Thursday, May 14, 2015

Living a juicy Life

Dear Beloveds!

We are beginning anew by embracing the natural pathway, which is about embracing our true Self. We truly open to new beginnings when we shift our perspective into seeing things differently, even if they are of the same origin. In Truth, all is from the Origin of Source. Let's look at how the Nature creates and cycles! She draws forth everything from that same Essence, and yet things always come anew every Spring. It seems as though the resources are new and vast, and yet everything comes and goes, is birthed and dies yet again. When we see that our Power to create comes from that same internal Source Origin, we will amplify our manifestation abilities, and we will be able to always bring about new things, gather infinite resources and give birth to new outcomes. This is how we co-create in the New.

This new beginning also corresponds to our nurturing theme, which is Venus moving into Cancer, and that is all about motherly love, Home and Self nurture. When we know how to fully accept and nurture ourselves, we will also know how to nurture all through overflowing. The power of Cancer lies in learning to nurture in order to serve and protect. 

In Nature, everything is held together by the "invisible" hands of the Divine, so there is always harmony and peace, unless us Humans get involved in a negative/self serving way. When we know how to establish that same inner harmony within ourselves, we can create miracles and thrive! As Ascension Pioneers, it's our continuous job to process the old and give birth to the New, by integrating all that we know and experience into one synthesized Whole. Let us gift ourselves and the Whole those constant new beginnings.

We are opening to a new level of our "tuning in" experience. What does it actually mean to tune in? In the New, tuning into Spirit is beyond anything that we call "psychic" or clairvoyant, for it includes all of our Cosmic senses, while attuning to all of the Divine potential of our Existence. Tuning into Spirit is beyond simply receiving a message that is linear and then translating it into Human language or a spoken word. 

When we truly tune in, we are receiving on so many different levels simultaneously, and not all of those levels can be instantly put into words. When we will have new "feeling" experiences, we will know, because a new level of Soul's passion will be stirred within us. This feeling will then directly be translated into our Human experience, and this will be done through something creative. Here it's important to again note that what we used to call creativity is now being replaced by something much "higher" and more refined in its true nature.

Here is my video on conscious meditation/walking Presence:

How about mindful meditation? Mindful meditation is about living our meditation experience horizontally, not just experiencing it vertically. It would be great if we could gift ourselves a walk of pure awareness on a regular basis. What this means is setting the intention to receive messages about what we are working on to bring into wholeness at this time, and then simply walk by observing what we notice and experience during our walk. 

This does not have to be a long walk, but it needs to be a conscious one. During our walk we can also collect things in nature and then assimilate them together to see what messages they are bringing us and reflect on that or even take notes afterwards. This is very healing and purifying, and it also helps us to practice walking meditation, so that our Presence is always alert, not just when we meditate, but when we live our meditation every moment of every day!

Can we easen into a space without words and needing to know everything? This is a calling to release the need to have all of our questions answered. At times we receive many obvious Spirit messages and confirmations, but this is only one side of our Self mastery. The other side is about anchoring and embodying a knowing without the need to know. When we are relaxed and assured in that subtle and profound knowing and reside in this space of pure Spirit, we can truly exist as Divine Peace and Bliss amidst anything and we can transform all circumstances into pure Love. 

Love does not always have a reason, a confirmation or affirmation. Love simply is, and when we master the space of experiential void, we can simply work on allowing it to penetrate into our entire Being. How would it feel to have no goals, if only for a day? How would it feel to empty our Human vessel of all that we think that we know and need, allowing ourselves to become a much larger container for the Light of pure Spirit?

True knowing is always pure and Spirit born, all the rest is simply thinking that there is knowing. True knowing experiences come in Silence, and it's in those words that we don't even need to speak. When Spirit speaks, we can simply feel and experience it, and it doesn't always need to make sense. It only needs to make sense to our living Heart space, where our Soul resides.

Such is the nature of our inner knowing in Self mastery!

With this in mind, we will be able to attune to many different things and potentials at the same time, while keeping an open mind as to how we will translate and apply them to our Human experience. We will operate on a much grander level to what we used to know before. We are ready for this next step. When we are being shown many different potentials, the first thing to apply is to dissolve any kind of sense of "goal orientation" and a linear fashion of doing things, such as schedules and time limitations. 

