Sunday, June 14, 2015

Claiming our sacred space

Dear Beloveds!

We have moved into a new energetic month of June, and so much still lies at hand. The potential is so vast, and as we stepped through the gateway of choice, Now we are entering a more peaceful period of this year. Active yes, but peaceful. This looks like a busy and forward movement momentum. Those of us who have embraced our Organic Ascension through the understanding of pure Creation and our own individuation within Core Creation Self, are also moving into a new chapter of "Fellowship" and conscious co-creation through Joy and Bliss. We are moving away from that which is perceived as a "need" and moving into a parallel of experiencing ourselves as a wave of constant resonance and moving from harmonic dissonance to harmonic convergence.

After a while our Sun is more active again, producing powerful emanations that are effecting our body. At this time we are working on total body cleanse, but we need to know that every purification process needs to be addressed on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. So all unwanted energies are dissolving, as we are creating our own sacred space. 

Everything that no longer matches our new frequency needs to go! Mercury retrograde is ending soon (with its shadow period), and we are taking what we have learned and gathered with us into the next cycle, and leaving the rest behind where it belongs ... in the past. When we allow our body to go through this process naturally, we won't feel annoyed or stressed, for we will listen to our body and give it what it needs as a gentle shepherd of Ascension!

Through this lunar cycle of the Sagittarius Full Moon of optimism, faith and expansion, we were also receiving new insights of our further advancement as a spiritual initiate. At the very Core we are asked to more into the Now timeline and focus only on that which is at hand in the Now moment. There might be many potentials for us to explore in various timelines, and yet we are beginning to work with the sacred alchemy of the Now much more than ever before. 

It is very easy and simple to say "living in the Now", but we are Now actually called to do so on all levels, while releasing all other forms of expectation and assumptions within various timelines. Being deeply Present already shifts us into most potent timeline anyway. So we have nothing to fear or worry about ... that is a thing of the past. We need to fully embrace our Power of the knowing that it is in fact so. We need to make it our only Divine Truth, and know all other truths as partial and non consistent.

This will all bring us great satisfaction and glory of our ever expanding Presence, making us so in love with our expansions that our desires will continue to quicken and materialize rather swiftly. Our desires are being fulfilled on every corner. Are You observing yourself as more abundant and comfortable in your reality? Are You noticing all your previous seeds suddenly starting to harvest and bring powerful nourishment to your Soul embodiment? 

Know that this is normal for this time of the convergence, and that even this is only a beginning. We are all in it for so much more! It is about time to embody a state of constant expansion without self imposed restrictions and limitations. We need to get out of our own way!!!
The great Cosmic convergence is at hand, which means that everyone of us can embrace our Human nature through the unification with our Spirit, through Soul embodiment that moves deeper into every cell of our Being. We are re-writing "history" through bringing all aspects of our Self into the Now, while experiencing great Divine potentiality in every moment. Only when we truly know ourselves as fully Divine, can we enter into deeper initiations of Divine service, from planetary to Galactic ... to Cosmic.

To Be in our Divine heritage and potentiality simply means that we hold the space of pure openness while simultaneously knowing what we desire through our Soul. When we are guided by pure Soul benevolence, we cherish every part of our journey as neutral and essential, no longer judging things as "good" or "bad" but simply necessary. If something exists, it's definitely there for a chosen reason, although that choice also holds the potential for constant change and expansion. 

Our Creation polarization is becoming more unified, so that we can live our true Soul refinement in Human form. As we remember our Core Creation Self, all other parts/fragmentations of the One/the Self become individualized experiences within that Core ... the Divine Heritage held within our Spirit. And as this occurs, all of our experiences are over-lightened with that Core Presence of our Greater Being.
We are entering into such a profound time of the Cosmic convergence, where we can truly tap into our infinite potential and bring out the most authentic Essence of our Being through the coherence of many different parts, stories and scenarios that we can imagine and therefore experience as One. It doesn't have to be just one story or path, for we are now merging and converging many different pathways into one synthesized Whole. 

There is much less effort needed Now to achieve our Soul's desire and feel the calling of our Passions, to ignite the sacred Fire that comes directly from the Core of our Cosmic Self, the Union of our Mother/Father Galaxy that breathe Life into every atom of Existence!

We are moving deeper into Cosmic convergence through many different collisions and merges taking place. There are many different aspects of us merging together as One, and although this might feel intense and rather overwhelming in the beginning, because we will be guided to explore and do a lot (especially due to all that Gemini energy Now), we will slowly move into it with Grace and precision. 

The scales of Cosmic balance and restoration are being offered to us by Cosmic Masters. There is a lot happening on higher ethereal levels at this time, and our goal will continue to be to make this Higher Essence more practical and physically embodied. The nature of our purpose as Ascension Pioneers is not simply vertical, but also growing through the experience that is horizontal. So we have merging of the vertical and horizontal, the above and below becoming the "beyond", and all the basic elements that are merging into one synthesized Whole. The Essences to work with are Balance and Prosperity/Abundance.

We are still embracing our Star nature and purpose more, and therefore we might have expanded dreams that are leading us into new perspectives of how Life is truly structured and organized. Everything seems more parallel Now. The more we see this reality as our Star brothers and sisters see it from the expanded Galactic awareness, the more our path will blossom into something truly enriching, not just for us but others as well. 

By Now we have known ourselves as a certain being with certain interests and passions, and yet Now a new vista is opening a gateway of grandeur, which will expand the way we perceive abundance and energy exchange in the New Earth timeline. This is where we can truly make a difference simply by staying aligned with our Core Presence, so that which truly makes us feel alive and Present. Our true nature is not that which we think we are best at, but that which brings us the greatest Joy and expansion of Spirit in form. This is when we not only expand, but thrive and Unite our Essences as One living Creatrix of Being. 

We are moving into a new Life chapter, and the Fool's energy is very alive and Present within us and all around at this time, especially due to the Sagittarius Full Moon which took place on June 2nd. The Moon had both the Sun and the Moon in 11 degrees, co-creating an 11:11 Gateway of Light. 

This Full Moon energy was very potent, for we had the Yod/Finger of God activated as well, and this always relates to greater Will and Divine destiny. This is a major Game changer!

We can either step through this mini gateway focused on our expanded visions and mission, or we can simply use it to continue within the known and familiar. This is a gateway of empowered choice through awareness and it leads us to a greater understanding of choice (personal and collective), and by Now we already know that all of our choices are neutral, and each one leads to a new unfolding potential that wraps around all the previous potentials and co-creating new pathways and potentials, so eventually they are all leading us to where we need to be, and all time/space is actually a Great web of interconnected consciousness. There is no "good or bad" choosing, but simply upward or downward moving spiral. Nature reflects this perfectly as well, for Nature is pure Cosmic Law. What are You choosing? 

Here is my video on mastering choice!

A lot of the New that we are moving into will be co-created through Higher and more refined patterns of Light, especially through sound frequency attunements and Light activations. Our work of service is shifting to more "organic" and simple in its nature, and so many people are already becoming more simplistic in the way that they live and share their lives in communities and families around the planet. 

The importance of sacred sound begins with discovering our own unique Soul's song, and so this week we have the power to truly hear our voice from inside out, and to sing it out loud, in whatever way we can ... while making it fun as well! Whenever we are in such an intense cycle of transcendence, we are also asked to relax and retreat a bit more and a lot more often. Through this focused discipline we will naturally merge our work with Divine purpose, until we no longer see separation between the two ... as they fully unite and become One. 

A strong theme at this time is also stability and solid foundation. We are all here to bring our own little piece of Heaven/Home frequency to New Earth. That is why we are working on creating lasting things, and with this we are also learning the art of patience and endurance. A lot of our energy was invested into what we do as Ascension Pioneers, for we were creating things of sacred nature, and when we live and experience all of our life as holy, this takes constant dedication to the Way.  

We are tuning into our Celestial nature and simultaneously growing roots into sacred Earth living. The energy of Ruby/Earth Core is strongly present with us, and this attunement is perfect for working with achieving earthly senses of Power within and belonging. We are still working on claiming our personal sacred space, for we need to first claim our own space before we meet others in their own sacred spaces. 

This is how relations of the New will look like, for everyone will already come from their Wholeness of Being, and there will be no need for attachments and projections. 

Here is my video on claiming our sacred space!

All Life awaits our more conscious Presence to illuminate it and birth something New. As we walk these new steps as Divine babies and graduates at the same time, we will be faced with new challenges and opportunities, and yet we will have greater Wisdom to walk through them with loving Grace of our "I AM."

New energy is constantly streaming through us, and it is helping us to integrate a new level of our Soul purpose, on individualized and group levels. We are preparing for so much of the New, and as so many of us step into our enhanced new roles as Divine Ambassadors of the New, many new things will be taking place for us all. There is so much Abundance that awaits us on Higher levels of Soul refinement, and we can no longer embrace only the basic elements ... we are being invited to play and create magical new elements ... words, sounds and pure frequency of Light! What a delight!

Do we know how to fully relax and completely let go, even the idea of how to properly let go itself? Do we know how to step into our own personal sacred space before meeting everyone else in their own and moving into any action and activity? Our personal Ascension requires us to create from our own sacred space, which will resonate with our unique frequency and Soul song, with a particular toning and articulation. 

For us to undergo this process of higher attunement, we often need to "plug off" all the devices, machines and noise and move into a crystalline pure environment that reflects our own crystalline nature of the Soul. As we learn to strengthen our sacred space, begin to work with toning and vibration and create more Silence through the sacred Breath of Life, we will revitalize ourselves through every cell of our Being. Our body will be moving into a natural state of "upward moving spiral of Ascension."

The greatest healing/wholing takes place when we imagine ourselves fully healed and pure, and then let go of the idea how this healing should manifest in our Human body, release all control and allow Spirit to do the rest. Nothing can happen where there is constant control and resistance. We are mastering the Art of claiming our sacred space, and so we are entering a time of great deepening and easing into ourselves. As the Soul makes proper adjustments for our Ascension, we are required to rest more, and so during each lunar cycle of 28 days, it's important to take at least a few days off to completely let go, relax and replenish body, mind and Soul. When we master this, then we will be able to always live in such a balanced state of work/rest, action/play and integrate our New Humanness.

Here is my video on this note:

Our physical Ascension means moving into a new Human template, a Divine design by the Original Divine Plan of Perfection. Due to a shift in our awareness we are moving into a new refined state of our physical embodiment, and so it's required of us to detox from anything that keeps us away from selfless service in Divine alignment, through the Cosmic Law of Unity consciousness, the Law of One.

What needs to fall away and be let go of?

We are coming into a time in our Ascension when owning our own sacred space and connecting with that which is sacred for us in all ways becomes of utter importance. How many times we forget about what is really important for us in our life, especially when so bombarded with this new information age ... with what everyone else is sharing, doing and desiring. When we are humbled by the Light of Spirit, we truly know no separation between our own Heart and the Heart of all Living Existence. 

In this knowing, we are reminded that our Heart desires matter, for we are also Spirit born. When we know that it's Spirit that actually gives Life, in opposition to Source which is the Omnipresent Light that then moves into infinite potential of Creation through the sacred breath of Spirit ... we will know that we are a part of that Great Spirit through our own "I AM" and as this is so, we will know that we matter and that the silent voice of our Soul always connects us to our own infinite and eternal nature of Being.

All the messages point towards claiming our own sacred space, because we need to honor and value ourselves first, before we can honor all other life forms and choices. How will we live, if we don't learn to first choose from the Self, the infinite space of our knowing? When we deepen that knowing, we will trust that it will always bring to us as much as we need in the right timing, for all is Divine and governed by Cosmic Law.

That true nature of Divine Love is always in motion and always nourishing us from deep within. It is just a matter of turning to that Light and remembering our true Divine origin. This sacred space of ours is so important for our Ascension, for to stand so strongly in our Pillar/Vortex is to know ourselves as whole and complete, free, self sustainable and infinitely resourceful. When external pressures and others feel like they are against us, we need to remember that this is not true, and if others do not understand or support our Soul journey, they are simply in lack of awareness, not the lack of Love. And our path will lie straight ahead, creating a wide open White road of Self mastery in attainment!

When we master this, we will be able to share and co-exist with others and all other choices in purity, not attachment, codependency and egoic desire. We will know what choices we are guided to make from our own sacred space and how they intermingle and co-create with others.

We will truly know and trust the Self!

Here is my video about this!

This week our Beloved Mercury moved direct again! If You had a chance to do research on the physical attributes of our Mercury, You would have learned that it is rather intense there on its surface, and that the cooling and heating periods can be so diverse and extreme! After all, this is the closest planet to our Sun, and that is why it circles around it faster than any other planet. Our Sun represents the Light and inner radiance (inner Self), and when Mercury is retrograde from our earthly perspective, this first rotation around the Sun is being slowed down. 

As it comes back, we will feel it just as intensely as when it goes retrograde. The planet is only a bit larger than the Earth's Moon, and yet it's very condensed and compact! Mercury is known as the Divine communicator, for it's the first planet that envelops the Sun and brings its Light information further to other planets. This is Mercury's role in the bigger scheme of things. How can we apply this in our own Mercurian nature?

When the planet effects us stronger than usual, we might feel intensity and overwhelmed feelings, and that is why we again need to remember that intensity is only present when there is growth and accumulation. With living in accordance to Divine Cosmic Law we don't feel intensity, for we live in the Absolute neutrality of Divine Love. Intensity always means there is some accumulated friction present.

As the planet Now moves back direct, we might feel an overwhelming compulsion to start over and start again, to do something new and to communicate in new ways (due to all this Gemini energy we are swimming in). We may feel like our feet are itchy and our head like the head of a running chicken! But all that New can also feel quite overwhelming if we don't know how to anchor and ground ourselves to the Present moment. We can't skip steps of Soul growth ahead, and the question to be asked at this time is: "Where are we rushing in our Life, and what we may be running from?" Feel the perfection of each guided step and be at Peace!

We are learning about the importance of patience in our planning for our higher Ascension goals, which in Truth are simply New Life choices. Recently we have been moving through a Cosmic cloud of embracing the Essence of Freedom to choose. This Freedom is naturally given to us through our Core Divinity, and yet as Human Beings we don't often act as though we are fully free and that we can choose anything.

When we embrace our Divinity fully, we will see that Spirit is nothing but pure Divine potential of infinite creativity in constant motion, which is Love for Creation and its Grand Principles. So as this naturally unfolds Now, we will become Masters of choice, and we will know that Soul alchemy means to co-create through the refinement of Holy Spirit, which is not the same as simply manifesting for our own personal goals and agendas. The more we step into this higher refinement, the more our personal Tree of Life/Core Soul signature will get activated, and we will be able to bring our true Divinity into form. The more patient and understanding we are of this natural process of Soul alchemy, the more it can organically take place in our bodies, the physical vehicles for Ascension.

It is one thing to get personally activated, but it's another to integrate all that activation (awareness) into our physical form!

Our journey as Ascension Pioneers here on Earth is getting more physically blissful and active like never before! Our work feels like fun and our fun feels like work, as all converges into one giant wave of Divine Love, within a field of singularity where no opposites exist ... only a dedication to the Supreme Being, a Prime Cause of All Creation. We are beginning to feel how it is to truly Be ... Alive!

We experience, we grow through trying new things ... and we expand as the Infinite Beings of Source that we are!
I greet You in this sacred space!

And on a more refined note ... We are working with the Aquamarine Ray of the Divine Mother and the holy Elohim!

Here is my video Light activation for our Divine Heritage through the Aqua Ray of the Mother and the holy Elohim:

This Light grid is for the Divine Mother's Aquamarine Ray of pure Creation Love, with the holy Elohim as givers of Life in form! The platinum Ray accompanies this frequency as its being brought into physical form through pure Love of the Mother, the giver of Life! The Elohim serve the Divine feminine, as the Light DNA (Light language) moves into direct manifestation of the Divine, according to the "As above so below" Principle of Creation.

And to bring that through into our physical embodiment, here is a Fire/Dragon Light grid!

Recently someone asked me if I AM a Yogini! The answer is NO, for I AM a Tantrika, the giver of sacred Spirit Life force and I serve the Holy Spirit through the sacred Fire! I work on tantric-kundalini levels of pure energy initiation and I help individuals awaken their sleeping Life Force!

I AM a Pillar of Light, anchoring the Essence of Above to Below! What are You? I will do Core Self Galactic signature readings to help with this awareness soon, so stay updated! They are coming soon!

I greet You with my celestial Wings of the Seraphim!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here is another goodie ... a Cosmic Beloved video with the presentation of my personal oracles!