a particular animal that is interacting with us.

And now a simple energy exercise! You can close your eyes and just breathe for a few moments. Preferably do this outside ... somewhere where You can feel Nature surrounding You. How does the energy feel, when You close your eyes? If there is wind, what does it feel like? Turbulent? Powerful? Gentle? Transformative? Whatever You feel reflects the state of energy that You are reading. The more that You are anchored into your Beingness and grounded into Earth, the easier it is. It will be the most organic experience. We can move on to other things surrounding us, like the animals, plants and trees. After that, we can shift into scent. How do things smell? And after we do all of that ... we can return back to the Self and observe our inner sensations. How does "within" feel? Are we joyful? Are we in a releasing mode? Is there any overflowing emotions and what are they like? Can we feel peace and bliss no matter what we feel?

Once we master our own feeling side of life, we will be moving to sensing the Universal energy and beyond. The more that we are One with all Life in Creation, the more expanded our energy reading will be. We will be expanding from our personal Soul feeling and awareness into something much greater than this!

Here is my video about this and how to tune into energy:

Within Divine Love, Polona