This new wave of embodying pure potential of Spirit in form is about being able to simply hold this potential in our Soul's container (physical body) and act only when we are truly inspired from our Heart. It is important to refine our thoughts and actions, because the more refined they are, the more they reflect the Union of our Soul in the Human form rather than a sense of separateness. Therefore, whenever we receive a new vision or an idea, it's important to feel into it beyond our basic senses or "psychic" ability, move beyond and transcend even that, simply being in our "I AM Presence."

This will open a gateway of simplicity in form, which is rather a paradox, for our experiences will become more refined and profound. There is much more potential in simplicity than the "business as usual" mentality of the old paradigm. We are Now on the verge of transforming into a beautiful butterfly, offering our gift of awakening and integration of Soul Union to this overall Human experience and the world at large, as we gift ourselves with Galactic Presence and a sense of knowingness beyond knowing.

It is time for this new chapter to unfold in our physical Ascension!

We are "amping up" in our awareness. Lately everything in our personal Ascension is about becoming more "tuned in" and deeply present. This current cycle of our Soul expansion is not about experiencing something new by learning about it, but rather apply that which we already know and make it more juicy and alive. Sometimes we will have many thoughts still rushing through our mind, and yet eliminating them is not really helpful for our integration process, because they will eventually come back as they make a whole circle.

We are in a Cosmic cycle when we can begin with a new level of our mental process that creates our feelings, which later become a physical manifestation. In Truth, these are all simultaneous, but we are not yet fully in such integrated mode. That is occurring through a Cosmic convergence that merges all into a unified Whole.

That is why we are Now beginning to become aware that rejecting our thoughts and their manifestations does not help our increasing awareness, instead it creates even more confusion. And then we begin to create more of such confusion in our lives. To be confused and not to know everything is not the same thing. We can be as confused as we can be, and yet anything can shift instantly when we simply firmly apply and intend: "I AM. I exist."

When we can feel our Presence and this takes place in our physical form, we will see which thought processes choose to stay, because they are there for a reason, and which thought forms went away very quickly, because we no longer fed them attention ... naturally and without the need to diminish them. That which is not co-creative will naturally dissolve when we simply apply the "I AM" into our momentary reality. Any shift can be almost instant Now.

In Truth, there is no such thing as external power, only the Power of Being rooted in our "I AM." Our inner strength is telling us that what we might sometimes perceive as misunderstandings, obstacles, delays or misfortunes are also messages, not just that which we like and consider positive. In Truth we are always powerful, and we need to trust in our inner strength to endure anything and mark our experience in awareness. Sometimes things are not what they seem, especially when there is much happening in the background. When we learn to trust the bigger picture, our strength grows through Divine Trust. Our Mastery grows.

We are entering into a new cycle when we are consciously aware of ourselves, our thoughts and our desires, and as we begin to feel more Life force in our body, it will almost feel like Spirit messages are speaking to us louder, and that there is more Presence in our Life. And yet, it's only us who are beginning to be more present with everything. With this in mind, we can turn anything into a positive/flowing energy focus, through the force of Divine Love.

When we become a bit scattered or confused, especially when we are in a new "download" wave, we can simply turn back to the "I AM" and re-state our whole Existence by simply turning our Presence to that which is right in front of us at the time being. As we shift our focus to our natural surroundings, rather than projecting what is not even there or comes with strings and hooks, we will feel more alive and conscious.

This is how we begin to make more space for our "I AM Presence." This is how we get to create a silent space of sacred invitation, and trusting that this Presence then guides our way. Sometimes we will still have old and repetitive thoughts and choices, and yet it's all okay, because we are embracing this as a process, not a goal.

Here is my video exercise with the Breath of Life!

With this in mind, we release any unfounded fear and desire based on projection, and embrace the fullness of present awareness. This is how we awaken our sleeping Dragon!

A part of our Ascension and descension journey requires our persistence and a steady flow of perseverance. We are moving through a rapid acceleration at this time, and so we are receiving much encouragement from the Divine. They are our cheerleaders, cheering us on, so that we can feel supported and protected as we make the necessary changes. 

Being on the path of an Ascension Pioneer is challenging at times, because it requires our constant faith and empowerment, for we are the ones who are actually having this so-called Human experience. Our Soul does not always understand everything that we need and desire as a Human, and that is why constant cooperation between our Soul and the Human counterpart is necessary, so that we merge and unify. The Soul only thrives on passionate pursuits and experiences that eventually crystallize into Wisdom, while the Human aspect craves and desires for much more, and often lives for goals and objectives.

When we begin to unify and transcend, we move towards walking as an en-Souled individual who doesn't negate any part of themselves, so that the Soul and personality can fuse together and create a mutual cooperation in desires and pursuits. This new aspect that is formed as a triangulation between the Human and Soul is our Divine birth, and it's that which we are consciously co-creating with our Soul and through our Human counterpart as One. 

We don't always understand why certain things happen the way they do, or why things are moving at such a pace. A lot of times we even don't like our experiences, and yet they are there, existing, for we exist and experience. These experiences are moving us along, in order to constantly re-experience ourselves in a new way, and so that our birthing process can be anew as well. When enough of the "experiential" has gathered, we transcend it and move into a new form of experience.

Being in the New means trusting in mystery and Magic, knowing that there is always much happening behind the scenes and that our Soul simply enjoys this. When we allow Divine mystery to become our guide, instead of just what we consciously know, we integrate all of our polarities and become guided by all parts of us, from conscious to subconscious ... including the superconscious that holds everything. By allowing ourselves to stay in that magical higher perspective, we will align our true North with the true North of the Grand scheme of things.

It is time to align our inner compass to that which we truly desire, for that is also what the Divine desires for us, for it's simply our own Heart of the Soul being mirrored back to us through these desires. We are walking through the "Hall of mirrors", willing to see the bigger Truth. But in order to see the Truth, we need to be ready to hear, feel and know just about anything, because there are no filters in Truth and how it's being delivered. Truth simply is and it knows its Source. It is time to take a walk through our life with Spirit alignment.

This is about allowing ourselves to feel comfortable in the benevolent darkness, to be able to feel relaxed no matter what. Remember the concept of Buddha and how he became totally enlightened. He was sitting under a Tree, meditating, when all of a sudden all of the so-called "worst" came at him. The moment he realized the illusion of it by no longer feeling separate from it, he became enlightened in his body and all of those shadows no longer had power over him. This knowing holds the potential to feel such Power of Being and Enlightenment, but since all is neutral, we are the ones who need to devote ourselves to it. In Truth, it's always there, but at specific times the veils are thinner than usual, especially during New and Full Moons.

We need to pay a great deal of attention to all the messages that we are always receiving, consciously and subconsciously. The subconscious messages are those that we might see, but don't recognize their meaning right away. With that, we simply need to let it go and allow the Divine timing to reveal everything to us. Our only task is to continuously work on opening ourselves up ... to everything and everyone. This is the opening to the fulness and richness of Life in experience! Spirit always has many things to show us. Are we paying attention? Is our awareness in tact? The more aware we are, the juicier our Life becomes. This is simply because we are readier than we have been before ... expansion is a constant.

In times of great opening we can also be more vulnerable and prone to react or feel more "gloomy" than usual, so remember to work with all energy, not going against it. When we know how to always work "with" instead of "against", we truly become a Master of the Self. Here is my Violet Flame Light grid to soothe and purify us!

We navigate the journey and we decide, and when we do so through the Union of Soul personality, we come into our unified Whole.

Here is my video on this through mastering Divine Focus:

We are riding a wave of Ascension where we can feel more alive than ever before. Recently I was guided to create an Elven Tree of Life/Divine Blueprint/Origin, in order to seed and embody this highest potential of our true Soul nature. The Core Essence of the Soul is fully unique and individualized, although it belongs to all consciousness. As we activate this Presence, we can then travel through exploring our crystalline pure nature, sharing our experiences with other Souls in Creation and feeling how it is to share our most intimate sacred Breath of Life in Unison with other Beings.

Meditating with the Tree of Life can activate a profound sense of our unique Presence in Creation!

We truly are reaching out for so much more!!! What juicy changes are You creating in your own life? One of my recent desires was a co-creation that occurred on 5th of May, a day of change. I was guided to celebrate the culmination of Beltane (when the Sun in Taurus was in 15 degrees), and so we created a sacred Fire on our Mountain beach. This was such an amazing experience which I never had, and it was the most perfect culmination of the experience within the New, through perfect surrender and Bliss!

I even got a new crystal companion from a friend, and this Beauty also comes from our amazing Crystal cave here in the Alps!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn