Friday, May 15, 2015

Blossoming & anchoring partnerships

Dear Beloveds!

We are definitely moving into a new phase in our relationships and how we relate to the world at large. What is the balancing act between our work and daily habits/routines and our home/family? Venus is in the self nurturing and motherly sign of Cancer Now, and this sign is all about belonging to our natural environment and those who feel close to us. This almost feels like a transition from the sixth to the seventh house of partnership. The sixth house is all about work and health, and what we devote our time and service to. This is an overall energy of balancing work/career and enjoyment/playfulness of our natural belonging environment. Our work should become our fun and our playful nature should be included in our creativity. We grow and expand through our work and spiritual pursuits, but relationships are also a part of who we are, and that is why that which we consider as our closest "Family" while here on Earth, also plays a crucial role in our Ascension. A great deal of our physical Ascension occurs through our relationships and what we value and nurture. We are in times when relationships are becoming very important, for they are blossoming and crystallizing into a new refined form.

Venus in Cancer also quincunxes Ceres in Aquarius, which is all about finding the balance between our pioneering and independent nature and that which is already stable and grounded and needs more nurture. This is the aspect between our Goddess of Love, Beauty and value and the Great Mother Goddess. It almost feels like they have "swapped" each other's roles in order to move deeper into mutual reception and communion. This is to know that our Human values are not separate from our Divine/Core Soul values. What we desire is the equilibrium of both, for they feed each other when in proper balance. When we focus only on what is yet to come and be created, we can neglect the aspect of nurturing that which already is ripe, and when we only focus on what already is without constantly moving into something new, we become stagnant and non-expansive. Our main objective in our Ascension is to become creative in all ways, that which is grounded and already stable and that which is yet to come and blossom in the New. When we can live between that space, we live in the Middle Pat of Unity and we embrace all aspects of our path of the Soul as One.

Cancer is a sign of family and that which is familiar, while being anchored in this earthly reality. This also speaks about anchoring relationships, which are those Divine partnerships that are co-creating a solid foundation in our New Earth, so that our true inner Self (Leo) can shine and thrive in Self expressive ways. These partnerships are not merely focused on what we give or take, but the mutual advancement and expansion of the shared path/community, where the potential of the two is much larger than that of just one. This is all about triangulation. We are therefore also mastering to balance our inner and outer reality by nourishing our inner freedom and independence (South Node in Aries) and our sharing in relationships (North Node in Libra). We are here to roam freely and yet to share this sense of true liberation with others, for why else would we be here and breathe this shared space with others, if we are not to pass the torch and initiate others by sharing our own liberation and initiation with the world? We lead by example and when we are of true Divine service, our own Life becomes the highest inspiration of true embodied Wisdom in Human form.

We are truly stepping into something wonderful here! Our partnerships in the New are blossoming and thriving!

The Scorpio Full Moon at the beginning of May brought us an opening through the depth of feeling which we will Now work on seeding into our manifested reality with a New Moon in Taurus, which occurs May 17th/18th. This new emotional opening relates to our own Heart centeredness, which brings a flow of abundant relationships, or a special new relationship that is coming into our life. 

Are we open and prepared? What do we wish to fall in love into? Are we ready to fall in love with someone or something new? When we live our reality through constant openness, we are always ready to embrace new experiences, especially those that supersede that which is already known to us. This asks us to stay open no matter what we perceive to be happening at this time, and to trust the Wisdom of our Soul and the Magic of the Full Moon. 

The more we are open to falling in love and loving our own Life, the more falling in love becomes our constant state of Being rather than a fleeting emotion that comes and goes. Our Soul is pure Love, and Now our Human (Divine child) is awakening to that same Love embodiment in form. 

The true purpose of the Higher Soul nature merging with the Human part is to remember that Force of true Love, Love that is eternal, that can always spark up inside no matter what, and that can bring anything to Life through the sacred breath of Spirit. At this time we may be guided to begin to work with our breath more, making it deeper and more sacred. When we can breathe this way, we actually don't just breathe to self sustain, but to breathe with all Life in Creation in order to co-create.

Here is my video about ascending relationships!

For a while we will be focused on breaking down walls and false boundaries, in order to invite a new emotional experience. Sometimes we may feel too strict with ourselves, limiting our experience and what we allow ourselves to do, and the answer is allowing the Soul to enter and literally sweep us off our feet. This means that a potential new pathway will be presented rather than the first initial one. Staying present and stepping aside for a while will bring us that new perspective. The new always begets more of the new, even if that "new" seems a bit challenging at the time being. Our constant state of open readiness is a magnetic force of attraction and co-creation! Let us use it wisely, with precision and care!

I had my own share of this experience! Last weekend we were in the Mountains, sleeping in a tent high above the ground, and we have fallen asleep to the most lovely sunset, and woken up with the most beautiful sunrise. A new feeling experience to the maximum!!!
The same day we also wandered off to Italian city Udine, feeling into the contrast between city and the Mountain ... what a different reality! We integrate through the unified polarization of contrast ... from within to our relationships.

This is a wonderful way to see how far we have come and how much we live in a simple Bliss!

Here is my video about anchoring relationships!

Venus in Cancer can feel like a new feeling experience, which can be symbolized by the Ace of Water in Tarot. The sacred Chalice also corresponds to the Gift of the Mother's Love, the sacred Goddess in her constant receiving. When the Goddess receives, she does so not to cultivate for herself only, but to wash over all of Life with splendor, beauty and magnificence. 

The more we receive, the more we can pay forward, and such is the real nature of our Source Spark. When we are abundant, our abundance does not come at the expense of someone else, quite on the contrary. In Truth, the more abundant we are, the higher the energy and the rising of the collective energy as well. When we are open instead of harboring just for ourselves, more will come to us, especially in terms of emotional fulfillment and well being, which was the theme of the Scorpio Full Moon in Divine Union.

The simplicity of Being and holding our sacred Presence of Divine uniqueness begins with believing in ourselves, which triggers the Magic to enter into our own inner kingdom/queendom of wonderful creative flow. When we can fully believe in and trust ourselves, we can establish the kind of peaceful Presence that will nourish and support not just ourselves, but others as well. 

Through this next initiation step of trusting Spirit through trusting Life, we will begin to open up to receiving in a new way much more easily and effortlessly, through the spontaneous flow of Life ... and also by the support of others who come into our lives to be our companions and anchors. And not just that, because together (despite our differences), we will each forgive what we think it needs to be, and move into of a space of what Is and exists for a greater reason. 

With that felt deeply in our hearts, we will each embrace our unique roles on the planet and move through our lives in that knowing, cooperation and communion. By feeling into our own sacred space and passions of the Soul, we will each become firmly rooted in what we feel guided to create on this plane of Existence.

The animals and other kingdoms often reflect this to us, because they are so attuned to their natural roles that they are fulfilling, without the need to label them. They are simply fully aware of their unique Presence and Divine role in the greater scheme of things by not knowing everything, but simply walking their own part of the Grand Creation. Sometimes as Humans we are quite the opposite, for we have expectations and we want others to be just like us or awaken to the same Truth that we know and walk as Ascension Pioneers. We lack a greater sense of vision. 

As we grow in awareness, we will begin to realize that everything is perfect, even the awakening of each sovereign individual and how their Soul chooses to awaken and co-create. Some individuals are more anchored in the higher octaves and creating on that level, while others choose to build within the earthly frame of physicality, and this is both equally important and vital for the thriving of our New ... for the merging of Spirit and matter. We are each coming into our own and then coming together perfectly, through a natural course of events that are leading us into something beyond just ourselves ... into the Magic of pure Spirit in Human form!

This is me driving an Audi, which is not my own car. I had my own share of a new feeling experience of how it is to be Human in the New, open to adventures and seeing all as Divine without any separation!

Here is my video about living our relationships in pure Joy!

And don't forget ... Mercury goes retrograde soon (May 18th), right after the Taurus New Moon, so we are looking back, reviewing something, most likely a situation or a relationship that reflects some situation that is coming into a full circle. This is most necessary at this time, and it will bring gifts of new hindsight. Looking back through this new reflection will bare gifts and make us acknowledge something we have been traveling through for quite some time now. If it's something deeply repetitive, this hindsight will Now free us from it, so we must be willing to take a deeper look without feeling bad or running away, because there is truly nothing to run and hide from. All are parts of us that want to come back to Truth ... back Home. The more we are dedicated to this process and the more devotion we feel to invest our energy in this subtle process of Soul retrieval, the more we will know the Self.

The Yin and Yang nature of who we are is merging and we are marrying all aspects of the Self!

The more we know the Self, the more Grace we acquire and the more genuine Bliss of Soul we can feel and live.
Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn