Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Power of Choice & Cosmic convergence

Dear Beloveds!

This weekend I was at the seaside, immersing in the energy of the Great Ocean. While performing a sacred ritual, a beautiful Spirit message came through, which spoke about sacrifice in the New through the Power of Choice. When we co-create our choices in alignment with the Greater Whole, we are creating tiny particles of Light that are weaving the golden-white web of our New Reality. The more people align their choices through the consideration of a greater Whole, the more refined our Being becomes, and the more interconnectedness we will co-create. This takes our daily focus and devotion, for most individuals are not yet at the level where all of their choices are Spirit aligned automatically. It takes a great deal of courage and commitment to Self mastery to live this way and attune to the Great Holy Spirit. When this becomes natural to us, we won't feel sacrifice as giving something up, but rather gaining much more through a purposeful life that is full of Spirit value and freedom of Being.

Here is my video update about this:

We are walking through the attunement into the Higher realms of Being (the inner planes) and the nature of selfless service. As an initiate of Light, we have walked through numerous stories and scenarios which enriched our Being, and yet Now a new cycle is approaching, where all of these stories will need to be surrendered to something Greater than ourselves and all of our stories and experiences so far. The Whole of Creation is going through a cycle of expansion, not just ourselves, and when we can internally experience this Vast Grandness, we will definitely not be feeling so alone and isolated in our personal Ascension.

Ascension is not an isolated event, it's an experience in all of Creation, so just as we are expanding and ascending, so is our native planet, the whole of our Solar system, all the other Stellar systems and the entire Milky Galaxy as well. All the levels and planes of Existence are being upgraded simultaneously, for Life in Creation is in constant flux. So as we are ascending through our Mother planet and through the Higher Heart (represented by our mother Venus), so is our Galaxy, which does so through the Higher Heart of the Andromeda Galaxy. Everything is interconnected and all levels and planes of Existence are truly One.

Our planet is going through major changes at this time, while our own consciousness is also being upgraded, so that we can once more experience ourselves as Cosmic Beings, servants of Creation and all of its Divine Principles. With this shift in Cosmic awareness, we dedicate our Life to a higher cause, which includes all other Beings and forms of Existence, for we truly feel interconnected and devoted to something much Greater. We are asked to begin walking the path of the Initiate, if we haven't already began walking it. This means to pursue words of the Great Prophets in Self awareness and physical embodiment, and to make this process very creative as well.

Even Self Mastery is not how it used to be, for all is constantly evolving. The teachings of the Great Ones include Essences such as: Selflessness, truthfulness, harmlessness, mindfulness, respectfulness, goodness, peacefulness and righteousness. When we know these Primary Essences of our Core Creation Self, we can experience a gentle and loving motherly Presence in our awareness, the Love of the Divine Mother. This is a nurturing Presence that inspires and ignites the flames of the sacred Fire, the Cosmic pulse of Life. This is the Spiral of Life that we have never left, for it is us.

We are reminded of a constancy of our Angelic Overlighting Self, the luminary Presence we begin to awaken with our personal Ascension. This is a Presence that is always there, no matter how separate or not we may feel from it. In Truth, we are never separate from this sacred Fire and the Cosmic pulse of Life. It is this Cosmic pulse that sustains our very Being and the nature of our physicality, so how can we not be of that Prime Essence? The more we work on attuning our awareness to this Cosmic pulse, the more we will feel true Bliss of our Being and a natural state of constant expansion and transcendence. When we then also act from this Higher Essence of ours, we will no longer function through lower thought and emotional energy forms and distorted patterning, because we will be infused with Prime Creation Light, the 64 Pillars of Creation, which are the Original designs of the Creatrix, not the distorted matrix that comes of the lower planes of separation. And even those lower planes are now being upgraded and call back to a Higher Life.

Working with the inner planes will keep our focus on the workings of Spirit, so that we can once more become a pure conduit for the Light of the Holy Spirit, and continue to ask ourselves: "How does my Presence and all of my choices reflect the Whole? How can I serve, and how I can I improve and transcend the nature of my service?" It is time to expand our wings, to leave our safety comfort zone (the nest) and walk amongst the people and all of Nature and its creatures, to co-create within the New! It is time to make ourselves more seen and to spread the Light of Divine Law ... the most sacred Law of One!

It all begins within. When we perform any kind of sacred ceremony with the intention to send out ripples and waves of Divine Love, our Spirit guidance will deepen, and we will become more susceptible to the subtle realms that surround and encompass us and all of our realities from inside out. We do not just create ceremony for ourselves, but to immerse in the Whole, which is greater than ourselves alone. 

The more we infuse this realm with Divine Love, the more we will experience nothing but pure Love through great freedom and in Grace. As we will experience new guidance and receive new insights and sacred tools, we will be invited into sharing them, for nothing in this shifting reality is given to us alone ... all is for the advancement and expansion of the Whole ... to move Life in Creation to a new level of evolution.  

We are going through an acceleration and receiving new upgrades in our Divine service toward planetary and personal Ascension. Our planet is going through another important shift, and as we go through each such energetic shift, we are being upgraded in our energy and our physical form becomes more refined. These shifts are all interconnected and inter-layered. The level of our Soul passion increases through each shift, and often we are guided to do new things, to relocate or simply visit important places that are offering energy exchange on a particular level that is important for our conscious integration. 

As our Divine purpose becomes more refined, we move away from basing our mission on physical work alone, but we attend to more refined things of ethereal nature, in order to bring them down into embodiment, to their fullest capacity ... without overwhelming or overburdening ourselves. When we go through such important shifts, our energy field shifts and we become more sensitive and susceptible to Spirit Light and feeling it on all levels.

The planet is moving into a new level, and those who are consciously choosing physical Ascension are being called to their new planetary roles and positions. These new roles come to us beyond labels, and yet they are quite specific and individualized.

Each Human Being involved with Ascension (awake and aware or not) is Now receiving a new and completely blank Book, the refined Book of Life. In this Book, a sacred Tree of Life presents itself, and all the branches of the Tree begin to activate and blossom perfectly. Then there are golden letters that begin to write down our new refined purpose, within the New Divine blueprint at the time being.

We look at this fine "print" of golden Light and we embrace ourselves as the Ambassador of New Earth, the conscious Pillar of Divine Love, the emanation of perfected Light of Source. We see ourselves shifting and moving into any particular place of residence that needs our Presence, internally and externally, and as we do so, we feel nothing but complete understanding and perfection of the Divine Plan in motion. We are the Divine Plan in motion, and we are Love in Human form.

The Rainbow White Light that is the basis of our Ascension column Now extends into our Being and expands us. We feel surrounded by magical Presence of all the Realms, experiences and forms of Creation. We feel unified and Whole, we feel complete and elevated in simply Being attuned to our highest Divine potential. All that flows through us is the perfection of Divine Law, the sacred Law of One.

Ascension is getting real!

Here is my monthly energy update/forecast for the month of June!

We are in times of integrating our inner Power and leadership, through the embracing of our "I AM" nature of perfect Spirit guidance and Source alignment. It is time to Be and act as powerful individuals who hold great power in our hands, and this is not a power to destroy or dominate/rule, but a gentle power of Love that nourishes and completes. When we attune to this inner Source of Power, everything else will naturally align and come into center positioning. 

When we stand in our Vortex, everything else will naturally spring from it. Spirit has recently shared a beautiful message through me, about the need to gather together as co-creators and companions, for this New Age cannot come out of separate individuals alone. This is a powerful co-creation that will require all of our group efforts, not just those of spiritual teachers, Ascension Pioneers and lightworkers. The leaders are not here to do it all by themselves, but rather invite everyone into their own individualized leadership.

It is time for movement and conscious action in our personal and collective Ascension. In Truth, this is a Cosmic mission that we all need to devote all of our Heart to. Sometimes individuals still passively wait for something to change on the outside first, or someone to come and rescue or show the right way. This sort of "Magic" is not really what will happen. True Magic is realizing we are the Ones, and that each Human living on the planet Now has all that it takes to move things along the lines of the New. Our future enlightened Selves are moving into this realm of existence, merging with every atom of this Human form. 

No Human is here without some sort of purpose, and when we begin to redirect that purpose to a greater cause, a life that is meaningful not just to ourselves but others as well, we will feel a sense of greater fulfillment and completion that goes beyond just "us" as a singular entity. It is time that we each consider all of our responsibilities, assess our every single action, thought or intent, and feel into how it effects the Whole. 

When we only think of ourselves, our vision is rather limited and it can make us feel separate from our brothers and sisters, so even though help and assistance can exist, we will not see it for we exist in separation mode. When our every action becomes refined through the Breath of Holy Spirit, our every Creation will mirror that as well. And only then, our reality will begin to shift physically as well. It is time to gather all of our strength and resources in order to push for that new birth of New Earth and make things happen. 

The Spirit realms and our Cosmic brothers and sisters have never been more engaged with us (we are One), and yet it's us who will make real changes happen, for it's our realm and we get to decide what we want and then follow those choices. Choice is the most powerful thing in co-creation, and when we begin to be more aware of our choices, we make them more conscious and aligned. The more our choices reflect Divine service through a greater Whole, the more enlightened we will feel in our physical form. That is the nature of this plan in Existence, to bring the Light of Illumination into Worlds of Creation.   

This is a time when we begin to awaken our inner alchemist, the Magician that lives inside each Human being and pulsates through the Cosmos. We were given free will in order to expand into our own co-creative nature and explore and discover the Beauty of our "I AM-ness." 

When we begin to understand that every relation we are experiencing reflects us, we will begin to ask ourselves some very important questions in order to truly create that which our pure Heart desires, rather than what we think we need to do or pursue. The path ahead is clear when we know exactly what our main ingredients are and how to use them. 

We will be able to move into this new co-creative space through the Union of our Heart and Mind, engaging in pure communication and being/sharing openly and honestly. Only when our intentions are clear and pure, will we co-create within Divinity. This will bring out the qualities of Divine intelligence, dexterity, eloquence of speech, discernment and balanced analysis. 

The goal here is to live in Divine information by knowing how to use it, for we can have all the knowledge in the world, but without genuine application it doesn't bring about anything. We are here to become aware of our power and influence and begin with small steps that lead to bigger visions and the Creation of the New.

At this point everyone needs to become aware that anyone can be (for they are) a Heart healer, a Being of compassion and Grace, and as we move along the path of our Cosmic (not just planetary) Ascension, we are beginning to remember our true Galactic heritage and the nature of what it means to be a Cosmic shaman, a Universal Medicine Man-Woman. 

The nature of this purpose is not a label or a degree of knowledge, but a willingness to serve the Whole and bring the Light through Love and Unite in all ways. Every Human that desires to shift into the New is going to awaken the inner healer/shaman, but not in order to save or heal others, but to emanate such inner Purity and Wholeness, that all else shall be moved by it simply by the way they will live their life and create their reality. 

To be a true Cosmic shaman is to exist in a state of constant Radiance without control and egoic tendencies. Simply Being in our role as Cosmic servants is enough, and all else will emanate from it, so that every choice that we make will create a Cosmic pulse of Life that will weave a web of Cosmic service and interconnectedness. This web will then create this New reality. 

We all have luminous ideas, but that Now the time has come to spring them forth into action. Each empowered individual is empowering themselves in order to empower the Whole, so that each "weak" link will be able to remember itself in its true Divine Essence. No more excuses and waiting for someone else to do it for us or instead of us! It is time to shine our brilliance and stay in our Divine remembrance, which means not only attaining it, but maintaining it as well. Living a Life of simplicity and releasing all the baggage (all that is perceived as dense and hard) is the first step to take to enter into greater Balance, and then the maintenance part will happen rather automatically.

We all deserve so much more, for we are infinite!

Magical realities/other realms are here with us, and as we bring this New Earth into materialization we are working with unseen energies, in order to create new energy signatures and thought forms. We need to have belief, confidence in ourselves through the Self and trust the co-creative Power that lives within us all. 

The sphere of Spirit already holds all the Divine potential, and when we gaze into this crystalline sphere, we can always ask ourselves what is of most importance and value for us and the Whole, while trusting that us and the Whole are One and unified. When we do so, they truly will be, and we will create a beautiful synthesis of Spirit and matter in Human form. Yes, we are Love in Human form and we have the birthright (not just the ability) to create our own Reality and influence a greater Reality at large.

We are moving into a powerful new cycle of Greater Magic! Enjoy and claim your own sacred space in the Cosmic brotherhood!

The process we are undergoing in our alchemical Soul shift is called Cosmic convergence. We are awakening our Star nature and remembering our true Cosmic Life purpose. As we bring all the different parts of us into one singular and unified Whole, all these parts become a mash of synthesized Essence, and our physical form begins to refine itself. 

Here is my video on Cosmic convergence: 

Claim your own Cosmic convergence workshop (5 video series) that I created for everyone here!

This is a natural process of Soul alchemy, where we no longer speak of and experience our physicality as comprising of main 4/basic elements such as earth, water, air and fire, but we rather exist in one Column of unified Light. As we begin to ascend, we start to merge with all the different multidimensional aspects and experience them as different Creation stories and archetypes within our Being, before we live them out and integrate their main Essences in form. Each Essence that is activated and integrated then contributes to the Whole, and so the Whole of Life in Creation expands through our experiences and conscious integration/crystallization of them.

Recently I created a Light grid for Cosmic brotherhood and telepathic communication! We are connected with our interstellar brothers and sisters, realizing that they are all a part of us. This is where all the timelines converge, and the past, present and future become one integrated Self. Our Core Creation Luminous Self is in the middle, converging with the past and present into one synthesized Whole. Awaken your spiritual/Light DNA and cellular memory of Star Origin! 

The Essence that brings all this into action is our inner Magi, and this is the Light grid to activate it within our own Being!

When working on the level of knowing Creation and its Divine laws that govern the main 64 Creation Pillars/pure Creation Light patterns, we can create perfect energy signatures, and so each Light grid that I create is like an energy package that anyone can receive when tuning into it! This one is the Atlantean crystal Healing Light grid with Dolphin energy signature through sound-wave healing! Immerse in it and feel its Pure frequency entering into your Aura! The Purity of the Golden Age Atlantean healing is Now re-awakening!

It is time Now to make that transition and walk into a new Cosmic Life chapter of our physical refinement! 

New Cosmic growth cycle awaits! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn